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By David Turbide Get Started Nov 24, 2015

How to select an ERP integration partner

Integrating ERP with outside applications is key to a successful implementation. Here are a few things you should do to ensure success -- and what you'll want to avoid. Continue Reading


By Carrie Higbie Problem Solve Oct 28, 2015

What's the best way to integrate a UC suite?

Integrating a new unified communications suite with existing infrastructure can seem daunting. Expert Carrie Higbie offers some best practices for a smooth integration. Continue Reading


By Allen Bernard Evaluate Nov 25, 2015

Exploring IBM API Management, middleware for app integration

IBM API Management, in the cloud or on premises, is application integration middleware that allows developers to subscribe to, publish, design, control and secure APIs. Continue Reading


By Sarah Wilson Evaluate Nov 25, 2015

Hyper-converged system challenges: Performance, integration

Larger enterprises may run into more challenges with a hyper-converged system than smaller enterprises, but both should look out for compatibility and performance issues. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee News Nov 20, 2015


By Ed Scannell Problem Solve Nov 17, 2015

Open source strategies spark security, integration concerns

While open source technologies can deliver big benefits, they can also stir up concerns for IT pros -- particularly around security and integration. Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner Get Started Sep 14, 2015

Medical device integration strategies explained

Medical devices should be connected, CEO of Cardiopulmonary Corp., developer of Bernoulli medical device integration (MDI) system, said in a Q&A. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Nov 09, 2015

How do vSphere integrated containers differ from other containers?

Containers have gained a lot of momentum in the past year and now VMware has thrown its hat in with vSphere integrated containers. Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell Evaluate Jul 02, 2015

What is a UC system integrator?

Industry leaders explain the role of a system integrator when an organization rolls out UC and how it differs from a service provider and VAR. Continue Reading


By Sue Troy Evaluate Sep 04, 2015

Integrating systems of record and systems of engagement

In this video, BPM expert Ken Lewis says that integration between systems of record and systems of engagement will help companies improve customer-facing processes. Continue Reading