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master: A master, in a technological context, is a device that controls one or more other devices.

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Manage Aug 11, 2001

Master Help

Create a master help database. Continue Reading


News Apr 17, 2007

Mastering Master Data

There is a lot of information out there about master data, yet many still find it confusing. This is the first part of a series on strategic thinking about master data. Continue Reading


By Austin Sincock Problem solve Nov 10, 2003

Material Master problems

Despite successful connection with JCo, the Material Master still will not create. Continue Reading


By David Loshin News Jun 19, 2008

Master data management readiness

The selection and purchase of a core master data management system should be the culmination of a series of preparatory steps that are described in this article. Continue Reading


News May 15, 2006

Master Data Management Approach

Many IT departments face challenges as they attempt to satisfy finance's requests while preserving organization-wide data integrity. Master data management can increase end-user satisfaction and establish a more ... Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Nov 18, 2008

Master data management software market up 30%

Master data management software market up 30%


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By David Loshin News Jan 24, 2008

Master data synchronization – assessing requirements

There are characteristics associated with maintaining the synchronization and consistency of master data that impose implementation constraints when implementing master data consolidation and integration services. Continue Reading


News May 15, 2007

Mastering Master Data – How IT Contributes to Problems with Master Data

While master data is a business problem, IT has contributed to its complexity. Architecture is a critical success factor for a successful master data solution. Continue Reading


Problem solve Feb 06, 2002

PDC Operations Master and replication

Be aware of the PDC OPs Master when defining inter-site replication schedules. Continue Reading


By Jill Dyché Problem solve May 30, 2008

Three master data management trends

Learn three master data management (MDM) trends that could affect your MDM strategy and implementation. Continue Reading