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By Jack Vaughan News Aug 07, 2015

Take measured steps to build a Hadoop cluster architecture

RelayHealth's Raheem Daya described the path he took on deploying and expanding a Hadoop cluster for distributed data processing during a presentation at the 2015 TDWI conference in Boston. Continue Reading


Get Started Jul 01, 2015

How to evaluate UCaaS providers' security measures

Make sure potential UCaaS providers address multi-tenancy management, end-to-end encryption and session border controller issues for added security. Continue Reading


By James Maimonis News Jun 23, 2015

Survey shows SD-WAN interest but measured uptake

SD-WAN is creating a lot of buzz this year, but a new TechTarget survey shows that actual deployment will be limited this year, despite the number of new and traditional vendors in the market. Continue Reading


By Ofir Nachmani Manage Jun 16, 2015

Use tools to measure, cut AWS costs

Many companies migrate to the cloud for the cost benefit, but expenses can get out of hand quickly. Regain control of your budget with these tools. Continue Reading


By Robin F. Goldsmith Evaluate Apr 01, 2015

An expert suggests how to measure software quality

This expert says the trick to measuring software quality is focusing on real business requirements and established engineering standards. Continue Reading


By Mike Preston Get Started Mar 24, 2015

How To Simplify IT

Sponsored Jun 01, 2015

How to Choose a Next-Generation Firewall: Measuring the Most Important Factors

The security landscape is changing fast, and as hackers evolve to exploit new holes in enterprise defenses, your organization must evolve to stay ahead of new threats. Many companies are scrambling to keep up, ... Continue Reading


Manage May 29, 2015

Business performance measurement builds a performance culture

With an effective business performance measurement plan, an organization can improve processes and create a performance culture. Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell Manage May 22, 2015

How can you measure UC adoption success?

Industry leaders discuss the different ways organizations can measure UC adoption and ensure employees are using the features they need. Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman Manage May 29, 2015

Big data analytics projects need measured but firm management hand

Managers of analytics teams have to walk a fine line between guiding the work of data scientists and giving them the leeway needed to do their jobs effectively. Continue Reading