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job: In certain computer operating systems, a job is the unit of work that a computer operator gives to the ...

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Nov 19, 2016

How to sell like Steve Jobs

What made Steve Jobs a genius? Paul Clapham argues that the magic was never in the products themselves, but in the carefully crafted sales pitch Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Oct 25, 2016

Twitter plans to cut hundreds of jobs

Twitter is expected to reduce costs by further trimming its staff, after the company failed in its bid to secure a buyer Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Oct 18, 2016

More want containers but storage is not up to the job

Containers offer a rapid and flexible way to deploy apps, but many are put off by lack of storage management support and scalability in SAN and NAS systems, says Portworx survey Continue Reading


By Kathleen Richards Evaluate Dec 01, 2016

CISO job description: Business function more than IT

The executive-level security position is always up for debate. Is it a technical role, or is it moving out of the IT department to influence broader security and risk management initiatives? Continue Reading


Manage Dec 01, 2016

Dedicated CISO job still open to debate

Almost 20 years after Citicorp decided to hire an executive-level security position dedicated to protecting its banking business, the responsibilities of the CISO job are still unclear to many business executives ... Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Sep 19, 2016

Microsoft cuts Skype jobs in London

Microsoft is consolidating its Skype staff in London to one office and merging some roles, which could result in more than 200 job cuts Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne News Nov 15, 2016

Automated out of a job? Results from the Harvey Nash Technology Survey

A recent survey by recruitment firm Harvey Nash reflects job security fears by software testers, developers and more because of advances in automation. Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Nov 04, 2016

Cern to track job applicants ‘at the speed of light’

The nuclear research laboratory in Geneva, famous for tracking sub-atomic particles, is developing a cloud service to track the thousands of people who apply for jobs each year Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Manage Oct 28, 2016

Windows.old Cleanup Tool Does the Job

For some odd reason recent Windows 10 upgrades keep using drivers from the previous version of Windows. The Windows.old cleanup tool fixes that. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Oct 28, 2016

Twitter cuts Vine and jobs as revenue growth slows

Twitter has announced it is to restructure with the aim of achieving profitability in 2017, but in the meantime it is axing its Vine video sharing service and around 350 jobs Continue Reading