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job: In certain computer operating systems, a job is the unit of work that a computer operator gives to the ...

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By Mike O. Villegas Problem Solve Apr 27, 2016

What should candidates expect on a CISO job interview?

When candidates prepare for a CISO job interview, they should know the answer to 12 specific questions. Expert Mike O. Villegas reviews the questions. Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch Evaluate May 02, 2016

How the virtualization system administrator job is changing

Getting into the IT field can be challenging, but candidates with diverse technical interests and a desire to learn can succeed. Continue Reading


By Jessica Scarpati Evaluate May 02, 2016

Jobs in networking: Enterprises vs. service providers

It may not be the first question on your mind when evaluating job opportunities, but network engineers who have worked on both sides say there are distinct differences. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Apr 20, 2016

Gridstore to CEO: Great job, now get lost

Gridstore apparently grew so fast under CEO George Symons that its board decided to change CEOs to keep up with the rapid growth. Gridstore founder and CTO Kelly Murphy has moved back into the CEO ... Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Apr 07, 2016

Nokia slashes jobs after Alcatel-Lucent acquisition

Nokia embarks on a round of job cuts as part of its post-merger restructuring Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Manage Jan 21, 2016


By Karl Flinders Mar 22, 2016

KPMG accelerates transfer of UK IT jobs to India

KPMG is moving more jobs to India, with UK contractor roles the most affected Continue Reading


By Philip Virgo News Sep 29, 2015

Training for jobs or jobs for trainers: the proposal for an apprenticeship levy

I sympathise with those in the Sector Skills Councils who have been tasked to get employers views on how to try to implement this botched proposal and apologise to them for not making time earlier ... Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne News Mar 03, 2016

How does your job -- and your paycheck -- compare?

What matters most to you? A big paycheck? A job that is going to make the world better? Or an environment that’s not particularly stressful? Apparently you do have a choice. According to a brand ... Continue Reading


By George Lawton Get Started Feb 23, 2016

Booming job market increasing AWS career opportunities

AWS-specific jobs are on the rise, and IT professionals need the skills and certifications necessary to compete for them. Here are several ways to accelerate your AWS education. Continue Reading