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integration: Integration (from the Latin integer, meaning whole or entire) generally means combining parts so that ...

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By Gerie Owen Manage Apr 21, 2015

A simple approach to system integration testing

In complex application architectures, where many applications interconnect and depend on each other, how do you tackle system integration testing? Continue Reading


By George Lawton Manage Apr 16, 2015

Making sense of mobile application integration

Architects tend not to realize that mobile application integration is far different from traditional application integration. Learn how to manage integration in a different way. Continue Reading


By Jennifer Lent Evaluate Apr 16, 2015

Continuous integration: Agile best practices

The path to continuous delivery starts with a focus on Agile development and perfecting your continuous integration practices. Continue Reading


By Wayne Eckerson Evaluate Apr 09, 2015

Cloud integration services emerge strong

The cloud integration services market is one of the fastest growing segments of the platform-as-a-service market. Dozens of emerging and established vendors are jockeying for position in this emergent space, ... Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Mar 25, 2015

How to integrate VMware Workspace Portal with View

VMware's Workspace Portal offers users a one stop shop to access hosted, virtual, Web and published applications. If you integrate it with View, they can access virtual desktops, too. Here's how. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Get Started Mar 10, 2015

Integration services create new application

Streamlining integration services reduces IT development and opens the door for citizen integrators to roll out new applications. Continue Reading


By Moriah Sargent Manage Feb 20, 2015

API design goes beyond integration

Steve Willmott of 3scale answers questions about APIs and encourages designers to have some fun with API design without forgetting about user experience. Continue Reading


By Mary K. Pratt Get Started Apr 16, 2015

Integrating a hybrid environment now a CIO core competency

Integrating a hybrid environment presents huge challenges for today's IT organizations. New tools, more manpower and a deep understanding of business data are par for the course. Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman Evaluate Jan 30, 2015

Time to tool up on data integration software?

The market for packaged data integration tools is expected to grow by nearly 10% annually. But a lot of holdout organizations might need convincing to move beyond manual coding. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Jan 27, 2015

Cloud architects confront integration complications

Cloud architects can use several DevOps techniques for cloud application integration, including the design, deploy and manage progression. Continue Reading