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By Nicole Laskowski Get Started Nov 30, 2016

The industrial internet's edge

Jeffrey Bornstein, SVP and CFO at General Electric Company, took time during his fireside chat at the MIT CFO Summit to make a distinction between what he called the "consumer internet" and the ... Continue Reading

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Get Started Nov 22, 2016

Building the Internet of Things

In this excerpt from chapter 10 of Building the Internet of Things, author Maciej Kranz discusses why a common IoT framework is critical to the current and future success of a connected world. Continue Reading

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By Patrick Foxhoven Get Started Nov 08, 2016

Security risks from the internet of things

Internet-capable devices must be included in an enterprise's security strategy in order to protect company assets. Continue Reading

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By Steven Woo Get Started Oct 11, 2016

Understanding the evolution of the internet of things

When it comes to the internet of things, it's important to talk about and understand its past in order to understand its future. Continue Reading

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By Dr. Tom Bradicich Get Started Sep 30, 2016

Who needs the internet of things and why

From the PC revolution to the cloud, smartphones, data centers and finally the internet of things, there's a never-ending sea of valuable information becoming available to smart business leaders. Continue Reading

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By Nigel Upton Get Started Nov 10, 2016

Why the internet of things demands a flexible platform

A flexible and agnostic platform can connect IoT devices seamlessly, making sure that data flows as it's meant to. Continue Reading


Aug 22, 2016

IT Project: Internet of Things

The internet of things, or IoT, is moving from far-fetched to reality in 2016, and more and more enterprises are taking a serious look at how they can capitalise on this to improve their processes. In this e-guide ... Continue Reading


Dec 06, 2016

Internet of things gains momentum in Southeast Asia

IoT has been much hyped in Southeast Asia, and organisations in the region are testing the technology's potential Continue Reading


By Ai Lei Tao Sep 13, 2016

Number of internet users in Myanmar rockets

Internet use rapidly increases in Myanmar, with most people connecting through smartphones Continue Reading

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By Stan Schneider Get Started Sep 13, 2016

A foggy forecast for the industrial internet of things

IIoT is set to change nearly every industry as we know it. Fog computing is key to moving powerful processing currently available in the cloud to the field. Continue Reading