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By Kayleigh Bateman Mar 02, 2015

Lean IT Association unveils lean certification

LITA reveals Lean IT Certification Scheme for training providers wanting to teach the principles of Lean Continue Reading


Manage May 12, 2010

Overcoming lean manufacturing challenges

In this book chapter, learn how to overcome lean manufacturing challenges and common obstacles to lean success. Continue Reading


Manage Sep 01, 2008

Case Study: How Lean Failed

Discover the best implementation practices for lean manufacturing. Find out common challenges in implementing lean manufacturing and learn how to avoid common mistakes. Continue Reading


By Tracy Alim Problem Solve Jul 06, 2009

Recommended books for learning about lean manufacturing

Discover some helpful books on lean manufacturing and discover other ways to learn lean manufacturing, including the benefits of a lean coach. Continue Reading


Manage Oct 21, 2009

Creating a lean implementation plan

There are many factors to consider before starting a lean implementation project. Make sure to address any questions about systems capabilities, cultural change and leadership before creating a lean implementation ... Continue Reading


Evaluate Jul 14, 2009

Lean IT principles: A FAQ for CIOs

Lean thinking is the process of incorporating Lean principles into an enterprise. This FAQ shows how Lean thinking works and how IT is benefiting from this improvement methodology. Continue Reading


Manage Oct 21, 2009

Making the lean manufacturing management commitment

In order for a lean initiative to be successful, lean manufacturing management must be willing to commit to implementation and training plans. Strong lean manufacturing leadership is able to evaluate what lean ... Continue Reading


Manage Aug 26, 2009

How to create a strategy for a lean manufacturing implementation

For a manufacturing lean implementation to go smoothly, IT managers need to truly understand lean philosophy. This understanding will help build a strong lean strategy and ensure that projects stay on course. Continue Reading


By Lonnie Wilson News Sep 21, 2009

The uneasy dance between IT and lean: Finding the compromise between IT and lean manufacturing

Balancing the demands of lean manufacturing and the needs of IT can be challenging. First you have to understand how software can enhance lean practices without overshadowing the goals of the lean initiative. Continue Reading


News Mar 25, 2009

Lean SCM: How IT can incorporate lean principles into the supply chain

Learn how companies can incorporate lean principles into their supply chain management (SCM) practices, and what role IT plays in a lean initiative. Continue Reading