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By Jim Mortleman Feb 07, 2014

Amazon nets lion’s share of $10bn public cloud market

AWS continues its unassailable domination of the sector, despite recent moves by Google, IBM and Microsoft Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Apr 27, 2010


By Clare McDonald Jan 08, 2016

70% rise in venture capital funding for UK tech startups in 2015

Study shows UK tech startups won £2.46bn in venture capital funding last year, with London taking the lion’s share Continue Reading


By Wendy Schuchart News Jul 25, 2011

Gear up to install OS X Lion

Massive heat waves in the South and Midwest have us scurrying for the cool, comforting glow of our monitors in the delicious air conditioning, so we've been scouring the Web and have found some ... Continue Reading


By Andrew Burton News Jul 26, 2012

ATTO Technology announces Mac OS X Mountain Lion support

ATTO Technology Inc. this week announced driver support for Mac OS X Mountain Lion for a variety of its products. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Problem Solve Apr 30, 2012

Mac OS X Lion security flaws no longer a reason to delay adoption

Mac OS X Lion security vulnerabilities have delayed adoption since Apple released the operating system. After some much-needed updates, is the OS finally enterprise-ready? Continue Reading

News Jul 21, 2011

Apple Safari receives update with Lion release; 58 bugs fixed

Apple updates Safari browser to version 5.6 with the release of OS X 10.7 Lion; brings sandboxing to Safari to combat threat from ‘drive-by’ attacks. Continue Reading

News Jun 30, 2011

Apple fixes 39 bugs in Snow Leopard, preps for Lion release

Releases final non-security update - v10.6.8- for Snow Leopard OS, which fixes 39 flaws. More details inside. Continue Reading


By Kathleen Hall Mar 04, 2011

Lion's share of IT contract spend is taken by four government departments

About 80% of the government's spend on IT contracts comes from just four departments, according to research by Computer Weekly Continue Reading

News Feb 02, 2012

Apple updates OS X Lion to 10.7.3, releases Snow Leopard security fix

Releases next major update to OS X Lion; pushes out security-only updates to Snow Leopard and other Apple software. Continue Reading