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By Nigel Shadbolt Oct 11, 2016

The UK needs a data infrastructure

Public data needs to be open and protected, and should be treated as part of our critical national infrastructure Continue Reading


By Scott Sachs Manage Nov 08, 2016

Choosing contact-center infrastructure software

Contact-center infrastructure purchases can be costly, but they also bring serious ROI through a boost in efficiency and customer experience. Continue Reading


Nov 07, 2016

The transformation of Randstad’s IT infrastructure

Digitisation is one of the key themes in Randstad's latest financial report, with the transformation of its IT infrastructure a fundamental step in achieving this Continue Reading


News Oct 27, 2016

2017 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards

The 2017 MI Impact Awards recognize the top products, technologies and services in seven categories. Here are the finalists that made the cut. Continue Reading


By Robert Gates News Jul 08, 2016

How composable infrastructure opens the door to infrastructure as code

IT pros looking for on-premises hardware to help deliver DevOps may find it in composable infrastructure, which is starting to show up in enterprise data centers. Continue Reading


By David Maldow Evaluate Dec 01, 2016

Examining Cisco video endpoints, infrastructure and mobility

Besides WebEx, Cisco video conferencing offers a range of options, including endpoint agility, robust infrastructure, and mobile and desktop capabilities. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Nov 29, 2016

Deutsche Telekom botnet attack underlines infrastructure vulnerabilities

German telco says its broadband outages are linked to a botched attempt to hijack routers, which security experts say further underlines the cyber threat to internet connected infrastructure Continue Reading


By Margie Semilof ,David Linthicum ,Kim Lindros Problem Solve Nov 22, 2016

DevOps and security promises better apps, infrastructures

DevOps is a process aimed at creating and updating applications quickly and, traditionally, it has lacked effective security controls. The software that was created too often contained vulnerabilities right from ... Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Problem Solve Nov 17, 2016

Evolve IT budget planning for software-defined infrastructure

During IT budget planning for a software-defined data center, maximize value by accounting for predictable demand spikes, and evaluate resources to avoid losing funding later on. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Evaluate Nov 16, 2016

Examining the state of the hyper-converged infrastructure market

HCI market leaders have emerged, but some question how long they'll retain their hold over the rapidly evolving segment. Continue Reading