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Lessons learned from 2017 cybersecurity incidents

By Mekhala Roy 22 Dec 2017

Cybersecurity incidents continued to plague companies in 2017. Here's a rundown of the five with the most impact, and lessons learned from each. Read More

How machine learning streamlines location data with the Kalman filter

By Manisha Raisinghani 18 Jan 2018

LogiNext's Manisha Raisinghani explains how machine learning and the Kalman filter helped the company improve the accuracy of location data. Read More

Arrow extends learning options with virtual classroom

By Simon Quicke 18 Jan 2018

The distributor has rolled out its virtual classroom programme in the UK and across EMEA Read More

How to use machine learning to build a predictive algorithm

By Bridget Botelho 17 Jan 2018

Machine learning is an invaluable tool for solving business problems, but don't jump into it for predictive analytics without understanding these important factors. Read More

Data scientists could learn a lot from Zebrafish

By Nick Booth 15 Nov 2017

Never mind the number crunching. Nick Booth thinks data scientists should learn to start from the bottom up like Dr Bill Chaudhry at the Institute of Genetic Medicine Read More

Learn what an EMM platform can achieve in the enterprise

By Matthew David 10 Jan 2018

Mobile device management is no longer enough to secure enterprise data. In the wake of BYOD and IoT, companies need EMM, but they must know its capabilities and challenges beforehand. Read More

Infrastructure as code benefits those willing to learn

By Adam Bertram 02 Nov 2017

When an auditor asks to see how the entire application stack is configured, you'll be glad you took the time to learn and implement infrastructure as code. Read More

Combining machine learning and scorecards to assess credit risk

By Brian McKenna 03 Jan 2018

This is a guest blogpost by Shafi Rahman, principal scientist, FICO Last year, artificial intelligence (AI) generated countless news headlines and ideas that fascinate us. Its predictive ability ... Read More

Evaluate the SDN and machine learning tradeoffs

By Russ White 27 Oct 2017

With SDN and machine learning, it's important to consider the tradeoffs that come with issues like mouse flows and changing application characteristics. Read More

Learn the basics of Azure Container Instances

By Mike Pfeiffer 24 Oct 2017

The popularity of containers continues to prompt major cloud providers to offer new services. See how Azure's most recent release -- Container Instances -- aims to ease deployment. Read More