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By Simon Quicke Oct 05, 2015

AMD gunning for enterprise PC market

AMD has recently unveiled its latest processor and is hoping the channel can help drive up its footprint in the enterprise Continue Reading


By Mike Matchett News Oct 02, 2015

Flash storage market remains a tsunami

The flash storage market is poised for rapid growth into enterprise data centers as costs drop and solid-state drive density and capacity expands. Continue Reading


By Sarah Wilson Evaluate Sep 28, 2015

Hybrid cloud market capitalizes on backup

Analyst Mike Matchett discusses today's hybrid cloud market and how storage vendors are making it easier to integrate on-premises and cloud storage. Continue Reading


By Erin Sullivan Evaluate Sep 21, 2015

The current cloud storage market explained

The three current cloud storage market leaders are gouging their prices to cement their place as a cloud leader. But is this model stable? Continue Reading


By James Alan Miller Evaluate Sep 17, 2015

The best SSL VPN products in the market

SSL VPNs are essential for securing network connections and communications. Here's a look at the best SSL VPN products in the industry. Continue Reading


By Karen Scarfone Evaluate Sep 02, 2015

Comparing the best SIEM systems on the market

Expert Karen Scarfone examines the best SIEM products on the market to help you determine which one is right for your organization. Continue Reading


By Steve Signoff Manage Sep 01, 2015

Communication essential to sales and marketing alignment

A lack of communication between sales and marketing teams can derail internal processes. Here's how to ensure collaboration between the two factions. Continue Reading


By Steve Robins Manage Jul 01, 2015

Don't get tangled in marketing metrics

Marketers can get too caught up in measuring everything. They need to find the right KPIs to track performance and drive revenue. Continue Reading


By Jessica Sirkin News Aug 26, 2015

Maxymiser joins Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle acquired CRM company Maxymiser to be part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Maxymiser specializes in testing, targeting and personalizing marketing. Continue Reading


By Esther Shein ,John Moore Get Started Oct 06, 2015

Expand your reach in the cloud storage market

There's more to cloud storage than backup and archiving. Technology advancements -- combined with changing customer attitudes toward the cloud -- have opened doors to new and interesting opportunities for channel ... Continue Reading