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By Jessica Sirkin News Aug 19, 2015

New Oracle license agreement to join Oracle ULA

Along with the Oracle ULA, Oracle is offering users another contract option, the Perpetual Unlimited License Agreement. Experts discuss the pros and cons. Continue Reading


By Trevor Pott Evaluate Jul 08, 2015

Can VMware recover from EVO:RAIL licensing missteps?

VMware's recent adjustments to licensing with EVO:RAIL may not be enough to catch up with Nutanix. Continue Reading


By Jake O'Donnell News Jun 22, 2015

Mobility breeds software license management complexity

Vendors want IT to think software licensing in the mobile era is flexible, easy and simple, but that's not always the case. Continue Reading


By Tom Walat News Aug 28, 2015

Extra perk of VMUG Advantage is extended licensing program

It's not a rebirth of the VMware Technology Network, but VMUG Advantage gives subscribers a trial period of a year for several VMware products. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate May 15, 2015

How is storage, licensing handled with the EVO:RAIL appliance?

The EVO:RAIL hyper-converged appliance that runs on VMware software has a few caveats potential customers should keep in mind. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Feb 25, 2015

How is virtualization backup software licensed?

Backup software can represent a significant investment in your virtual infrastructure. But, how do you know which licensing option is best for you? Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Get Started May 15, 2015

Licensing DaaS desktops is a thorn in IT's side

SA, VDA and SPLA licensing terms make it difficult to understand how to deploy DaaS desktops and comply with Microsoft's rules. Even when you get the details sorted out, you might face a big bill for licenses. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Manage Jan 26, 2015

Simplifying the complex cloud licensing equation

When it comes to cloud licensing, the devil's in the details -- from support to the fine print. Do you know what to look for to avoid getting burned? Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jun 18, 2015

Oracle sets sights on cloud cash cow in shift from perpetual licensing

Oracle reports Q4 operating income of $4bn on revenues of $10.7bn as it turns from software licensing towards 'stunningly profitable' cloud business Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Mar 11, 2015

Kemp rolls out license model to support service providers

Kemp has introduced a service provider license model to increase its support for players on that side of the market Continue Reading