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interoperability: Interoperability (pronounced IHN-tuhr-AHP-uhr-uh-BIHL-ih-tee) is the ability of a system or a product to...

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By David Linthicum Problem solve May 02, 2007

Interoperability issues

David Lithicum discusses the difficulty with Java and .NET interoperability. Continue Reading


By Arif Mohamed Sep 20, 2004

Linux interoperability improved

A new version of a key Linux standard, Linux Standard Base (LSB), promises to boost interoperability between Linux applications... Continue Reading


Mar 18, 2004

Web services interoperability tools released

The Web Services Interoperability Organization has announced general availability of its tools for testing interoperability with... Continue Reading


By Laura Hunter News Nov 10, 2005

A Window into interoperability

Expert Laura E. Hunter explains the need for interoperability in Active Directory for netowrks running on Windows and non-Windows platforms. Continue Reading


Feb 26, 2001

Fast Guide: Interoperability

Are too many different platforms making your network impossible to manage? This guide has all the latest news and advice to get you on the path toward better interoperability. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Oct 30, 2007

Schemalogic improves Microsoft interoperability

Software producer SchemaLogic, which produces data management tools, has joined the Interop Vendor Alliance, a community of suppliers that work together to enhance interoperability with Microsoft products. Continue Reading


By Kenneth Milberg Problem solve Dec 08, 2005

SIP interoperability and testing

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol typically used for telephony, instant messaging and Internet conferencing. This article discusses the interoperability and testing being done to support ... Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls Problem solve Aug 30, 2002


News Dec 13, 2004

Reactivity achieves interoperability with Cyclone

Reactivity's Web services gateway is certified interoperable with Cyclone's business process management server. Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner Evaluate Aug 26, 2014

Patient portals create interoperability puzzles

How mobile operating systems, EHR vendor interaction and health system implementations complicate patient portal interoperability. Continue Reading