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layer: In computer programming, layering is the organization of programming into separate functional components...

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By Caroline Donnelly Apr 24, 2015

IBM opens second SoftLayer datacentre in the Netherlands

Big Blue seeks to capitalise on growing interest in public cloud services by opening another European datacentre Continue Reading


By Nirmal Sharma Get Started Mar 24, 2015

First step in a virtualization design: Understand the layers

There are many design factors to consider when creating your virtual infrastructure that can help you build a robust deployment and prevent future problems. Continue Reading


By David Strom Mar 23, 2015


By Kevin Beaver Get Started Nov 25, 2014

Take a layered security approach to Exchange

Using multiple Exchange and network security controls can help many organizations protect against potential data breaches. Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Mar 26, 2015

IBM adds block and file cloud storage options to SoftLayer

Big Blue adds iSCSI block and file access to SoftLayer cloud storage services Continue Reading


By Sonia Lelii News Mar 25, 2015

IBM splits SoftLayer cloud storage into endurance, performance tiers

SoftLayer upgrades its IBM Cloud storage with services for granular performance management that calibrate IOPS to application needs. Continue Reading


By Christine Parizo Manage Mar 20, 2015

Middleware stack adds layers, lightens up, thanks to cloud

The addition of layers in the middleware stack and demand for development of lightweight applications will lead to better cloud access. Continue Reading


By Christine Parizo Nov 24, 2014


By Warwick Ashford Feb 10, 2015

Businesses need privileged access security layer, says CyberArk

Businesses need a security layer for privileged access accounts – the “keys to the kingdom” – says security software firm CyberArk Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Evaluate Nov 13, 2014

SOA lives on in data services layer at Harvard Pilgrim

When data modeling standards are followed, service-oriented architecture, or SOA, can drive successful data services layer creation, a Harvard Pilgrim information architect says. Continue Reading