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interoperability: Interoperability (pronounced IHN-tuhr-AHP-uhr-uh-BIHL-ih-tee) is the ability of a system or a product to...

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By David Linthicum Problem Solve May 02, 2007

Interoperability issues

David Lithicum discusses the difficulty with Java and .NET interoperability. Continue Reading


By Laura Hunter News Nov 10, 2005

A Window into interoperability

Expert Laura E. Hunter explains the need for interoperability in Active Directory for netowrks running on Windows and non-Windows platforms. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Feb 18, 2002

It's a go for Compaq's interoperability testing

Compaq completes interoperability testing and it's a go Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls Problem Solve Aug 30, 2002


News Dec 13, 2004

Reactivity achieves interoperability with Cyclone

Reactivity's Web services gateway is certified interoperable with Cyclone's business process management server. Continue Reading


Feb 28, 2008

Goals of SOA: Integration and interoperability

This excerpt from "SOA: Principles of Service Design" defines the term "interoperability" and describes how service orientation can benefit the process of sharing data. Continue Reading


By Tash Shifrin Apr 26, 2006

BBC signs up for interoperable infrastructure

The BBC is rolling out a project to provide a new IT interoperability infrastructure with its IT services provider, Siemens Business Services. Continue Reading


By Rivka Gewirtz Little News Apr 30, 2008

Microsoft stresses interoperability at Interop

Microsoft touts interoperability at Interop and unveils an upgraded Operations Manager 2007 with cross-platform support. Continue Reading


Dec 06, 2004

Interoperable instant messaging by January

Voiceglo has released a test version of an application designed to create interoperability between four major instant message... Continue Reading


By Arif Mohamed Sep 20, 2004

Linux interoperability improved

A new version of a key Linux standard, Linux Standard Base (LSB), promises to boost interoperability between Linux applications... Continue Reading