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Manage Feb 03, 2016

Unusual network locations: How engineers make it work

Almost anyone who has installed a network knows that much of it cannot be done from the relative comfort of an office chair. Whether you have to mount wireless access points on ceilings or pull Ethernet cables ... Continue Reading


By Ed Burns News Jan 29, 2016

Report highlights growing role for location-mapping software

A new report from Dresner Advisory Services says businesses see increased value in location intelligence software, but products need to improve. Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News Jan 13, 2016

AWS data center locations spring up in anticipation of new regulations

AWS is rapidly expanding into new geographies, such as Canada and South Korea, as new regulatory requirements loom. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns Get Started Oct 13, 2015

Location-tracking system improves business efficiency

For organizations in industries such as healthcare and trucking, analyzing data on the location and movements of employees is helping to streamline operations. Continue Reading


Evaluate Oct 08, 2015

Location-tracking apps help pinpoint customers, workers

With the power of location-tracking apps, businesses are able to enhance customer service and sales. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Evaluate Oct 01, 2015

Location-based tools could boost timely medical responses

Beyond improving disaster response, location-based tools also have the potential to enhance emergency medical services and telemedicine, an expert said. Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News Sep 15, 2015


By Nathan Lamb Manage Sep 09, 2015

Location data adds context for Web personalization

Location technologies can provide another layer of context for serving up Web personalization, but it may require updating systems and strategies. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Dec 03, 2015

Consumer acceptance of in-store location-based tracking on the rise

Customers are becoming more comfortable with being tracked in-store, as long as they gain a good customer experience as a result Continue Reading


By Steve Robins ,Lauren Horwitz ,Tim Ehrens Get Started Sep 04, 2015

Keep consumers close with mobile location-based services

When stores first began setting up websites, customers suddenly had more flexibility. They could compare prices and make purchases without ever leaving the house. But the online experience didn't replace the ... Continue Reading