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Jul 20, 2015

How the internet of things could save the honeybee

In this week’s Computer Weekly, with bee populations being decimated, we find out how the internet of things could save the honeybee and secure crop production. Amid fears that artificial intelligence could end ... Continue Reading


Jun 10, 2015

How to secure the internet of things

With the expansion of the IoT market, protecting the company's data and IP is more important than ever. Here are four ways organisations can put security at the core of the IoT value proposition Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Sep 30, 2015

Free energy from radio waves could power the internet of things

A pocket-sized pollution monitor is one of the first applications to use free energy from Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Jul 29, 2015

Could the launch of Windows 10 break the Internet?

Frost & Sullivan analyst warns that Windows 10 launch frenzy could 'break the Internet'. At the time of publication, Internet is not broken. Continue Reading


Get Started Sep 28, 2015

Five ways to beef up your Internet of Things infrastructure

How are IoT trends affecting data centers? From security and storage to data management and even physical location, Internet of Things infrastructure is changing data centers for good. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Sep 23, 2015

Inside Taiwan: The engine room of the internet of things

Computer Weekly travelled to Taiwan to meet some of the tech companies that are quietly laying the foundations for the internet of things Continue Reading


By Brian Holak Evaluate Sep 22, 2015

Top Internet of Things privacy and security concerns

Internet of Things privacy and security concerns continue to stir up plenty of debate. In this photo story, SearchCIO followers weigh in on the discussion and offer up advice. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Get Started Sep 11, 2015

Is Internet of Things testing coming home?

Internet of Things testing is challenging enough, but now you're going to have to try it at home. Expert Gerie Owen suggests the best way to get started. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Jul 06, 2015

The internet of things could save the honeybee from extinction

Gemalto’s M2M unit is developing an ambitious project with agricultural science firm Eltopia and the University of Minnesota. The objective: to save the honeybee from extinction Continue Reading


Sep 07, 2015

Myanmar internet gets boost with content delivery network

Myanmar internet users will start benefiting from changes in the law that encourages foreign direct investment in communications infrastructures Continue Reading