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By Lauren Horwitz News Aug 25, 2015

Salesforce launches Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning gets a facelift; Oracle Marketing Cloud buys Maxymiser. Continue Reading


By Brent Leary Manage Nov 05, 2015

What does Salesforce Lightning, Wave enable for users?

Salesforce's latest upgrades to its Lightning and Wave platforms show that the cloud CRM company is trying to bring analytics closer to the individual user. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Oct 01, 2015

Salesforce Lightning strikes a chord with business users

A year after its release, Salesforce Lightning is beneficial to business users -- but we talk to a Salesforce admin who discusses what still needs work. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Sep 25, 2015

Salesforce discusses impact of Wave, Lightning on Sales Cloud

Could Sales Cloud offer better insight into the sales pipeline and support team performance management? Salesforce's Sara Varni explores how in this video. Continue Reading


Sep 15, 2015

Salesforce adds Thunder to Lightning as Dreamforce 2015 kicks off

Cloud supplier Salesforce adds real-time processing engine Thunder to app development platform Lightning as its 2015 Dreamforce event begins in San Francisco Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz Evaluate Sep 14, 2015

Challenges hinder Salesforce Lightning, Wave adoption

One year after they were released, users are looking before they leap into Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Wave. What is crimping adoption? Continue Reading


By Geneva Stephens Get Started Apr 08, 2015

Evaluating Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce's application builder, Lightning, aims to democratize the app creation process by putting tools in the hands of business users. Continue Reading


By Geneva Stephens News Sep 04, 2015

Salesforce Lightning strikes with app development for business users

When Salesforce rolled out its development platform, Salesforce Lightning, it showed promise. But what are the real-world applications of it today? Continue Reading


By Geneva Stephens Evaluate Nov 06, 2015

Despite spruce-up, is the Salesforce Lightning UI fully baked?

Salesforce Lightning UI was updated this fall, enabling even greater ease of use, but pain points still exist in the platform. Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna Sep 23, 2015

Salesforce Thunder, Lightning and Wave show new app economy at work

At Dreamforce 2015,'s Adam Gross and Stephanie Buscemi discuss the internet of things app economy and action-orientated business intelligence apps Continue Reading