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By Harvey Koeppel Evaluate Mar 26, 2015

The digital effect on the BPM lifecycle

Digitization has fundamentally changed how businesses operate, but is the same true for business process management? Here's why the BPM lifecycle remains the same. Continue Reading


By Ryan Lanigan Evaluate Mar 06, 2015

Three secrets to VM lifecycle management

Just because a virtual machine can run forever, doesn't mean it should. VM lifecycle management can help determine when it's time to retire a VM. Continue Reading


By Robert Peledie Manage Aug 21, 2014

The misnomer of 'customer lifecycle management'

Is customer lifecycle management really just about iterations of contact with customers and prospects? Continue Reading


By Colin Steele Manage Jan 13, 2015

Mobile application lifecycle management dictates user experience

Business users want enterprise apps to update as fast as consumer apps. The pressure is on IT to improve mobile application lifecycle management. Continue Reading


Mar 23, 2015

Improving software quality in every application lifecycle management (ALM) stage

Development lifecycles have become tremendously compressed, which means many stages of the application lifecycle management process are iterated over time and time again. Here are some lessons SFactory's Sorin ... Continue Reading


Jul 25, 2014

An Introduction to Quantum Lifecycle Management

Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) will enable the “Internet of Things” to have an impact on business and the world at large in a way similar to the Internet itself. This White Paper introduces QLM, explains why ... Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche Manage Aug 22, 2014

Spending tips for each stop on the IT lifecycle

Data center equipment refreshes are expensive and time-consuming, but there are ways to ease the most arduous steps of the IT lifecycle -- and possibly even make a little money. Continue Reading


By Laura Aberle News Jun 05, 2014

A responsible approach to information lifecycle management

Enterprises generate and retain such a large volume of data that effective information governance may seem impossible. To ease the pressure, can we prevent information growth from spiraling out of control in the ... Continue Reading


By Laura Aberle News Sep 04, 2014

Huddle updates its platform for secure collaboration lifecycle

In content management news this week, Huddle's new platform offers secure collaboration features and aims to corral the document sharing lifecycle with version control and analytics capabilities. Continue Reading


By Jan Stafford Evaluate Jun 05, 2014

Avoid cloud risks in security control and lifecycle management

Security expert John Overbaugh on how to mitigate cloud risks by evaluating providers' security control and lifecycle management responsibilities. Continue Reading