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By Garry Kranz News Jan 28, 2016

Plexistor debuts with software to converge memory and storage

Plexistor claims its 'software-defined memory' platform lets in-memory databases and traditional enterprise workloads run without dedicated compute-storage clusters. Continue Reading


By Marc Staimer Evaluate Dec 29, 2015

Why attach NAND flash storage directly to the memory channel?

Why would you attach NAND flash storage directly to the memory channel? Isn't RAM much faster than NAND? Marc Staimer discusses this and more in this Expert Answer. Continue Reading


Manage Nov 25, 2015


By Brian Kirsch Manage Aug 31, 2015

How CPU and memory affect application performance

Application performance will change depending on if you want more cores, better clock speed or what you choose for memory. Continue Reading


Jan 21, 2016

How to integrate Spring Cache with an In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG)

Interested in combining the efficiencies of Spring Cache with the power of an In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG). This simple tutorial demonstrates just how easy the process is. Continue Reading


By Scott Sinclair News Nov 05, 2015

What tech could disrupt the dual inline memory module?

The dual inline memory module marketplace may have to deal with emerging disruptive technologies from Diablo Technologies, Intel and Micron. Continue Reading


By Basit Farooq Manage Oct 06, 2015

In-memory OLTP reborn with SQL Server 2016

Microsoft's in-memory OLTP needed improvements, and they are here with SQL Server 2016. Learn about the enhancements to this query-boosting feature. Continue Reading


By Basit Farooq Evaluate Sep 21, 2015

Comparing memory-optimized tables and disk-based tables

In all tests performed by expert Basit Farooq, memory-optimized tables outperformed disk-based tables by running faster and generating less disk I/O. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Dec 03, 2015

Did Violin Memory just hang a ‘For Sale’ sign?

All-flash pioneer Violin Memory can’t sell enough all-flash arrays to make money. So its next move could be to sell itself in its entirety. After another disappointing quarter, Violin CEO Kevin ... Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz ,Marc Staimer Evaluate Jun 02, 2015

Pros and cons of memory channel storage

Memory channel storage is a relatively new technology that allows storage professionals to overcome some of the most limiting storage bottlenecks. Although flash storage is often heralded as providing far greater ... Continue Reading