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In certain computer operating systems, a job is the unit of work that a computer operator gives to the ...Read More

In digital era, CEO's job is to score with tech

By Jason Sparapani 10 Jan 2018

Lisa Pearson, chief exec at data analytics company Umbel, discusses the CEO's job -- ever-slanting toward tech -- in a time of the "superpower consumer." Read More

Cybersecurity professionals struggle to make their job a priority

By Mekhala Roy 15 Dec 2017

Despite recent high profile data security incidents, it seems business leaders still are not acknowledging their IT vulnerabilities: In a recent cybersecurity study, 20% of survey respondents cited ... Read More

Robots will create more jobs than they eradicate by 2020

By Karl Flinders 13 Dec 2017

Artificial intelligence technology will begin to create more jobs than it replaces, says Gartner Read More

Job searches reveal top skills for tech positions

By Jason Sparapani 06 Dec 2017

A new report by jobs site Indeed shows skills in JavaScript library React are becoming critical to land jobs. Also important is cloud computing know-how. Read More

CW Nordics: IT companies focus on job satisfaction

23 Nov 2017

The Nordics IT industry’s increasing focus on job satisfaction is paying off. Computer Weekly’s global salary survey shows Nordic IT professionals are happy with their pay and training opportunities and few are ... Read More

Free course targets candidates for network engineering jobs

By Jason Sparapani 14 Nov 2017

NexGenT is new to the IT boot camp field, so it's promoting itself, offering up a course that helps people prepare for IT careers. The fee? A $5 charity donation. Read More

No "end of jobs": debunking the cyclical AI/Robotics hype

By Philip Virgo 12 Nov 2017

The practical harnessing and application of AI and Robotics, beyond what was achievable decades ago, requires a supply of technician level skills (including statistics and security by design) that ... Read More

Choosing the right network security tool for the job

By Andrew Froehlich 08 Nov 2017

Selecting a network security product can be simplified once you understand your business goals and match them to the features offered by the leading network security vendors. Read More

Is tech investment taking away retail jobs?

By Clare McDonald 31 Oct 2017

Jobs in retail are in decline, and many blame increasing costs and investment in technology – but what should retailers do to adapt to tech disruption? Read More

Hard Brexit risks 92,000 UK science and technology jobs

By Alex Scroxton 11 Jan 2018

Economic analysis commissioned by London mayor Sadiq Khan warns that thousands of jobs in science and technology sectors be at risk if UK crashes out of EU with no deal Read More