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The Jetsons made the internet of things look so easy

By Tamara Dull 12 Dec 2017

The Jetsons made IoT look easy -- and cool. What they never showed us, though, is the creepy or just plain wrong that sometimes accompanies the cool. Read More

Millennials and the internet of things: A match made in cyber heaven

By Guy Courtin 19 Sep 2017

Millennials are pushing for greater visibility and awareness of our supply chains, says Guy Courtin of Infor. IoT can help achieve this. Read More

VeloCloud SD-WAN made more responsive to network troubles

By Antone Gonsalves 27 Nov 2017

The latest version of the VeloCloud SD-WAN lets users configure the software to take corrective measures when network performance degrades. Read More

How creative and innovative can technology made in China be?

10 Aug 2017

China's IT industry is becoming more Silicon Valley-like and, as a result, more attractive to the CIOs of western enterprises Read More

Virtualization and IoT made for one another, but performance monitoring still essential

By Dirk Paessler 04 Oct 2017

Paessler's Dirk Paessler explains why it's important to monitor virtual assets, as well as things how to ensure IoT initiatives run smoothly on virtual networks. Read More

How microservices patterns made Uber's architecture perform better

By George Lawton 22 Jun 2017

How did Uber manage to deal with the inevitable Halloween rush? Applying microservices patterns to their architecture played a big part. Read More

Managed crowdsourcing model: Another ‘made in China’ idea

19 Jun 2017

Chinese suppliers are using managed crowdsourcing to help them provide high-volume services to their customers Read More

Two augmented reality and wearable device use cases that made me say “Ah-ha!”

By Jack Madden 16 Nov 2017

The horizontal use cases may be limited, but a relatable vertical use case can be enlightening. Read More

Study: Shift to value-based care being made but more work remains

By Kristen Lee 20 Jul 2017

With the efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, many are questioning how changes in Washington, D.C., may affect the shift to value-based care. A study commissioned by Quest ... Read More

Infrastructure provisioning made easier with hybrid cloud storage

By Scott Sinclair 03 Mar 2017

Storage provisioning delays slow down IT initiatives and negatively impact both revenue and the bottom line, which make hybrid clouds a realistic and attractive option. Read More