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Get Started Apr 14, 2015

How is mobility changing the role of marketing?

Marketing departments are starting to help other areas of business, using their wealth of data to build better, deeper customer relationships. Continue Reading


Apr 02, 2015

Why the BI market is ripe for change

Things in the business intelligence market are changing and the channel needs to know its options says Peter Baxter, Managing Director EMEA at Yellowfin Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith Apr 01, 2015


By Karl Flinders Mar 31, 2015

IT is more important than marketing for banks

IT spending will grow at the expense of other areas such as marketing as optimism in financial services increases Continue Reading


By Geneva Stephens Evaluate Dec 08, 2014

Players in the 2015 marketing automation software market

CRM platforms are reaching further and further into the marketing domain. What does the merging of capabilities mean for 2015? Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Mar 06, 2015

Global server market grows in 2014

Both IDC and Gartner have released their figures, confirming that the global server market grew in 2014 Continue Reading


Evaluate Dec 04, 2014

Why are marketers treating mobile marketing as an afterthought?

Companies need to stop treating mobile marketing as an afterthought in their overall marketing strategies. Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett News Feb 25, 2015

Cloud market size numbers don't add up

Determining AWS's true value in the cloud market has been a bit of a guessing game, especially in a cloud market that appears larger than it is. Continue Reading


By Ed Scannell News Feb 23, 2015

IBM guns for the hybrid cloud market -- again

IBM is going after the hybrid computing market -- again -- but this time it is armed for bear. Will IT pros actually take notice? Continue Reading


By David Geer News Feb 17, 2015

What NFV vendors are currently on the market?

Many data centers are on the path to NFV. How are the NFV standards and vendor offerings guiding -- or challenging -- implementation? Continue Reading