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latency: Latency means delay. In networking, it's an expression of how long it takes for a packet to get from one...

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By David Chappell Problem Solve Jun 05, 2006

Middleware latency

In this expert response, David Chappell discusses how much middleware latency is too much. Continue Reading


By Amy Kucharik Problem Solve Apr 11, 2007

What is network latency?

Learn what network latency is in this expert response. Continue Reading


By Greg Schulz Jan 10, 2006

How to minimize I/O latency

Storage expert Greg Schulz details how to minimize the latency between a server and a storage device. Continue Reading

Problem Solve Feb 08, 2007

Latency issues on an optical network

A reader asks about latency in optical networks - and our expert panel responds! Continue Reading


Problem Solve Nov 02, 2011

Measuring WAN Latency

In this tip, learn how to measure wide area network (WAN) latency to determine whether the WAN is the source of network slowness complaints. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Oct 18, 2001

Calculate latency budgets

You have to calculate latency budgets when you're setting up your VoIP infrastructure. Here's how. Continue Reading


Sep 28, 2004

Network emulator tests Wan latency

Itheon has unveiled a new emulator which it claims can replicate Wan conditions such as latency, bandwidth and packet loss -... Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Problem Solve May 30, 2014

Kick application latency off your network

Slow, fussy application? Run through this list of application latency and bandwidth fixes before spending the money to augment network capacity. Continue Reading


Nov 10, 2006

Network latency effects on application performance

Learn how to troubleshoot storage networking performance limitations caused by network latency in this excerpt from IP Storage Networking: Straight to the Core. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Manage Feb 24, 2011

Low latency message queuing primer

Messaging middleware has long provided dependable communications between systems. Learn how significant decreases in latency can provide nearly instant delivery of messages. Continue Reading