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By Bernard Golden Problem solve May 14, 2007

Ubuntu licensing

An open source issues and applications expert describes Ubuntu licensing. Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 31, 2003

Downgrade licenses

When you think of licenses, you usually think of the expensive upgrade variety, but downgrade licenses are also available and might be useful if you are using some legacy apps. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Problem solve Jun 19, 2005

Proper Exchange licensing

Exchange Server licensing can be a bit tricky. Are your current software licenses up to snuff? Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jan 08, 2013

License Dashboard sounds virtualisation licensing warning

SAM specialist License Dashboard has sounded a warning that a failure to keep an eye on virtualisation licensing could leave customers open to compliance issues Continue Reading


News Oct 31, 2005

VBWare License DLL

This commercial tool offers simple license protection for .NET applications. Continue Reading


Apr 28, 2003

Negotiating the licensing maze

Microsoft's Sue Hogg answers questions on its licensing agreements. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jun 19, 2006

Enforcing software licenses

It's extremely difficult to enforce software licenses. Expert Brad Arkin explains why many of the security mechanisms designed to guard licenses are easy to crack. Continue Reading


By Bill Kleyman Problem solve Oct 27, 2011

Enterprise cloud licensing basics

Managing software licenses is challenging, and cloud only increases that complexity. Start early; keep licensing models in mind when building clouds. Continue Reading


Problem solve May 29, 2007

Maintaining software license agreements

Software license agreements must be maintained in virtual machine environments, where VMs can easily be cloned. VARs must track the number of machines licensed as virtual. Continue Reading


By Mark Fontecchio News Jul 26, 2006

IBM restructures software licensing

IBM will start licensing its software differently, by appropriating licenses according to processor performance, rather than quantity of processors or cores. Continue Reading