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master: A master, in a technological context, is a device that controls one or more other devices.

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By Karl Flinders Feb 16, 2015

MasterCard to pilot facial, voice and fingerprint authentication

MasterCard will pilot a biometric authentication and verification tool this year as part of cyber security technology investment Continue Reading


News Dec 08, 2014

Master a multichannel customer engagement strategy

Mobile computing, geolocation targeting, and sophisticated data collection and analytics tools are building toward increased customer interactions, but determining how to best deliver information to customers is ... Continue Reading


By Sander Van Vugt Get Started Feb 13, 2015

Master Linux service management on System V and systemd

Managing services on Linux is an essential task for administrators. Learn to work with either System V or systemd. Continue Reading


By Brad Casey Evaluate Jan 30, 2015

Can you virtualize a NetBackup master server?

I have only seen companies deploy a NetBackup master server on a physical server. Are there any drawbacks to using a VM as a NetBackup master server? Continue Reading


By Joe Clabby Manage Jan 12, 2015

Master the art of RFP writing for data centers

Writing a biased RFP is a great way to get everything you want, and nothing you need. If you want to address an IT or business demand, sometimes it pays to leave out specifics. Continue Reading


By Sander Van Vugt Evaluate Mar 20, 2015

Master Red Hat, Debian approaches to Linux package management

Whether you use Red Hat or Debian package manager, get informed on the repositories and commands for easier Linux management. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Manage Dec 02, 2014

Be the master of your messaging environment security

Whether you're a new Exchange admin or a seasoned pro, these four steps will help develop your Exchange security skills. Continue Reading


By Linda Tucci Manage Nov 11, 2014

CIOs called on to master multichannel customer engagement

The customer is already multichannel. Companies -- and CIOs -- are scrambling to catch up. It won't be easy. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Oct 17, 2014

MasterCard develops biometric authentication card

MasterCard and Zwipe are developing a payment card with a built-in fingerprint authentication sensor. Continue Reading