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Problem Solve Oct 29, 2001

Connect Mac to Windows 2000

How to connect Mac to Windows 2000 Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Problem Solve Sep 30, 2011

Malware on a Mac: How to implement a Mac antimalware program

Learn how to create a Mac security program at your enterprise, before the amount of Apple platform malware reaches critical mass. Continue Reading


By Faisal Alani Feb 04, 2008

Apple Mac 1984 commerial

Apple launches the Mac with a $1.5m commercial aired during the Superbowl. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 08, 2001

Mac Security -- The first step

SearchSecurity member Clyde Davidson offers this advice for securing a Mac. Continue Reading


By Paul Greenberg Evaluate Feb 26, 2010

Evaluating CRM options for the Mac

The CRM options compatible with Macs are few and far between. Expert Paul Greenberg has suggestions on how to start your search evaluating Mac CRM software. Continue Reading


Feb 19, 2009

Mac OS X security threats and Mac attacks

Security researcher Vincenzo Iozzo explains how he found a way to inject malicious code directly into Mac OS X memory, leaving no trace for forensics investigation. Continue Reading


By Brian Madden Evaluate Jan 25, 2011

Citrix gives Mac client some love

Citrix is giving Mac users some attention with the Citrix Receiver for Mac clients, which Apple accepted into the Mac App Store. Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett Aug 17, 2004

Big Mac attack for storage

Got storage-hungry Mac desktops to feed? Apple Computer Inc.'s Xserve RAID, its 3.5TB RAID array and the Xserve platform running Mac OS X have performed a minor miracle: Together, they seem to have made Mac a ... Continue Reading


By John Moore News Jun 02, 2008

Managed services for Macs emerge

Apple's greater business presence has sparked an interest in managed services for Macs, creating channel opportunity. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Apr 30, 2012

Malware targets Macs and PCs

A malware attack is targeting computers running Mac OS and Windows, says security firm Sophos Continue Reading