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By Antony Adshead Mar 17, 2015


News Apr 06, 2015

The marriage of mobile and data analytics

Getting the right information to employees whenever and wherever they need it has become an increasingly tricky task for CIOs. Part of the reason is that today's mobile-tethered consumers are now data connoisseurs,... Continue Reading


Mar 16, 2015

Rise of the collaborative mobile workforce

Craig Daniel, VP of Products,, explores the changing landscape of collaboration and mobile productivity Continue Reading


Mar 09, 2015

A world of mobile possibilities

In this week's Computer Weekly, we report from Mobile World Congress, the world's biggest mobility event, on the latest innovations in mobile technology. Is the outsourcing industry set to cut thousands of jobs ... Continue Reading


By Crystal Bedell ,Esther Shein Get Started Mar 04, 2015

Mobility services 101

With the enterprise mobility professional services market expected to grow into an $11.1-billion opportunity by 2018, it's no wonder that solution providers are eager to add managed mobility services to their ... Continue Reading


By George Lawton Manage Apr 16, 2015

Making sense of mobile application integration

Architects tend not to realize that mobile application integration is far different from traditional application integration. Learn how to manage integration in a different way. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Apr 16, 2015

Adnams selects Droplet for mobile payments

UK brewery chooses Droplet to supply mobile payments and a reward scheme across its customer-facing operations Continue Reading


Get Started Apr 14, 2015

How is mobility changing the role of marketing?

Marketing departments are starting to help other areas of business, using their wealth of data to build better, deeper customer relationships. Continue Reading


By Geoffrey Bock News Apr 10, 2015

Mobile back end as a service is behind seamless mobile experiences

Users expect a seamless, engaging experience on mobile devices. Enter mobile back end as a service -- which users don't see -- for personalizing the interactivity. Continue Reading


By Andrew Burton ,George Crump ,Brien Posey Manage Apr 08, 2015

Get a grip on the importance of mobile backups

Today, the majority of enterprise users make use of multiple devices, thereby driving the need for endpoint and/or mobile backups. Although backups have been an important part of IT operations for many years, ... Continue Reading