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By Ann Grackin Evaluate Mar 27, 2015

How are RFID and the Internet of Things linked?

While the Internet of Things concept emerged from the RFID community, it has since expanded well beyond its origins. But RFID will still play an important role in the growing IoT world. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Manage Mar 27, 2015

Supporting Internet of Things applications in AWS

AWS has tools to help manage Internet of Things devices and apps, but PaaS database architectures could better handle IoT's large amounts of data. Continue Reading


By Robert Sturt Get Started Mar 23, 2015

What's involved with global ISP Internet breakout?

An expert explains how to achieve global Internet breakout connections and gives examples of different connection options. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate Jan 19, 2015

How is Internet authentication changing?

You've reviewed the webcast, tip and podcast. So: Are you ready for the way Internet authentication practices will be changing? Take this quiz and see. Continue Reading


By Steve Robins Evaluate Mar 12, 2015

Is the future now for the Internet of Things?

Imagine a world where almost all devices can connect to the Internet and send a steady stream of insight about consumer preferences and produces. Continue Reading


Jan 12, 2015

The internet-enabled car of the future

In this week's Computer Weekly, we report from CES in Las Vegas, where car makers gave a glimpse of how the internet of things is going to improve the driving experience. We look at the price wars in the public ... Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner News Mar 04, 2015

Internet of Things applications moving into healthcare

From improving customer experience to connecting medical devices to physicians' smartphones, the Internet of Things is steadily colonizing healthcare. Continue Reading


By Linda Endersby Mar 31, 2015

IBM throwing its weight behind internet of things

Big Blue is looking to get a head start in the internet of things market as it throws billions of dollars investment into developing its IoT strategy Continue Reading


Mar 29, 2015

How embedded technologies are enabling the Internet of Things (IOT)

From wearable devices to internet connected devices called NodeBots, embedded technologies are enabling the development of all of the cool, new devices that are colloquially being referred to as the Internet of ... Continue Reading


By David Geer Get Started Jan 23, 2015

SDN to support Internet of Things devices

SDN deployment will enable Internet of Things devices to share network resources efficiently and reliably, and further cut hardware investment, but the possibilities are still emerging. Continue Reading