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By Luke Marson Manage Apr 29, 2016

Integrate cloud to on-premises with HANA Cloud Integration

SAP offers a raft of prebuilt integrations that handle many of the key business processes between major cloud and on-premises applications, including SAP ERP. Continue Reading


Get Started Apr 01, 2016

Integrated Security Systems Design

In this excerpt of Integrated Security Systems Design, author Thomas L. Norman explains the tools of security system design, the place of electronics in the process, how to establish electronic security program ... Continue Reading


By Rob Bamforth News Mar 24, 2016

Integrating IoT into the business

Organisations looking to benefit from the IoT opportunity need to think a bit differently about what they are doing Continue Reading


By David Bevans Evaluate Apr 21, 2016

Application integration software continues to evolve

From the need for more data and faster response times, to the advent of mobile and cloud, application integration software and architecture has changed dramatically. Continue Reading


By Rick Sherman Evaluate Apr 04, 2016

How to evaluate the features of a data integration product

Before you evaluate and select a data integration product, assess which must-have, should-have and nice-to-have features match your organization's specific needs. Continue Reading


By Steve Broadhead News Oct 17, 2015

Of Acquisitions And Integration

The IT world has gone acquisition bonkers. Dell is paying as much for EMC as any football club would do to secure the combined services of Messi and Ronaldo. Well almost... Meantime, a couple of ... Continue Reading


By Erin Sullivan Problem Solve Mar 18, 2016

Hybrid cloud integration issues solved

When considering a migration to a hybrid cloud, watch out for obstacles such as cost and data latency. George Crump reviews common migration issues and explains how to overcome them. Continue Reading


By Rick Sherman Evaluate Mar 04, 2016

How to justify the purchase of a data integration tool

To help you better determine your needs and justify the purchase of a data integration tool, we explore how other organizations are using these platforms to meet their needs. Continue Reading


Evaluate Feb 29, 2016

Reasons to consider hybrid cloud integration

Integrating a hybrid cloud into your storage environment offers a range of benefits, from backup to data tiering. Discover the variety of options to consider. Continue Reading


By Cameron McKenzie Manage Feb 29, 2016

Combine continuous integration software with GIT

As microservices abound, organizations are finding that integrating Jenkins CI with source code tools like GIT can simplify development and help make the DevOps successful. Continue Reading