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By Alan R. Earls Get Started Jul 09, 2015

Overcome problems during an AWS migration

AWS migration can cause headaches for users when selecting computing resources or configuring a network. Put a plan in place to succeed. Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls Evaluate Aug 31, 2015

Cloud migration strategies for a hybrid cloud world

In the era of hybrid IT, migrating apps to the public cloud is only the first step of a sound cloud computing strategy. Continue Reading


By David Linthicum Manage Jun 30, 2015

Don't bet on cost-efficiency with cloud migrations

Many organizations move to the cloud with dollar signs in their eyes. However, cloud cost savings aren't guaranteed for every enterprise app. Continue Reading


Mar 30, 2015

Migrating a website without the migraines

Given all that's involved, migrating to a new website can be challenging. Here is a checklist to follow that can help lead you to a smooth transition. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Jul 30, 2015

How difficult is a VM migration to the public cloud?

Migrating a VM to a public cloud is seldom easy. Cloud migrations are often fraught with unexpected challenges and support or compatibility issues. Continue Reading


Manage May 14, 2015

A comprehensive look at the path to cloud migrations

Moving to the cloud can be a challenging endeavor, but, as the saying goes, nothing worthwhile is easy. Follow this guide to cloud migration success. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jul 16, 2015

Larger firms dragging heels on WS2003 migration

The channel needs to focus its efforts helping larger companies migrate from Windows Server 2003 as they are the most likely to have done little about it Continue Reading


By Kristin Knapp Evaluate Jul 15, 2015

When to adopt the lift-and-shift cloud migration model

The lift-and-shift approach is a common cloud migration option, replicating in-house apps in the cloud without re-design. But is it right for you? Continue Reading


By Kristin Knapp Evaluate Jul 15, 2015

Finding the best path for your cloud migration strategy

Cloud migrations can be arduous, with many considerations. And first, businesses need to choose between the lift-and-shift and re-architecture models. Continue Reading


By Neil Hobson Get Started Jul 06, 2015

The must-know Exchange public folder migration feature

If you run Exchange 2007 or 2010 and are moving to Office 365, the public folder batch migration feature will ease the process. Continue Reading