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By Greg Ferro Evaluate Feb 18, 2014

Reducing network latency means focusing on location, location, location

As the real estate motto goes, what matters is 'location, location, location.' The same goes for your data when it comes to network latency. Continue Reading


By Sachin S. Sethi Problem Solve Sep 23, 2007

SRM Functionality Matrix location

Where is the SRM Functionality Matrix located? Continue Reading


By Sachin S. Sethi Problem Solve Jul 09, 2006

Locating screenshots and demoslides for SRM

Ways of locating SRM screenshots and demoslides for training documents. Continue Reading


Manage Sep 04, 2013

What location technology, and location intelligence, can do for you

In today's mobile and data-rich world, there are an increasing number of ways location intelligence initiatives can generate business value. Continue Reading


Jun 08, 2011

Prompting for an Eclipse workspace location

When working with multiple active Eclipse workspace locations, you can save yourself time by setting Eclipse to prompt you for the right workspace location at startup. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Nov 26, 2006

CISSP training course locations

In this response, our expert, Ed Tittel, answers the question "Where can I find the CISSP training course locations?" Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 27, 2010

Weird Data Center Locations

In this slideshow on weird data center locations, see some of the unusual spots where some companies are deciding to house theirs. Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Oct 17, 2002

Next wave of location services

Mobile network operator Orange is set to launch the first of the next generation of location-based mobile phone services early... Continue Reading


Mar 12, 2003

Taxi location service hailed

An innovative new location-based service launched this week across three of the major mobile operators' networks promises to make... Continue Reading


By William McKnight Manage Jan 17, 2002

Data location in packaged applications

In this day of packaged application nirvana, there are many architectural decisions being made in regards to data location. Continue Reading