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By Jacob Gsoedl Get Started Jul 18, 2016

Buyer's checklist to the hyper-converged market

As the hype around the hyper-converged market persists, more storage administrators are evaluating the systems to determine whether they truly provide cost savings, simplified management and easy scalability. But ... Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Jul 18, 2016

Companies sidle up to customers with marketing personalization

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is helping companies inch closer to customers, particularly with tactics like marketing personalization. Continue Reading


By Steve Robins Manage Jul 14, 2016

Digital marketing software market features dizzying array of M&A

With a flurry of mergers and acquisitions in the digital marketing space of late, the question is whether the marketing acquisitions will truly augment existing platforms. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Get Started Jun 28, 2016

The problem with Badlock and branded vulnerability marketing

Branded vulnerability marketing, such as in the case of Badlock, can raise challenges for responsible disclosure. Expert Nick Lewis explains the problems it creates. Continue Reading


By Lynn Haber News Apr 25, 2016

Focus on the "M" in SMB market

The SMB market is a mixed bag this year, with spending declines forecast for small businesses and increased IT spending expected for mid-size companies. Continue Reading


By Carl Setterlund News Apr 20, 2016


By Brian Madden Jun 15, 2016

Vendor marketing slogans are ridiculous

Have you ever actually read the taglines, mission statements, and marketing slogans from the IT vendors you buy from? Holy moly they're awful! Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Manage Jul 22, 2016

Why it's good the mobile handset market is boring

From version to version, mobile device releases aren't that different. It might make for a boring news cycle, but it keeps prices down and simplifies the learning curve for users and IT. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Jul 21, 2016

Veeam Software still outpacing data protection market

Veeam Software continued impressive growth last quarter, increasing bookings revenue 38% over last year in a market that is barely growing one percent. Veeam Software remains a private company, but ... Continue Reading


By Paul Korzeniowski News Jul 19, 2016

New DBMS products open the door for a once dormant market

Start-ups are breathing new life into the DBMS market, as organizations look to manage unstructured data from social media, big data and the internet of things. Continue Reading