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interface: As a noun, an interface is either:A user interface, consisting of the set of dials, knobs, operating ...

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By Tom Nolle Manage Sep 10, 2015

Rethinking modular programming interfaces for microservices

As computing methods change, IT needs to rethink modular programming. Tom Nolle examines Google's gRPC to determine if it can help. Continue Reading


By Stuart Burns Manage Jul 13, 2015

How to save the day with the Direct Console User Interface

Not being able to administer a server in vCenter Server is a rare situation for administrators but not one that cannot be fixed using alternative means. Continue Reading


Manage Jul 30, 2015

Beat performance monitoring hurdles in single-page interface world

This podcast discusses how frameworks like AngularJS have simplified the creation of single-page interface applications, but have created new performance monitoring challenges. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Donnell News Apr 16, 2015

Ariba unveils major overhaul of user interface

Based on SAP Fiori, the new UI and Ariba Mobile app are intended to bring a richer user experience to B2B procurement. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Get Started Jan 12, 2015

When and how to use the AWS Command Line Interface

Sometimes a command line is needed for application management. Learn how and when to use the AWS Command Line Interface. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News May 12, 2015

Ctera 5 adds new interface, broadens support for sync and share

The latest Ctera version has a redesigned user interface, more security, and support for the Ctera Cloud Gateway and virtual desktop infrastructure. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Apr 17, 2015

Payments firm Monitise puts application programming interfaces in cloud to provide services

Monitise puts its application programming interfaces (APIs) in the cloud for banks and payment firms to use its technology in their services Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Mar 06, 2015

VMware Workspace Portal puts desktop, app access in one interface

VMware Workspace Portal offers users one interface where they can access SaaS and published apps as well as data-center and cloud-hosted desktops. If your shop supports any of those, the portal could be right for ... Continue Reading


By Todd Biske Get Started Sep 12, 2014

Why interfaces are an integral part of a successful API design

This is the first installation of a four-part series intended to be an API design decision-making toolkit for enterprise architects. Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 25, 2014

What is OpenDaylight's SDN Interface application?

OpenDaylight developer Rafat Jahan explains OpenDaylight's SDNi application as it relates to the release of Helium, the organization's second open source project. Continue Reading