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memory: Memory is the electronic holding place for instructions and data that your computer's microprocessor can...

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Problem solve Nov 21, 2000

Memory support

Developer Tip: Memory support Continue Reading


By Greg Shields Problem solve Oct 19, 2010

Virtual memory settings in Hyper-V Dynamic Memory

Virtual memory settings in Hyper-V Dynamic Memory configure extra space on VMs during memory allocation. This feature makes virtual memory allocation more precise and easier. Continue Reading


By Rob McShinsky Evaluate Jun 13, 2011

Grasping application memory requirements to optimize Dynamic Memory

Before configuring Hyper-V Dynamic Memory, you need to know your application memory requirements. Vendor support can affect Dynamic Memory’s settings. Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 12, 2005

Step 3: Memory consumption

Learn a good way to measure macro-level memory usage in SQL Server 2000 in this step. Continue Reading


By Bernie Klinder News Oct 13, 2005

Learning Guide: Memory basics

What's the difference between DIMM and SIMM? Do you know how to make the best memory choice for a server versus a workstation? You will after reading our memory guide. Continue Reading


By Bernie Klinder News Mar 29, 2005

Computer memory: DRAM types

This installment of Computer Memory for your Windows Environment discusses the various DRAM types and their affect on systems performance Continue Reading


Problem solve Oct 13, 2004

Securing USB memory devices

With the release of Windows XP SP2, you can now secure those USB Flash Memory devices. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Nov 03, 2010

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory vs. VMware memory overcommit

Memory allocation can be a guessing game in virtualized environments. Hyper-V Dynamic Memory and VMware memory overcommit tackle the problem in different ways. Continue Reading


By Gary Olsen Manage Dec 12, 2011

Need more memory? Getting started with Windows memory management

Do you need more memory? Our expert explains how to manage Windows memory, both physical and virtual, and how to diagnose memory-related performance issues. Continue Reading


Manage Jul 05, 2005

SQL Server memory management

This chapter from the book The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Architecture and Internals, by Ken Henderson, explores SQL Server's memory management architecture. It examines the importance the designers of SQL ... Continue Reading