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In information technology (IT), migration is the process of moving from the use of one operating ...Read More

Mitigating Risk in Migrating Data to the Cloud

13 Dec 2017

As organizations embrace cloud computing for primary, archival and backup storage, they are migrating more and more data to public and hybrid clouds. This means data is moving physically from one platform to ... Read More

A DevOps tutorial on migrating to microservices

29 Nov 2017

While making the switch to microservices certainly has broad appeal, is your organization ready to make the move? This guide shows DevOps pros what they can expect to encounter. Read More

Migrate cloud applications back to on-premises applications

By Brian Kirsch 16 Jan 2018

In the cloud frenzy, it's easy to lose sight of what to do if the cloud doesn't work. With time, patience and cost planning, administrators can migrate applications back on premises. Read More

Secure cloud migration: What pitfalls should companies avoid?

By Judith Myerson 09 Jan 2018

Enterprises can ensure a secure cloud migration by avoiding specific risks. Expert Judith Myerson outlines what to look for and what mistakes not to make when moving to the cloud. Read More

Build an application migration plan step by step

By Paul Korzeniowski 11 Dec 2017

To migrate apps to the cloud, start with nonessential workloads and move to more mission-critical ones from there. But, remember, some apps might not be suited for cloud at all. Read More

Migrate to Exchange 2016 with all the facts

By Dan Cagen 24 Jul 2017

When the time comes for a business to update its messaging platform, an Exchange 2016 migration can make sense. These four expert tips can usher you past pitfalls. Read More

How to avoid common challenges when migrating to microservices

By Jan Stafford 29 Sep 2017

Hear advice from API World 2017 speakers and an IT analyst about avoiding the most common technology-related microservices migration mistakes. Read More

Migrate to Exchange 2016 and beat the rush

By Steve Goodman 27 Sep 2017

The path to Office 365 is easier if you're on Exchange 2016, which brings cloud integration features that benefit users and administrators alike. Read More

Determine if an Exchange Online migration makes sense

By Theresa Miller 05 Dec 2017

Admins must understand the technical and personnel hurdles an organization can face when it ponders a move to Exchange Online. Here's how to get a better grasp on what's involved. Read More

Instaclustr: 7 easy steps to Cassandra cluster migration

By Adrian Bridgwater 30 Nov 2017

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Open Source Insider blog written by Ben Slater in his capacity as chief product officer at Instaclustr. Instaclustr positions itself as firm offering ... Read More