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Jun 13, 2002

Measuring up

In the second part of our look at e-procurement, David Bicknell finds out how companies are measuring return on investment Continue Reading


News May 14, 2003

ROI: Measure, measure, measure

The old adage goes "you can't improve what you can't measure". So how is a company going to know when it has reached ROI when it didn't know exactly what it was spending. Continue Reading


By Pete Lindstrom Problem Solve Feb 18, 2005

Security: Measuring Up

Metrics are the key to measuring security. Learn how to gather data and calculate the answers you need. Continue Reading


Jan 03, 2001

The measure of success

Jane Dudman explains why measuring the success of an online business has become paramount to its long-term survival Continue Reading


Mar 21, 2002

Take measures

If you focus solely on cost when outsourcing, according to statistics, your deal may be for the high jump. By measuring... Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 22, 2004

Measuring network throughput in Unix

Some useful utilities for measuring throughput in Unix. Continue Reading


By John Riley May 23, 2006

IT performance measures ‘ineffective’

Most current measures of IT performance are ineffective, and IT directors should get fewer and better performance measures accepted by their organisations. Continue Reading


News Nov 16, 2006

Measure loyalty programs by more than ROI

ROI analysis only provides part of the equation in measuring ROI of a loyalty program. Companies should also measure causality. Continue Reading


By Jay Narayanan Problem Solve Dec 05, 2007

Measure the performance of an InfoCube

How do I measure the performance of an InfoCube using one transaction code? Continue Reading


Manage May 13, 2008

Measuring customer service excellence

Start measuring customer service in your organization with this chapter from "Delivering and Measuring Customer Service." Learn the three ways any company can measure the level of service their employees are ... Continue Reading