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By SA Mathieson Nov 27, 2015

Natural language generation progresses from robo-journalism to finance

While the robots are coming for journalists, might natural language generation also make inroads into financial, legal and medical analysis? Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jun 05, 2015

British Medical Journal revamps software development to support business transformation

British Medical Journal has reorganised its software development teams to enable them to meet the needs of the business better Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News May 28, 2015

Talking Data podcast goes to data journalism and analytics school

In this episode of the Talking Data podcast, TechTarget editors report on their experiences learning to do data journalism, including all the work needed to get data ready for analysis. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns Get Started Sep 22, 2014

What factors are driving the growth of data journalism?

In this edition of Talking Data, our experts discuss why some of the same factors at play in data science are influencing data journalism, a new brand of reporting that values fact and measurement over conjecture ... Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner News Sep 24, 2014

Patient portals work for family practices, journal study concludes

“By directly engaging patients to use a portal and supporting practices to integrate use into care, primary care practices can match or potentially surpass the usage rates achieved by large health ... Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Apr 08, 2011


Jul 30, 2013

Big data journalism exposes offshore tax dodgers

How journalists harnessed big data to challenge offshore financial secrecy Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Apr 08, 2011


By Warwick Ashford Feb 01, 2013

Chinese hackers hit Wall Street Journal and New York Times

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times claim hackers have infiltrated their systems to monitor the newspapers' coverage of China Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee News Oct 28, 2015

New study indicates online health tools may contribute to health disparities

E-health interventions may be widening health disparities rather than shrinking them. That's what a study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology found. The study ... Continue Reading