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By Matt James Evaluate Sep 01, 2015

Mobile location-based services require customer trust

Mobile location-based services enable companies to enlist data for greater insight about their customers. But success in LBS isn't guaranteed. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz Manage Aug 05, 2015

Mobile content strategy must incorporate location, context

Today, companies need to develop a mobile content strategy that incorporates attributes, such as a user's location and context, to be meaningful. Continue Reading


By Steve Robins Manage Jul 16, 2015

Using the secret sauce of mobile location-based services

Location-based services offer a powerful new way to deepen customer loyalty and up-sell to consumers. But companies still have a distance to travel with LBS. Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman Manage Aug 28, 2015

Cloud-based BI plans often hinge on where data is located

Is a cloud BI and analytics strategy the right choice for your organization? That may depend on whether your data is on-premises or already in the cloud. Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Aug 28, 2015

Demand for datacentre co-location services rises, as enterprise outsources more IT

Demand for co-location services is rising, with enterprises preparing to pay more to outsource their IT, 451 Research reveals Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz Manage Jul 23, 2015

Location-based service apps yield treasure trove of information

When customers come into a store with offers from location-based service apps, like mobile wallets, it indicates a new level of buying intention greater than just window shopping. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Mar 16, 2015

Deal close with banks to maintain services in remote locations

The government is close to agreement with the British Bankers Association on a set of rules for banks to follow before closing branches Continue Reading


By Gina Narcisi News Jun 09, 2015

Next generation 911 pinpoints location, supports multimedia messages

NG 911 will support multimedia messages to 911 and help ensure that the locations of IP-based emergency communications are pinpointed. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz Get Started Feb 02, 2015

The double-edged sword of location-based technologies

Location-based technologies like personalization are yielding valuable consumer data, but companies need to be careful stewards of the information. Continue Reading


By Caroline Baldwin Jan 13, 2015

John Lewis to trial location technology for click and collect

John Lewis plans to trial a micro-location technology to improve its click and collect service Continue Reading