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LotusScript: LotusScript is a script language for use in a Lotus Notes client program or as a scheduled agent within ...

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Manage Jun 23, 2009

LotusScript sorts lists alphabetically

There are a lot of things you can accomplish using the List data type in Lotus Notes. But it doesn't allow you to sort objects alphabetically. This LotusScript code will do the trick. Continue Reading


Get Started Nov 06, 2007

LotusScript tips and tutorials

Read best-of-breed LotusScript tips and tutorials that will help you take your LotusScript application development skills to the next level. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 03, 2010

LotusScript agent moves new mail to folder

Use this LotusScript agent in a Lotus Notes mail-in database to move new mail to a specified folder. Continue Reading


Get Started Mar 27, 2007

More LotusScript learning resources

As an addendum to our 30 LotusScript tips tutorial, here are a few more helpful links to help you learn all you wanted to know about LotusScript. Continue Reading


Manage Nov 24, 2009

LotusScript agent parses ACL to Microsoft Notepad

After modifying a database, emailing large groups of users about the update can be a nuisance. This LotusScript agent will help you efficiently keep users abreast of database changes. Continue Reading


Manage Oct 26, 2009

LotusScript finds the first occurrence of a string from the right

Using the Instr function can help to find the first occurrence of a string from the left. However, if you want to find the first occurrence from the right, you can use this LotusScript code. Continue Reading


Manage May 27, 2008

Top 10 LotusScript tips

Get our top ten LotusScript tips for Domino developers to update rich-text fields, import data from Excel, view and edit Lotus Notes documents and more. Continue Reading


Manage Sep 25, 2009

Search Microsoft Active Directory with LotusScript

Since many companies use both Lotus Notes and Microsoft, having the ability to search Active Directory from a Lotus Notes view can be helpful. This LotusScript searches AD without having to rely on a third-party ... Continue Reading


Manage Jul 27, 2009

Troubleshoot agents by displaying LotusScript variables online

If your Web users are triggering agents, you may want to find out what's going on. Apply this LotusScript to display and easily troubleshoot triggered agent variables. Learn all the steps. Continue Reading


By Cregg Hardwick Problem Solve Aug 14, 2006

Calling a LotusScript agent expert Cregg Hardwick provides code that will call a LotusScript agent. Continue Reading