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IoT Agenda

By Beth Stackpole Evaluate Nov 21, 2016

IoT and augmented reality: A match made in heaven?

Augmented reality services enable a wide swath of users to see real-time, contextual information about their smart, connected products. Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Apr 29, 2016

Earnings roundup: Who's made what?

MicroScope gives you an at-a-glance breakdown of financial results from in and around the channel. Up this week, AWS, Juniper, Netsuite, Symantec and Datatec Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Adam Wray Get Started Nov 30, 2016

How IoT made distributed computing cool again (Part 2)

If IoT applications can help you grow your business, start developing distributed computing systems expertise in your business now. Continue Reading


By Sonia Lelii News Sep 16, 2016

Veritas: Dell EMC’s no marriage made in heaven

LAS VEGAS -- In the pre-Symantec days when Veritas was an independent storage software company, its executives frequently bashed their primary competitor EMC. That rhetoric cooled after Symantec ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Mar 15, 2016

The cloud was made for the channel

Rather than a threat the cloud could well provide a platform to make life more efficient for the channel Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Evaluate May 24, 2016

'SAPple' -- Made from the best stuff on earth?

SAP gets access to 10 million enthusiastic developers writing for iOS. That's a lot of developers with a lot of non-traditional ideas about apps can do. Apple gets access to SAP's global enterprise ... Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Oct 26, 2016

IFS: the business agility dream made real with operational intelligence

IFS has presented a new version of its IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) software with new features including capabilities for adding custom visualisations (presenting abstracted data ... Continue Reading


By Kathleen Richards Evaluate May 02, 2016

What SIEM tools made your short list?

More companies are investing in security information and event management to improve their response to targeted attacks, according to the readers we surveyed. Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls Manage Mar 23, 2016

DevOps in AWS is a match made in cloud

Enterprises looking to implement DevOps into their app deployment process can take advantage of AWS' computing power -- but an organizational commitment is equally important. Continue Reading


By Tracee Herbaugh News Jun 03, 2016

Tech buyers watch fate of Mitel-Polycom deal after second offer made

Tech buyers face benefits and drawbacks if a New York-based private equity group outbids Mitel for the video conferencing company Polycom. Continue Reading