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Departmental plans focus on skills and innovation

By Lis Evenstad 18 Dec 2017

Government departments have published their single departmental plans, highlighting the need for innovation, skills and digital – and the requirements of Brexit Read More

Innovation key to halt cyber attacks

By Warwick Ashford 11 Dec 2017

In the light of the number of cyber breaches taking place, innovative security systems are required, according to the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Read More

HP innovation paying off

18 Sep 2017

HP partner conference was a chance for the vendor to talk to the channel about doing things differently Read More

UKtech50 2017: Creating an innovation culture

By Cliff Saran 12 Jan 2018

Claire Calmjane of Lloyds Banking Group, Louise McCarthy, Stuart Birrell of Heathrow Airport and Marcus East from National Geographic discuss innovation Read More

In the know: how a digital workspace can drive innovation

By Christian Annesley 08 Jan 2018

In a digital world, engaged employees can support innovation using a new generation of tools that leverage behavioural science and more Read More

Innovation Matters

11 Apr 2017

This report from PA Consulting shows business leaders how to learn from other companies to implement innovation in their organisation and improve its culture. Read More

IoT and AI innovate construction and mining

By Zeus Kerravala 20 Dec 2017

While AI and IoT have already made inroads in various industries, their effects are beginning to be felt in construction and mining. Read More

Innovations that IoT will drive in 2018

By Antony Edwards 20 Dec 2017

TestPlant's Antony Edwards offers five IoT predictions for 2018, from the growth of as a service to the emergence of vermin control in smart homes. Read More

Nordic states innovate to attract global tech players

19 Dec 2017

The Nordic region is already a hotbed for tech startups and has the ingredients to attract more investment from the established tech giants Read More

Asia a hotbed of healthcare IT innovation

By Aaron Tan 28 Sep 2017

Asia-Pacific has been a hotbed of IT innovation, thanks to technology-driven growth policies and a relatively young population who are not reined in by legacy technology when solving the region’s ... Read More