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job: In certain computer operating systems, a job is the unit of work that a computer operator gives to the ...

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By Ken Graap News Dec 12, 2002


Problem solve Oct 24, 2003

Debugging a background job

How to debug background jobs? Here's how! Continue Reading


Problem solve Jul 26, 2002

Retrieve job status

Retrieve Job Status, calling API QWCRJBST. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jan 15, 2001

Job search woes

John Smiley provides insight on job searching. Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 22, 2000

Getting that first job

Using some common sense techniques to land that first job. Continue Reading


News Aug 01, 2006

WRKACTJOB (Work with Active Jobs)

WRKACTJOB (Work with Active Jobs) Continue Reading


By Ken Graap Problem solve Jul 31, 2007

Advanced Job Scheduler help

iSeries expert Ken Graap helps a reader build a CL Program to monitor for job completion using Advanced Job Scheduler on iSeries. Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 04, 2006

Check active Job

Wondering how to check to see if a Job is active? This utility program checks to see if a Job is active and returns 'y/n' flag. Continue Reading


Problem solve Oct 04, 2001

Debugging batch jobs

Learn how to use your interactive screen to debug a batch job. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Jan 29, 2009

Aztrazenica doubles job cuts

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is cutting a further 6,000 jobs, taking the total planned job losses to 15,000 by 2013.

The Continue Reading