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Data scientists could learn a lot from Zebrafish

By Nick Booth 15 Nov 2017

Never mind the number crunching. Nick Booth thinks data scientists should learn to start from the bottom up like Dr Bill Chaudhry at the Institute of Genetic Medicine Read More

Infrastructure as code benefits those willing to learn

By Adam Bertram 02 Nov 2017

When an auditor asks to see how the entire application stack is configured, you'll be glad you took the time to learn and implement infrastructure as code. Read More

Evaluate the SDN and machine learning tradeoffs

By Russ White 27 Oct 2017

With SDN and machine learning, it's important to consider the tradeoffs that come with issues like mouse flows and changing application characteristics. Read More

Learn the basics of Azure Container Instances

By Mike Pfeiffer 24 Oct 2017

The popularity of containers continues to prompt major cloud providers to offer new services. See how Azure's most recent release -- Container Instances -- aims to ease deployment. Read More

Reaping the benefits of machine learning in networking

By Phillip Gervasi 28 Sep 2017

The networking industry today is poised to reap the benefits of machine learning, but all too often, networks themselves stand in the way. Read More

Machine learning in cybersecurity: How to evaluate offerings

By Ellen Muraskin 26 Sep 2017

Vendors are pitching machine learning for cybersecurity applications to replace traditional signature-based threat detection. But how can enterprises evaluate this new tech? Read More

Oxford University gets deep learning supercomputer

By Karl Flinders 15 Nov 2017

Academics and the IT industry will be able to use university’s Atos-supplied supercomputer as a service Read More

What's your biggest concern with machine learning and AI?

14 Nov 2017

Three IT experts talk about the potential of AI and machine learning in end-user computing, particularly discussing their concerns about data privacy and security. Read More

Why UK police are learning cyber forensics

By Alex Bennett 13 Nov 2017

The need for the UK police force to conduct forensic investigations on computers is nothing new, but a rapid escalation of cyber crime has demanded a different approach Read More

Microsoft boosts SQL Server machine learning services

By Jack Vaughan 09 Nov 2017

Python and R are among the tools in the SQL Server machine learning toolkit. Native T-SQL scoring is also on the agenda, as uncovered at PASS Summit 2017. Read More