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Aug 23, 2016

IT Project: Migration to Cloud

The benefits of using cloud are well-known, but the challenges and barriers enterprises come up against during their move off-premise can be wide, varied and unexpected. Knowing how best to negotiate these issues ... Continue Reading


By Nick Martin News Aug 30, 2016


Evaluate Jul 14, 2016

Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning

The Salesforce development roadmap has clearly signaled that Salesforce Lightning is the future of the Salesforce platform. But some customizations and apps may not be Lightning-ready. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 26, 2016


By Marc Staimer Evaluate Aug 23, 2016

Rethink the use of an object storage gateway for data migration

Software options that allow data to be written natively to object storage may be better for your organization than gateways that migrate data to object stores. Continue Reading


By Jonathan Hassell Manage Aug 11, 2016

Make the right move with the Active Directory Migration Tool

Migrating Active Directory to a new version should go smoothly if you follow best practices and make sure you have a way to undo the procedure if things start to go wrong. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Mar 10, 2016

Cloud migration a committee decision

Those resellers hoping for a single sign off for a cloud project need to be aware numerous players are getting involved, according to the Cloud Industry Forum Continue Reading


By David Essex Manage Jul 27, 2016

Understanding the role of SAP HCP in cloud migration

SAP is focusing more efforts on HANA Cloud Platform and encouraging on-premises users to adopt it for an inevitable future of hybrid architectures. An SAP CTO explains why. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Evaluate Jul 25, 2016


By Dave Shackleford Get Started Jul 20, 2016

A look at the cloud migration challenges enterprises could face

One of the most common problems facing organizations is dealing with many cloud migration challenges. Expert Dave Shackleford discusses the challenges and how to deal with them. Continue Reading