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IoT Agenda

By Subhash Chowdary Get Started Oct 04, 2016

IoT in Logistics: Where's the money? Part 1

IoT market estimates have crossed $19 trillion. So where can you make money? Using IoT in logistics you can do good and make money. Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Subhash Chowdary Get Started May 18, 2016

IoT in Logistics: Barriers to collaboration

The barriers to collaboration in Internet of Things in Logistics must be overcome for IoT to deliver on the promised value. Continue Reading


By Jawad Akhtar Manage Jun 30, 2016

How can retailers improve logistics and supply chain processes?

Retail companies looking to improve the efficiency of their supply chain and logistics functions should consider SAP Planner Workbench. Here's a look at how it can support business-critical functions. Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Robert Richardson Evaluate Mar 22, 2016

IoT meets pharmaceutical logistics

Startup AntTail brings sensors and a proprietary wireless protocol to the pharmaceutical logistics "cold chain" and the Internet of Things. Continue Reading


By Jawad Akhtar Get Started Oct 28, 2015

Can SAP Simple Logistics increase logistics efficiency?

SAP Simple Logistics uses the data processing ability of S/4HANA to provide simpler, faster and more efficient approaches to logistics and supply chain problems. Continue Reading


By Dave Turbide Get Started Feb 23, 2016

Should you use standard mobile devices for mobile logistics?

Some companies are outfitting their vehicles with consumer-grade devices to keep in touch with drivers while they're on the road. Here's a look at that strategy's benefits and risks. Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Subhash Chowdary Get Started Apr 28, 2016

IoT in logistics: We ain't seen nothin' yet

IoT in Logistics (IoTiL) is the foundation on which future digital supply chain networks are being built. A new 3rd Party Information logistics industry (3PIL) is in the making creating a new ... Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Dec 09, 2015

DHL opens Singapore centre for logistics technology innovation

DHL has opened a centre in Singapore to research technologies that can be used in the logistics industry Continue Reading


By Zafar Anjum Mar 08, 2016

DHL Asia-Pacific Innovation Centre incubates future logistics technology

DHL's innovation centre in Singapore is trying out the future logistics technologies it plans to introduce across its Asian business Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Linda Rosencrance Manage Feb 16, 2016

IoT logistics technology already speeding up supply chains

U.K.'s JJ Food Service implemented the Internet of Things to monitor truck temperatures, ensure regulatory compliance and streamline recordkeeping for 60,000 monthly orders. Continue Reading