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interface: As a noun, an interface is either:A user interface, consisting of the set of dials, knobs, operating ...

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Jun 14, 2005

WAN interface confusion

Some guidelines for choosing a WAN interface. Continue Reading


By Michael Gregg Problem solve Oct 01, 2010

Interfaces on Snort

Expert Michael Gregg answers a reader question about Snort and the interfaces it uses. Continue Reading


By Andre Truong Problem solve Mar 14, 2007

Generic Web service interface

Andre Truong clarifies a past response with further information on the interface for a generic Web service. Continue Reading


By Robert Crawford Problem solve Dec 18, 2007

CICS socket interface

IBM's socket interface is a faster, lower-overhead alternative to Systems Network Architecture for TCP/IP services. Continue Reading


Problem solve May 09, 2007

Cisco interface addressing

A look at the various commands that can be used to address Cisco router interfaces on the WAN and LAN and when to use each. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Manage Sep 26, 2006

Nmap parsers and interfaces

SearchSecurity expert contributor Michael Cobb continues his series on Nmap with a detailed look at Nmap parsers and interfaces. Continue Reading


Get started Jan 05, 2012

CRM user interface guide

This guide provides an at-a-glance look at Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and’s user interfaces for their mobile client, Outlook integration and sales dashboards. Continue Reading


Jul 29, 2004

Container Client Interface

Learn about an open source project CCI (Container Client Interface). Java API could be used by lots of other projects including Ant tasks, Maven plugins, IDE plugins, Cactus, etc. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jun 10, 2007

WAN interface confusion

Today's WAN technologies are the product of lots of different standards bodies, both foreign and domestic, and the heritage of our 100-year-old voice technology. It's a confusing mess of circuit-switched, ... Continue Reading


By Danny Bradbury Mar 21, 2001

Microsoft interface is watching you

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer revealed future enhancements to its user interface technology, including e-mail... Continue Reading