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By Stephen J. Bigelow ,Meredith Courtemanche ,Dan Sullivan Evaluate Jan 15, 2016

Evaluating the uses for converged infrastructure

Now that we have significant exposure to converged infrastructure and hyper-converged products, more is known about how -- and where -- these products work best. This three-part guide looks at potential uses for ... Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani Evaluate Jan 21, 2016

Public or private cloud infrastructure: What's cheaper?

Comparing costs between putting data in the public cloud and keeping it in a private cloud infrastructure is tricky. Experts weigh in on how to start. Continue Reading


By David Nikel Feb 05, 2016

Swedish insurer pens infrastructure deal with City Network

Insurance company Folksam is using infrastructure as a service as part of its IT modernisation programme Continue Reading


By Jessica Scarpati News Feb 03, 2016

Apps milk benefits of strong network infrastructure design

You wouldn't build a house without a floor plan or foundation. Likewise, says one IT pro, a robust network infrastructure design and deployment is vital to deliver advanced apps. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Jan 26, 2016

Salesforce IoT Cloud not vying with infrastructure providers

Confusion has surrounded Salesforce's intentions with its IoT Cloud, which the company addressed at its recent analyst summit. Continue Reading


By Patrick Hubbard Manage Jan 25, 2016

Hyper-converged infrastructure forcing new thinking for networks

Hyper-converged infrastructure not only drives new thinking about networks, it fundamentally changes some trusted networking techniques. Continue Reading


By Sarah Wilson News Jan 18, 2016

COO: VCE converged infrastructure not affected by Dell-EMC

VCE's converged systems cater to a wide array of users, but will still differ from Dell's converged products after the purchase of VCE's parent company, EMC, according to COO Todd Pavone. Continue Reading


By Trevor Pott Get Started Jan 08, 2016

Automating physical infrastructure in your data center environment

When it comes to working with management tools in a data center, physical infrastructure automation is as essential as workload automation. Here's how to avoid common automation pitfalls. Continue Reading


Jan 07, 2016

How to quickly move a microservice infrastructure off AWS in a weekend

In this article you will learn how a small development team moved a 200-service application infrastructure away from AWS in order to reduce cost and increase resiliency. Continue Reading


Oct 20, 2015

2016 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards

The 2016 MI Impact Awards recognize the top products, technologies and services in six categories. Here are the finalists that made the cut. Continue Reading