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Manage Aug 20, 2009

Organize meetings with Outlook 2007 and Meeting Workspaces

MOSS 2007 Meeting Workspaces can help users prepare for meetings, access data relevant to the meeting and more. Learn how to create Meeting Workspaces and link to them in Outlook 2007. Continue Reading


Nov 25, 2003

Microsoft retires NetMeeting

Microsoft is retiring its six-year-old NetMeeting online conferencing application and instead will push Office Live Meeting,... Continue Reading


Manage Sep 16, 2003

Integrating NetMeeting

How to do connect NetMeeting to a Cisco CallManager environment. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Jan 28, 2005

Microsoft to meet DOJ over Longhorn

Microsoft is expected to meet with officials from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in mid-February to examine whether Longhorn,... Continue Reading


Manage Aug 06, 2003

Tackling calendar meetings

This tip tackles the infamous "You must select an instance document" when trying to delete multiple calendar entries using the Meetings folder. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Aug 04, 2011

Meeting etiquette disrupted by technology

Technology might well have helped us become better connected and able to work more flexibly but it has also led to an increase in workplace rudeness with the humble business meeting the main victim of wandering ... Continue Reading


By Serdar Yegulalp Problem Solve May 30, 2005

Automate meeting request processing

The Auto Accept Agent is a Microsoft-authored Exchange event sink that can automate the process of accepting and rejecting meeting requests for users. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Mar 27, 2007

How to collaborate, conduct meetings virtually

With distributed workforces or outsourced operations, you must be able to collaborate and conduct meetings virtually. David Christansen provides some tips to help you out. Continue Reading


Aug 11, 2004

Live Meeting broadens its appeal

The Live Meeting web conferencing service has padded out its licensing models with named users, virtual meeting rooms and blocks... Continue Reading


By Matt Stansberry News Mar 15, 2005

Meet the new boss

CHICAGO -- Since taking over as iSeries general manager at the beginning of the year, Mark Shearer has been in his office a total of three days. But he hasn't been on vacation. Shearer has been traveling the world,... Continue Reading