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By Scott D. Rosenberg Problem Solve Dec 12, 2011

Oracle licensing with logical partitions (LPARs)

One reader asks about what Oracle licensing his organization must have if they have an environment with two LPARs with one active node. Continue Reading


By Robert Crawford Problem Solve Aug 05, 2013

How to save money on IBM MLC software with soft capping, LPAR groups

IBM MLC software pricing allows data centers to pay based on CPU usage. Savvy users are saving money by controlling LPAR activity. Continue Reading


By Ken Graap Manage May 10, 2010

Consolidation across multiple LPARs using BRMS

The BRMS Network feature allows a BRMS system to connect to other BRMS systems via a network, and enables a user to consolidate media such as backup tapes. Continue Reading


By Robert Crawford Problem Solve Oct 10, 2007

Reading VSAM data from different LPARs

In this mainframe tip, expert Robert Crawford discusses VSAM file-sharing options across LPARs. Continue Reading


By Dan Reusche Manage Jul 27, 2005

Backup strategies for dealing with LPARs

This user has just upgraded to a new I5., and will be running two LPARs on the one system -- one production side and one test/development side. He wonders what backup strategies or procedures are suggest ed ... Continue Reading


By Ken Graap Problem Solve Jan 28, 2004


Problem Solve Nov 21, 2003


Problem Solve Aug 20, 2002

Troubleshoot LPAR and disk management GUI

This tip helps take the mystery out of LPAR and disk management problems. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Nov 06, 2001

Advantages of IOP and bus-level LPARs

One iSeries reader asks about I/0 LPAR versus bus level LPAR. iSeries LPAR expert Richard Belles delivers. Continue Reading


By Mark Fontecchio News Jul 30, 2008

IBM z10 mainframe will consolidate z/VM workloads on a single LPAR

IBM's z/VM virtualization platform on the System z10 mainframe can now handle multiple specialty engines in a single LPAR, thus improving memory utilization. Continue Reading