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LotusScript: LotusScript is a script language for use in a Lotus Notes client program or as a scheduled agent within ...

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By Chuck Connell Manage Jul 16, 2004

Check those LotusScript errors!

A lesson in proper LotusScript coding. Continue Reading


Manage May 08, 2002

Remove ALL LotusScript from an event

this tip demonstrates how to remove ALL LotusScript from an event Continue Reading


Manage Oct 17, 2002

LotusScript on the web

This tip describes the use of LotusScript on the Web. Continue Reading


Manage Apr 22, 2003

Toggle debug LotusScript

This tip describes how to toggle LotusScript debug. Continue Reading


Manage Apr 26, 2004

@Word in LotusScript

This function in LotusScript is equivalent to @Word function. Continue Reading


Get Started Mar 27, 2007

More LotusScript learning resources

As an addendum to our 30 LotusScript tips tutorial, here are a few more helpful links to help you learn all you wanted to know about LotusScript. Continue Reading


Get Started Nov 06, 2007

LotusScript tips and tutorials

Read best-of-breed LotusScript tips and tutorials that will help you take your LotusScript application development skills to the next level. Continue Reading


Manage Dec 30, 2004

@Unique and @Elements for LotusScript

The @Unique function in formula is a handy way of removing duplicates. This LotusScript function allows you perform the same function in LotusScript. Continue Reading


Jan 05, 2006

FAQ: LotusScript

Lost in the land of LotusScript? Before posing a question to our experts, check out our list of LotusScript frequently asked questions. Whether you're troubleshooting a specific problem or you just... Continue Reading


Get Started Aug 22, 2004

LotusScript Learning Guide

This guide introduces you to LotusScript, explains best practices and pitfalls to avoid and provides troubleshooting help and advice. You'll find LotusScript articles, tutorials, tips, tools, white papers, expert ... Continue Reading