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By Katherine Finnell Evaluate Jul 02, 2015

What is a UC system integrator?

Industry leaders explain the role of a system integrator when an organization rolls out UC and how it differs from a service provider and VAR. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Get Started Jun 10, 2015

Understanding application integration architecture

Tom Nolle shows how enterprise architecture, componentization, evolving development processes and the cloud have changed application integration architecture. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started May 05, 2015

How to integrate IT infrastructure monitoring tools

When done successfully, performance monitoring tool integrations enhance administrative insight and productivity across a busy data center. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Jun 30, 2015

What are the benefits of hyper-converged cloud storage integration?

Hyper-converged products are increasingly adding support for public cloud access – a move that can make it easier to use the cloud as a storage tier. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Get Started Apr 27, 2015

Nine questions for hybrid cloud integration

Learn which nine questions companies should be asking when considering a hybrid could application integration strategy. Continue Reading


By Marc Staimer Evaluate Jun 25, 2015

What are some of the concerns around cloud-integrated storage?

Cloud-integrated storage uses object storage as a tier to keep costs low, but migration and performance limitations are holding it back. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Manage Apr 21, 2015

A simple approach to system integration testing

In complex application architectures, where many applications interconnect and depend on each other, how do you tackle system integration testing? Continue Reading


By Jan Stafford Evaluate Jun 22, 2015

AppDynamics introduces Application Integration Platform

Learn why AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is the June 2015 selection for our innovation spotlight. Continue Reading


By Dan Ring News Jun 22, 2015

Cornerstone integrated talent management lifts airport

The Detroit airport authority implemented Cornerstone integrated talent management but said it was critical to first revamp HR processes. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Manage Apr 16, 2015

Making sense of mobile application integration

Architects tend not to realize that mobile application integration is far different from traditional application integration. Learn how to manage integration in a different way. Continue Reading