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job: In certain computer operating systems, a job is the unit of work that a computer operator gives to the ...

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News Jun 02, 2004

Tracing a job expert Ken Graap shares this tip on how to trace a job. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 20, 2003


Ever had the problem that when you want to debug a short running job, you would be too late in SM50? Continue Reading


Apr 10, 2002

Hunting for jobs

The boom is over, work is scarce. Roisin Woolnough offers some advice on enhancing your job prospects Continue Reading


Problem Solve Oct 24, 2003

Debugging a background job

How to debug background jobs? Here's how! Continue Reading


Problem Solve Dec 23, 2002

Use IBM Job Scheduler to run annual jobs

Run a job annually instead of monthly. Continue Reading


News Aug 01, 2006

WRKACTJOB (Work with Active Jobs)

WRKACTJOB (Work with Active Jobs) Continue Reading


By Ken Graap News Dec 12, 2002


Problem Solve Jun 04, 2001

Job submitted from which Jobq

With several job queues feeding the QBATCH subsystem, it is hard to tell which job started from which job queue. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Sep 17, 2001

Schedule a job to run hourly

If you'd like to run a job from the job scheduler every hour, check out this quick tip. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 30, 2003

Periodically run a job -- manually

This job monitor checks and warns you if certain jobs aren't running. Continue Reading