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In computer programming, layering is the organization of programming into separate functional components...Read More

Protecting the virtualization layer from emerging threats

By Rob Wright 29 Nov 2017

VMware's Tom Corn discusses the looming threats to the virtualization layer of enterprise data centers and explains why simplifying environments and security controls can help. Read More

Azure Backup service adds layer of data protection

By Jonathan Hassell 14 Dec 2017

For enterprise data protection needs, Microsoft's Azure Backup offering might suit organizations that need a unified approach to protect assets both on premises and in the cloud. Read More

Reap IT automation benefits in every layer of the stack

By Mike Matchett 16 Nov 2017

Automation technologies create an artificial brain for IT operations, but that won't turn skilled admins and engineers into zombies -- far from it. Read More

Application layering arrives on IT's radar

By Eddie Lockhart 25 May 2017

The promise of simplicity and the backing of big-name vendors have drawn more eyes to application layering technology. But questions swirl around performance and compatibility. Read More

Node4: security comes in 'layers', like onions

By Adrian Bridgwater 19 Oct 2017

Cloud, datacentre and communications software company Node4 has sauced up its security portfolio with a series of upgrades and new security services under the banner of SECaaS (Security as a ... Read More

Addressing web server vulnerabilities below the application layer

By Kevin Beaver 11 Oct 2017

Web application security is crucial, but enterprises also need to look below that layer for web server vulnerabilities. Kevin Beaver explains how to look for common weaknesses. Read More

The OSI model layers explained: Get to know the network

By (ISC) 2 21 Sep 2017

Do you know what each layer of the OSI model represents? Infosec expert Adam Gordon helps you get up to speed in preparation for Domain 4 of the CISSP exam. Read More

Containers vs. serverless: IT orgs seek ideal abstraction layer

By Beth Pariseau 07 Dec 2017

The unending debate about the best place for abstraction in IT infrastructures begins a new chapter, as serverless hype starts to drown out container mania. Read More

Layer 3 switches explained

By Andrew Froehlich 30 Mar 2017

Layer 3 switches are important in enterprise networks -- particularly in designs with many subnets and virtual LANs. What is a Layer 3 switch, what can it do for you, and how does it differ from a regular switch or... Read More

How does app layering work with nonpersistent desktops?

By Robert Sheldon 07 Aug 2017

One of the big drawbacks of nonpersistent VDI is that users get no personalization. App layering can change that by keeping the apps separate from the OS itself. Read More