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Get Started Nov 28, 2016

Security issues in cloud computing

While the cloud may be flexible and cost-efficient, a lack of data safeguards and compliance standards makes security the largest hurdle to leap. Continue Reading


By Bob Egan Manage Aug 24, 2016

Mobile security issues and solutions

Mobile technology usage is growing just as the number of threats facing mobile data is growing. CIOs must combat mobile security issues to stay ahead in the mobile-dominated world. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Nov 30, 2016

CIF: Skills gap not just an issue for school leavers

The Cloud Industry Forum has talked up the need for on the job training to help those currently in work gain more relevant skills Continue Reading


By Paul Cunningham Manage Aug 12, 2016

Get the most out of Exchange logs to prevent issues

There is no shortage of Exchange Server logs at the administrator's disposal. There are a number of tools available to analyze the data and help avoid future issues. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Aug 04, 2016

Ransomware becoming the security issue of the summer

Security resellers will be all too aware of the rise in ransomware as more of their customers report being victims of attacks Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin Problem Solve Oct 03, 2016

Q&A: Looking at cyberweapons and other issues with Nathaniel Gleicher

The former White House cybersecurity policy director talks about cyberthreats, the government's vulnerability equities process and lawful use of exploit toolkits. Continue Reading


Dec 05, 2016

Security Think Tank: Cyber risk not just an IT issue

How can information security professionals help businesses to understand the cyber risks across increasingly digital businesses? Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Dec 01, 2016

Mozilla and Tor issue patches for Firefox flaw exposing Tor users

Users of Tor anonymous browsing urged to update to the latest versions of relevant software to block an exploit that collects IP and MAC addresses to identify users Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate Nov 29, 2016

How did a full access OAuth token get issued to the Pokémon GO app?

A full account access OAuth token was mistakenly issued to the Pokémon GO mobile game by Google. Expert Michael Cobb explains the security risks and if this can happen with other apps. Continue Reading


By Jo Harder Nov 28, 2016

"I Can’t Print!" Short answers to complex Citrix printing issues

Printing can still be hard, but in this article Jo Harder shares some advice from her highly-rated BriForum session. Continue Reading