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integration: Integration (from the Latin integer, meaning whole or entire) generally means combining parts so that ...

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By Rudy Limeback Manage Aug 01, 2007

Integrity constraints and referential integrity

What is the difference between integrity constraints and referential integrity? Continue Reading


News Feb 18, 2003

The costs of integrating and not integrating

Yesterday in this series we looked at why we need to integrate - in this second article we'll look in some more ... Continue Reading


By Arif Mohamed Jun 01, 2009

Integration: Choosing a systems integrator

The systems integrator market has evolved, developing its specialist know-how to meet the changing needs of IT departments and organisations as they operate with tighter IT budgets. Continue Reading


News Nov 17, 2003

Will the process integrators integrate?

Recently, Philip Howard of examined the trend for mergers and acquisitions reducing the number of players in the data connector space. In this column, Peter Abrahams discusses whether there is any ... Continue Reading


Manage Jan 19, 2008

Integration and SOA

This chapter, excerpted from Integration and "SOA: Concepts, Technologies, and Best Practices", discusses the benefits and best practices of SOA in relation to integration. Continue Reading


By Bill Inmon News Nov 10, 2005

Language integration as a form of data integration

As corporations are realizing the value of integrated data, the importance of language integration is becoming evident. Continue Reading


News Jan 23, 2003

Metadata integration

IBM's Xperanto is much in the news. It is aimed at data integration. This IT-Director columnist wonders whether if Xperanto can be used for data integration, it could also be used for metadata integration. Continue Reading


Sep 15, 2006

IBM on integration

Vendors have come a long way in the evolution of integration technology. Get a brief history of integration technology and, specifically, steps taken by IBM. Continue Reading


By Rami Jaamour Problem Solve Apr 23, 2007

Integration testing

Rami Jaamour discusses when and how to best test Web services and SOA integration. Continue Reading


News Jun 06, 2006

Spotlight on Integration

All this month, will present a robust look at the integration alphabet: EAI, CDI, EII, and EDI. Continue Reading