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migration: In information technology, migration is the process of moving from the use of one operating environment ...

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News Jun 01, 2004

Migration Advice

Check out our migration advice. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 23, 2009

Archive Migrator

The TransVault Archive Migrator assists in migrations from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange and also allows for data migration management. Continue Reading


By Miko Matsumura Problem Solve Oct 23, 2006

Migrating to SOA

Miko Matsumyra discusses the biggest problems people face when migrating to SOA. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Sep 20, 2004

Basis migration

This tip is a discussion thread from SearchSAP's new SAP FAQ lists. This thread discusses Basis migration with Oracle 806. Continue Reading


Evaluate May 04, 2010

Migration tools at glance: Viewfinity User Migration

Learn the pros and cons of Viewfinity User Migration, an automated tool for user data migration that can help you migrate to Windows 7. Continue Reading


By Brian Peasland Problem Solve Oct 23, 2006

Migrating with ASM

How I can migrate a database on Oracle 8i Windows into Oracle 10g with ASM on HP-UX? When I try to use the import the .dmp file creates its own datafiles, it doesn't use the ASM storage! Continue Reading


News Mar 29, 2005

Life after migration

Two years after San Francisco's Asian Art Museum migrated to new iSeries servers, life is good for the museum's IT staff these days -- both for the present and the near future. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Aug 18, 2003

Migrating to VB .NET

Checklist for migrating apps to VB .NET. Continue Reading


By Maria Anderson Problem Solve Dec 04, 2006

Using Oracle Migration Workbench to migrate from Sybase to Oracle

I would like to know if Oracle Migration Workbench supports migration of Sybase to Oracle running on AIX? Continue Reading


By Marc Staimer Problem Solve Apr 18, 2011

Data migration checklist: What to do before, after and during a data migration

A data migration checklist and some upfront planning can help simplify labor-intensive SAN storage data migration projects. Continue Reading