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Panera meets big data challenge of lunchtime operations

By Jack Vaughan 28 Nov 2017

In the era of more and more digital orders, Panera Bread encountered big data challenges that led the restaurant chain to deploy a new cluster architecture with Hadoop, Spark and other technologies. Read More

AI meets the comments section, and the results aren't in yet

By Nicole Laskowski 28 Nov 2017

The comments section at the bottom of news stories, blogs and Instagram posts has become a place for incivility. Without the resources to monitor every single comment written, news organizations ... Read More

Cloud-hosted apps catching on to meet user demand

By Priyanka Ketkar 21 Nov 2017

With the ever-increasing popularity of cloud computing, organizations are also considering streaming their applications. Several cloud-hosted app services can help. Read More

Salesforce artificial intelligence meets customer analytics

By Don Fluckinger 09 Nov 2017

Salesforce's Analytics Cloud general manager, Ketan Karkhanis, discusses how artificial intelligence revolutionizes customer analytics and more. Read More

Where AI meets sales: The benefits of predictive lead scoring

By George Lawton 24 Oct 2017

Adding artificial intelligence to lead scoring can help companies increase sales by better prioritizing customers and aligning sales messaging and resources with clients. Read More

Machine learning algorithms meet data governance

By Jack Vaughan 29 Sep 2017

Machine learning algorithms may change computing, but they're a bit of a black box. Still, there are ways to tame them with flexible data governance, according to tech startup exec Andrew Burt. Read More

Zoom video meetings get Facebook Workplace integration

By Antone Gonsalves 27 Sep 2017

Zoom video meetings can now be streamed to Facebook Workplace. Zoom announced the integration this week, along with a new transcription service for video recordings. Read More

Do you meet the requirements for Hyper-V containers?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 19 Sep 2017

Not only do you need Windows Server 2016 on the host system and Server Core in the VM to run Hyper-V containers, you also need to meet a list of resources for deployment. Read More

Meet accelerated computing needs with FPGA, GPU instances

By George Lawton 19 Sep 2017

AWS' FPGA and Elastic GPU instances both appeal to customers with high-performance computing workloads, but admins should note these important differences between the two. Read More

Intuit simplifies video meetings, consolidates providers

By Katherine Finnell 14 Sep 2017

Intuit's complex video environment frustrated IT and end users. The company consolidated to a single video conferencing provider to enhance video meetings across the organization. Read More