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By Nicole Laskowski Get Started Apr 23, 2015

Profiles in digital leadership at Forbes, CBS, US Bank

Forbes, CBS and US Bank use social media marketing, mobile devices, Agile project development -- and strong IT-marketing partnerships -- to drive digital projects. Continue Reading


Evaluate Mar 17, 2015

CRM leadership: Buying, managing and running a system

Implementing a CRM system is more than just buying software. Executives need to tap into their leadership skills to select the right CRM system and ensure that it brings the desired benefits to the organization. Continue Reading


By Joseph Granneman Get Started Dec 05, 2014

What's the best way to assert security leadership?

Security leadership isn't always considered as important as it really is. Expert Joseph Granneman discusses how to assert the importance of information security leadership within the enterprise. Continue Reading


By Sonia Groff Evaluate Feb 03, 2015

SN blogs: Cybersecurity leadership needs restructuring

SN blogs: This week, why having two CISOs could benefit cybersecurity strategy; how Google's plans to become an MVNO could be a good thing. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jan 12, 2015

Dragons Den Linney wants more leadership from CIOs

Outsourcery co-founder Piers Linney has claimed that the time is right for the CIO to step out of the shadows and exert more leadership Continue Reading


Aug 07, 2014

Big Digital Leadership

Technology trends such as big data and the Cloud are driving the IT agenda, as are technology-fuelled trends such as mobility and social media. Increased user empowerment as demonstrated by the BYOD movement is ... Continue Reading


By Bryan Barringer Evaluate Mar 27, 2015

Is your new business poised for success? Take this leadership survey

Too often a new business fails because its founders discover too late they don't share the same vision. This leadership survey will help. Continue Reading


Oct 15, 2014

Nobody has a monopoly on digital leadership

As IT becomes more strategic and pervasive, effective digital leadership is needed by just about every organisation Continue Reading


Dec 23, 2014

UKTech50 Video: Networked leadership – Save the Children

In this video Andy Williams, Global CIO, Save the Children maps out the web of influencing networks he has established since joining the charity and give examples of leadership challenges handled through these ... Continue Reading


Aug 07, 2014

CIO Thought Leadership: The Sum of all brands

The convergence of market volatility, the empowered worker, globalization and accelerating technological developments is making it harder than ever for organisations to maintain a sustainable advantage. Gone ... Continue Reading