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By Lauren Horwitz News May 18, 2015

IoT World reveals the Wild West of IoT standards

While many industry insiders are still promoting interoperability among IoT standards, the reality is that the market is still fragmented. Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Manage May 27, 2015

Hype and uncertainty surround IoT in healthcare

Technology has made life easier for physicians, but can there be too much? That could be determined as IoT in healthcare starts to catch on. Continue Reading


By Patrick Hubbard Evaluate May 22, 2015

Microsoft may have an edge with IoT development

Don't look now, but Microsoft may find itself a winner in the emerging Internet of Things marketplace. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz Evaluate May 20, 2015

Smart cities initiatives chart the future of IoT

Cities like Palo Alto have launched IoT initiatives that are designed to improve citizens' lives and curb traffic congestion and water usage. Continue Reading


By Bill McBeath Evaluate May 14, 2015

IoT platforms abound: Choose wisely

The relationship between an IoT app developer and an IoT platform provider is a long-term marriage. An expert suggests that it pays to choose wisely. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford May 13, 2015

Verizon boosts IoT ambitions with AOL acquisition

Verizon Communications signs $4.4bn deal to acquire AOL in bid to drive growth through digital, video and the internet of things Continue Reading


By Laura Aberle News May 08, 2015

How is the IoT changing enterprise service management?

Manufacturers are starting to use IoT-enabled devices to monitor equipment performance and improve field service, but the full benefits of IoT for enterprise service management have yet to be seen. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke May 08, 2015

Lack of joined up thinking undermining IoT security

IoT is a buzzword that dominates plenty of conversations but not too much is being done on the security front Continue Reading


By Beth Stackpole Get Started May 08, 2015

Extreme makeover needed to capitalize on IoT products

The IoT presents great potential for companies to redefine products. But to capitalize on IoT products, manufacturers will need to redo org charts and change internal operations. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore News May 04, 2015 brings continuous delivery to port automates the build, test and time-to-market deployment phases of creating native iOS and Android mobile apps. Continue Reading