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By Peter Loshin News Apr 29, 2016

Apple/FBI battle continues over iPhone vulnerabilities

More fallout from the Apple/FBI conflict: The second iPhone suit was dropped; the FBI can't provide details of a tool used to unlock the San Bernardino shooter's phone. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Manage Mar 29, 2016

Nothing is 100% secure, not even an iPhone

The FBI dropped its suit against Apple after finding a way into the iPhone that belonged to a San Bernardino terrorist. It proves, yet again, that nothing is ever completely, totally secure. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Mar 01, 2016

Cloud providers weigh in on iPhone backdoor debate

During a panel discussion at RSA Conference 2016, representatives from top cloud providers such as Google and Microsoft discussed the legal battle between Apple and the FBI over encrypted data. Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly May 19, 2016

Apple hit with first double-digit drop in iPhone sales

Smartphone market saturation in developed countries blamed for fall in demand for Apple devices Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Feb 19, 2016

Apple, FBI face off in iPhone backdoor debate

This week, Apple chief Tim Cook said in a letter to the company's customers that it won't give in to the FBI's demand to create an iPhone backdoor. Plus, the number of resolved FCPA enforcement ... Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Problem Solve Jan 27, 2016

How to troubleshoot iPhone and iPad connection problems

As iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi clients proliferate in the enterprise, IT must troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection problems. Here's how to solve basic iPhone and iPad connection problems. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Apr 18, 2016

New iPhone SE no panacea for Apple, say analysts

Apple will ship a good number of its budget iPhone SE handsets, but it still faces stiff competition, reports analyst firm TrendForce Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Apr 07, 2016

FBI briefs senators drafting anti-encryption bill on iPhone hack

US senators drafting a bill aimed at limiting encryption on consumer devices are being briefed on how the FBI hacked into the San Bernardino gunman’s iPhone Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Mar 31, 2016

FBI to apply iPhone security bypass in second case

The FBI is to help unlock an iPhone in an Arkansas murder case, deepening fears that the method used to break into the San Bernardino gunman’s phone will be applied more widely Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Mar 29, 2016

DOJ finds successful iPhone crack; drops backdoor bid, for now

The DOJ found a successful iPhone crack to access the San Bernardino, Calif., terrorist's device and dropped the pending legal action against Apple, but only in that one case. Continue Reading