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News May 24, 2005

Innovation -- IBM style

Intended as a partner support mechanism, IBM's Innovation Centers have helped Big Blue strengthen its relationship with the ISV community. Continue Reading


Jul 03, 2003

Innovation on the internet

Computer Weekly teamed up with internet service company Netscalibur to find the most innovative uses of internet technology in... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Nov 04, 2008

Networks enable innovation

Innovation is key to survival in any economic downturn, but for many small and medium businesses (SMBs) it is often one of the first casualties. Continue Reading

News Sep 11, 2008

Innovation minister endorses Creative Commons as part of innovation review

Australia's Innovation Minister has said Creative Commons is a 'big idea' that can help to foster innovation. Continue Reading

News Oct 27, 2009

Choosing a carrier: Innovation

We continue our series of article advising on how to choose a telecommunications carrier with a look at how carrier innovation can ensure viability to safeguard your relationship, while also creating business ... Continue Reading


News Sep 20, 2002

Wireless: Still lacking innovation

The Yankee Group offers up a stark warning recently with the announcement that it believes the mobile data dreamers are suffering. They say that innovation in handsets has taken too long to arrive. Continue Reading


By Chuck Moozakis Evaluate Jul 26, 2013

Network Innovation competition: Plexxi Inc.

Plexxi Inc. is this month's recipient of SearchNetworking's Network Innovation Award for creating its innovative networking framework. Continue Reading


By Michael Ogrinz Problem solve Nov 15, 2012

Innovation competitions: Do they actually spur software innovation?

Mike Ogrinz says risk-taking is part of software innovation. There should be 'potential for failure,' a key ingredient to innovation. Continue Reading


By James Champy News Jun 14, 2005

Champy: Get proactive about innovation

Executives' obsession with corporate growth and competition has produced a new interest in innovation. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Sep 18, 2008

Virtualisation to drive security innovation

The next wave of IT security innovation will be driven by virtualisation technology, VMWare's ... Continue Reading