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The perils of modern journalism

By Bryan Glick 10 Mar 2017

Regular readers will know the deep commitment to quality journalism that Downtime embodies. As the cutting-edge blog of the Computer Weekly stable, within the office tales are legion of the lengths ... Read More

Use a Linux file system journal for data integrity, performance

By Sander van Vugt 17 Jan 2017

Understand the three different file system journaling modes for Linux, as well as which mount option provides the best levels of data protection and performance. Read More

US TV network HBO branches out into tech journalism

By Caroline Donnelly 06 May 2016

HBO has started publishing fictional tech news on Google; a move set to cause headaches for IT journos used to trawling the search giant’s news pages (or Computer Weekly, ahem) for their daily ... Read More

Panama Papers technology shows data journalism at its best

By Brian McKenna 02 Aug 2016

The open source data analytics and visualisation software of the Panama Papers project empowers a new kind of journalism, says the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Read More

Natural language generation progresses from robo-journalism to finance

By SA Mathieson 27 Nov 2015

While the robots are coming for journalists, might natural language generation also make inroads into financial, legal and medical analysis? Read More

What factors are driving the growth of data journalism?

By Ed Burns 22 Sep 2014

In this edition of Talking Data, our experts discuss why some of the same factors at play in data science are influencing data journalism, a new brand of reporting that values fact and measurement over conjecture ... Read More

British Medical Journal revamps software development to support business transformation

By Cliff Saran 05 Jun 2015

British Medical Journal has reorganised its software development teams to enable them to meet the needs of the business better Read More

Talking Data podcast goes to data journalism and analytics school

By Jack Vaughan 28 May 2015

In this episode of the Talking Data podcast, TechTarget editors report on their experiences learning to do data journalism, including all the work needed to get data ready for analysis. Read More

Jessica McGreal


After studying English Literature at Royal Holloway, University of London, Jessica McGreal trained as a journalist at the London School of Journalism and began a career in editorial.Read More

Patrick Thibodeau

News Writer

Patrick Thibodeau reports on HR and ERP technologies. He has covered IT for more than two decades and has won numerous ASBPE journalism awards.Read More