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By Sean McGrath Apr 29, 2016

Earnings roundup: Who's made what?

MicroScope gives you an at-a-glance breakdown of financial results from in and around the channel. Up this week, AWS, Juniper, Netsuite, Symantec and Datatec Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Evaluate May 24, 2016

'SAPple' -- Made from the best stuff on earth?

SAP gets access to 10 million enthusiastic developers writing for iOS. That's a lot of developers with a lot of non-traditional ideas about apps can do. Apple gets access to SAP's global enterprise ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Mar 15, 2016

The cloud was made for the channel

Rather than a threat the cloud could well provide a platform to make life more efficient for the channel Continue Reading


By Kathleen Richards Evaluate May 02, 2016

What SIEM tools made your short list?

More companies are investing in security information and event management to improve their response to targeted attacks, according to the readers we surveyed. Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls Manage Mar 23, 2016

DevOps in AWS is a match made in cloud

Enterprises looking to implement DevOps into their app deployment process can take advantage of AWS' computing power -- but an organizational commitment is equally important. Continue Reading


By Philip Virgo News May 07, 2016

Has BT made a splash or just restated business as usual?

The Guardian's Nils Pratley called BT's announcement of 6 billion of investment  "just coasting": adding EE's investment commitments (to meet the conditions of its spectrum licences) to those of BT ... Continue Reading


By Jim O'Donnell Evaluate Jan 29, 2016

Sometimes the best SAP analytics tools aren't made by SAP

Having a detailed business intelligence game plan -- and a firm understanding of SAP and third-party tools -- is essential in any SAP analytics strategy. Continue Reading


By George Crump ,Jon Toigo Manage Apr 14, 2016

Cloud-based data storage for primary data made simpler

While the number of enterprises that store data in the cloud continues to rise, the amount of data that they store there is still low. Today, public cloud storage is still predominantly used for cold data, ... Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Feb 26, 2016

52 contactless payments made every second in UK last December

Contactless card payments continue to rise at a rapid rate, with nearly £8bn spent in the UK last year using the technology Continue Reading


By Cameron McKenzie Get Started Jan 29, 2016

Learning modern programming languages like Ruby made easy

Interested in learning Scala, Ruby, Java or JavaScript? Do you want to learn one of these modern programming languages quickly? Here's a strategy to help you do just that. Continue Reading