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A master, in a technological context, is a device that controls one or more other devices.Read More

Master the art of VDI licenses

By Kelly M. Stewart 16 Nov 2017

IT pros are responsible for knowing the ins and outs of VDI licensing. This quiz can help refresh their memories and test just how much they truly know. Read More

Simon Masters

Simon Masters is a business agility experts at PA Consulting Group.Read More

Three pieces of advice to master disaster recovery in the cloud

By Kathleen Casey 10 Nov 2017

Don't let a natural disaster or outage slow your business down. Review this advice from cloud experts to build a solid DR plan. Read More

Master Azure subscriptions with these key concepts and terms

By Kurt Marko 16 Oct 2017

Azure's subscription structure lets admins break out responsibility for billing and resource management. But first, they need to know concepts such as accounts and departments. Read More

Mastering CISSP Domain 4: Network security

09 Oct 2017

Brush up on network security fundamentals like segmentation and secure routing in this CISSP exam study guide for Domain 4, Communication and Network Security. Read More

Master RHEL 7.3 before you consider RHEL 8

By Erica Mixon 01 Nov 2017

RHEL 7.3 offers high security, reliability and performance. Discover how to navigate GRUB 2 and system, and learn which distros work best for Docker, among other tips. Read More

Master the Docker command line for container ops

By Alan R. Earls 10 Aug 2017

Docker's command-line interface offers admins granular control over their containers. Keep this list of Docker commands nearby to swiftly navigate containerized environments. Read More

DBAs must master the art of database recovery management

By Brian Peasland 29 Jun 2017

Database administrators are usually concerned with backing up their databases. But they should spend more time focusing on database recovery as part of the backup process. Read More

Are you a master of user environment management tools for VDI?

By Eddie Lockhart 28 Aug 2017

Prove your knowledge of user environment management tools with this quiz, covering VMware's built-in UEM tool, UEM alternatives and more. Read More

Microsoft, Google vie to be masters of the universal OS

By Ramin Edmond 10 Apr 2017

Developers and IT admins have to manage and build apps for a multitude of different operating systems and device types. Windows 10 and Google's universal OS could change that. Read More