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master: A master, in a technological context, is a device that controls one or more other devices.

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News Nov 07, 2016

Gartner Symposium roundup: Mastering leadership in a digital ecosystem

2016 Gartner Symposium Instagram snapshot: We chronicle our time at the event and highlight the themes of mastering leadership and discovering your place in a digital ecosystem. Continue Reading


By Sue Hildreth Evaluate Oct 17, 2016

Inside the Informatica Master Data Management portfolio

Informatica Master Data Management is aimed at helping sales, marketing and customer service teams ensure they're working from the most relevant and accurate data available. Continue Reading


By Scott Robinson News Oct 06, 2016

Mastering descriptive data analysis yields better predictions

Descriptive and predictive analytics methodologies can be mutually beneficial weapons in the battle to gain a competitive edge and convert prospects into customers. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Jul 27, 2016

Master microservices management on IT resources

Deploying and managing microservices is a hard, continuous process. Proper resource planning and automation tools help realize the benefits of cloud and virtualization. Continue Reading


By Sander Van Vugt Manage Dec 02, 2016

A SaltStack tutorial to start mastering data center minions

With a basic understanding of SaltStack minions, modules, grains and other concepts, IT administrators have the power to scale up configurations. Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch Manage Sep 01, 2016

Master IT documentation with the right tools and practices

IT documentation cannot be overlooked when it comes to complex environments. As such, be sure to choose the appropriate tools and best practices for your company. Continue Reading


By George Crump ,Marc Staimer ,Jon Toigo Evaluate Mar 07, 2016

Master the hyper-converged market

It wasn't that long ago when the hyper-converged market was dominated by a small number of startups and, when it came to options, IT pros didn't have a lot to choose from. The hyper-converged market featured mostly... Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Evaluate Oct 24, 2016

Reltio master data management architecture rides graph analytics wave

An onslaught of unstructured data, social and otherwise may change the nature of master data management platforms. Reltio Cloud may stand as an indicator. Continue Reading


By Jawad Akhtar Manage Oct 18, 2016

What SAP master data management basics should data controllers learn?

Data controllers may find themselves without the know-how to update master data once the SAP consultants have gone and the ERP system is live. These essentials will rectify that. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Jul 21, 2016

MasterCard acquires VocaLink from UK banks

Acquisition of payment systems company for £700m could increase innovation in the UK payments sector Continue Reading