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As a noun, an interface is either:A user interface, consisting of the set of dials, knobs, operating ...Read More

Paravirtualization interface features and functions

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Oct 2017

Some of the functions supported by paravirtualization include emulated motherboards, storage I/O and network communication, privileged instructions and page tables. Read More

Interfacing with an information technology entrepreneur

By Marcus J. Ranum 01 Aug 2017

E. Kelly Fitzsimmons started with coconuts and then sold four companies. A serial entrepreneur discusses security and technology startups and why embracing failure works. Read More

Will voice user interfaces usurp the traditional UI?

By George Lawton 25 Jul 2017

It would appear that innovation has stalled in terms of mobile and desktop user interfaces, which is why voice user interfaces might be the future for application interactions. Read More

Beyond user interface testing: Here's what you need to know

By Amy Reichert 12 Jul 2017

As if testing isn't complicated enough, now there's a new emphasis: looking into the UI and beyond. Expert Amy Reichert outlines everything testers need to know. Read More

Why voice interfaces remain challenging

By Gordon Haff 24 Jan 2017

While voice recognition is much improved and its place in IoT architectures is perceivable, it can still be hard to communicate. Read More

How to use an interface identifier to check for IPv6 network updates

By Fernando Gont 27 Jun 2017

To find out if your IPv6 network has been updated to RFC 7217, you can perform a test using the interface identifier. Expert Fernando Gont explains how to do this. Read More

Severalnines: a single interface to deploy & manage them all

By Adrian Bridgwater 18 Jan 2017

Now we know that 2017 is the year when open source finally grows up... at least that's what some people are saying. The recent security issues regarding MongoDB (it was reported that 28,000 ... Read More

SIEM analysis interfaces for security professionals

By Karen Scarfone 23 Aug 2016

SIEM systems aren't infallible, so it's essential to effective SIEM analysis that it has an interface that eases security professionals' assessment and interpretation tasks. Read More

Build IoT devices on a platform that accepts modules and standard interfaces

By Kim Rowe 03 Apr 2017

IoT complexity can be mastered using a building-block approach built upon a platform whose solid basis is an OS that is both configurable and modular. Read More

Avaya Aura Platform gets user interface overhaul

By Antone Gonsalves 25 Oct 2016

The new Equinox software client for the Avaya Aura Platform delivers UC services to mobile devices, desktops and the Chrome web browser. Read More