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By Kurt Marko Manage Jul 27, 2016

How to set up and manage Azure subscriptions

Subscriptions are not as black and white as they seem. Review the concepts, roles and challenges involved when planning and managing subscriptions for Azure. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Apr 05, 2016


By Joel Shore Manage Jun 28, 2016

It's prime time for API management

APIs are becoming the backbone of many infrastructures, but IT departments often lack the means to manage, track, and secure their API portfolios. APIs are the glue between on-premises and ... Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Jul 27, 2016

Master microservices management on IT resources

Deploying and managing microservices is a hard, continuous process. Proper resource planning and automation tools help realize the benefits of cloud and virtualization. Continue Reading


Jul 18, 2016

Manage expenses to boost the bottom line

Expense management is one area of business where the application of IT can bring about double-digit cost reductions Continue Reading


By T.J. Houpes Evaluate Jul 12, 2016

Adaptive Metadata Manager helps manage enterprise data governance

The Adaptive Metadata Manager data governance tool helps organizations institute enterprise-wide data policies and lets users access, manage and analyze important data assets. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Get Started Jul 11, 2016

Navigate a maze of installers with PackageManagement

PackageManagement -- formerly OneGet -- lets desktop admins use PowerShell cmdlets to work with several different installer technologies. Continue Reading


By Will Murrell Manage Apr 20, 2016

Proactive risk management: Managing the deluge of alerts

In today's threat landscape, proactive risk management is needed to stay on top of a surge of network and security alerts. Continue Reading


By Dave Turbide Manage Jul 08, 2016

What's an overlooked cost in customer order management?

Managing customer expectations about order schedules is one critical element of achieving profit goals. Here's a look at why finance needs to be involved. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Jul 07, 2016

Komprise unveils data management platform

Komprise's data management platform appears as an NFS or SMB client. It crawls storage and points inactive file storage at object-based storage. Continue Reading