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interoperability: Interoperability (pronounced IHN-tuhr-AHP-uhr-uh-BIHL-ih-tee) is the ability of a system or a product to...

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News May 05, 2015

FHIR gaining support as interoperability standard

The CEO of health IT standards group HL7 International said the health IT industry is coalescing around FHIR as a new interoperability standard. Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner News Apr 13, 2015

CIOs call for interoperability at HIMSS 2015

At the HIMSS 2015 health IT show in Chicago, members of CHIME say interoperability, security and analytics weigh on their minds. Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones News May 19, 2015

New OpenStack standards boost cloud interoperability

With new federated identity standards, OpenStack is closer to delivering on the promise of being able to scale and switch between cloud vendors. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran May 19, 2015

OpenStack establishes interoperability initiative to lower complexity

OpenStack-powered initiative aims to reduce the complexity involved in bridging private and public cloud services Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Evaluate Mar 05, 2015

Testing techniques for data exchanges and interoperability

Testing data exchanges involves the ability to view, track and verify messages, among other things. Here are techniques for testing data exchanges. Continue Reading


News May 01, 2015

Health data security and interoperability key for CIOs

Healthcare CIOs at the CHIME forum at HIMSS 2015 say health data security, interoperability, and analytics and wellness data are atop their agendas. Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Evaluate Apr 23, 2015

Industry shifts focus to health IT interoperability

Health information exchange has yet to meet the expectations of some healthcare professionals and regulators. The ONC has a plan to fix that. Continue Reading


News Apr 10, 2015

Healthcare organizations turn attention to EHR interoperability

Interoperability of healthcare data, long a sticking point in getting EHRs and exchanges working to their full potential, may see some big advances this year. Vendors are discussing how the cloud will help the ... Continue Reading


Get Started Oct 09, 2014

Guide to app portability and interoperability

Learn about how app portability and interoperability allow for moving from one service to another without interference. Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani News Feb 24, 2015

ONC pledges investment in health IT interoperability

A funding opportunity from the ONC and HHS will give out $28 million in awards, spread out among as many as 12 state HIEs. Continue Reading