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Which logistics trends should companies be researching?

By Dave Turbide 30 Aug 2017

E-commerce is having a powerful effect on logistics and the supply chain. Here are three developments that are happening today that are likely to affect your company. Read More

Predictive logistics reach beyond supply chain visibility

By Jim O'Donnell 02 Oct 2017

Getting real-time information on where goods are in a supply chain is commonplace with sensors and big data, but some firms use machine learning to predict more accurate ETAs. Read More

Dubai-based logistics company automates backup through cloud

26 Jun 2017

Cloud backup and storage automation are key to supporting expansion at Middle East logistics company, CWT-SML Read More

Why location is the language for logistics

By Christian Lundquist 09 Nov 2016

Manufacturing companies are increasingly relying on location-based data for logistics. The Swiss Federal Railways is one such company. Read More

VMware VP Mark Lohmeyer discusses VMware Cloud on AWS logistics

By Marissa Comeau 10 Aug 2017

VMware Cloud on AWS is in closed beta, and details are thin on the ground. In this interview, VMware VP Mark Lohmeyer gives us a peak into the fruits of the VMware-AWS partnership. Read More

IoT in logistics: Where's the money? Part 2

By Subhash Chowdary 28 Feb 2017

Every step in the agri-food supply chain can benefit greatly from IoT in logistics, all the way from farmers maximizing output to reducing food wastage. Read More

IoT logistics technology gaining speed in freight industry

By Linda Rosencrance 28 Apr 2017

Initially slow to take off, the internet of things is enabling sophisticated sensors that give logistics providers more visibility into inventory and freight vehicles. Read More

Supply chain, logistics and inventory go 3D with additive manufacturing

By Scott Robinson 29 Mar 2017

Additive manufacturing -- popularly known as 3D printing -- has been touted as the next big thing in manufacturing, but its impact will soon be seen in supply chain management. Read More

Mobile logistics technology takes long route to consumer-grade devices

By Linda Rosencrance 24 Feb 2017

Mobility is nothing new to logistics operations in the warehouse and on the road, but finding the right place for smartphones, wearables and tablets takes careful planning. Read More

IoT in Logistics: Where's the money? Part 1

By Subhash Chowdary 04 Oct 2016

IoT market estimates have crossed $19 trillion. So where can you make money? Using IoT in logistics you can do good and make money. Read More