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Interoperability (pronounced IHN-tuhr-AHP-uhr-uh-BIHL-ih-tee) is the ability of a system or a product to...Read More

Care collaboration tools must address interoperability, security

By Reda Chouffani 07 Dec 2017

In order for healthcare providers to effectively work together on patient care, collaboration tools must be interoperable and comply with HIPAA to protect PHI. Read More

Healthcare interoperability challenges? Look to the cloud

By Evan Albright 06 Sep 2017

EHR interoperability might swing in favor of cloud installations rather than on-premises approaches. Also, legacy systems may be left in the dust of patient data exchange. Read More

Orgs take two approaches to creating interoperability platform

By Kristen Lee 07 Nov 2017

Many in healthcare are trying to figure out how to effectively make interoperability happen. Two healthcare organizations take two different approaches to creating interoperability systems. Read More

Lack of interoperability affects telehealth programs

By Kristen Lee 30 Aug 2017

In this video, two experts discuss how the lack of interoperability is affecting the success of telehealth programs. Read More

Microsoft Teams roadmap introduces telephony, interoperability

By Katherine Finnell 27 Oct 2017

New Microsoft Teams features, ranging from telephony to advanced meeting tools, are coming down the pipeline, as Microsoft prepares for the migration from Skype for Business Online. Read More

Greenwave Systems ensures IoT interoperability with Axon platform

By Beth Stackpole 11 Dec 2017

For Greenwave, IoT differentiation involves carving an IoT niche with the promise of universal translation between different standards and protocols. Read More

ONC: Healthcare IT issues are EHR usability, interoperability

By Kristen Lee 01 Dec 2017

For ONC, the top healthcare IT issues that need to be addressed by the industry are interoperability and EHR usability. The national coordinator lays out three influencing factors. Read More

Healthcare quality goals set for telehealth, interoperability

By Kristen Lee 13 Sep 2017

In a media briefing, NQF experts and telehealth committee members discuss work being done to develop quality measures for telehealth and interoperability. Read More

IoT interoperability: Libelium's ace for differentiation

By Beth Stackpole 11 Sep 2017

The company facilitates cross-industry IoT proofs of concept with wireless sensor networks and off-the-shelf IoT toolkits. Read More

Making sense of IoT interoperability

By Ken Figueredo 22 Jun 2017

Why is it important for organizations to think strategically about IoT interoperability? There are at least three reasons why; learn more. Read More