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iPad: The iPad is a 9.7 inch touch screen tablet PC made by Apple. The iPad is basically a netbook without a ...

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Evaluate Aug 24, 2011

A quick look at iPad EHR systems

As iPad adoption among medical professionals climbs, EHR vendors are developing versions of their software for the iPad. Here's a look at key features of 11 such systems. Continue Reading


By Eric Beehler Problem Solve Jun 13, 2013

Introduction to iPad administration

You can use Apple Configurator and over-the-air methods to send configuration profiles to iPads, giving you more control over iPad administration. Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Problem Solve Apr 14, 2010

iPad WLAN performance problems emerge

Right out fo the gate, business users are running into problems with iPad WLAN performance, wondering: Why won't my iPad stay connected to the WLAN? While it seems there may be some inherent iPad WLAN problems, ... Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Manage Jan 20, 2011

iPad security policy pointers for enterprise iPad endpoint integrity

As enterprise iPad use increases, companies must make decisions about iPad security policy and how to enforce it. Lisa Phifer offers several tactics for ensuring iPad endpoint integrity. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Mar 19, 2013

RAF Operations Wing pilots iPads

The Operations Wing of RAF Brize Norton is using 20 iPads and five iPad minis as part of a trial to evaluate flight management technologies Continue Reading


By Greg Shields Problem Solve Oct 21, 2011

Configuration profiles: An iPad administrator's best friend

The influx of iPads and other mobile devices into the enterprise may worry IT administrators, but configuration profiles allow for centralized management of iOS devices. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Apr 16, 2010

Israel blocks US iPad imports

Israel has banned Apple's iPad from entering the country from the US and has threatened to confiscate the newly released devices from passengers at airports. Continue Reading

May 11, 2011

iPads in the warehouse

While the iPad is seen as a consumer tool by many, it's finding a place as a serious logistics tool in some warehouses. Continue Reading

News Nov 21, 2011

Making the iPad do business

Like it or not, the iPad is making the transition from consumer toy to business tool. But what are the risks? Continue Reading


By Kathleen Hall Mar 03, 2011

The iPad kills PC sales

Gartner has downgraded its forecast for global PC sales this year, following the popularity of tablets such as the iPad Continue Reading