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Jun 24, 2016

Netherlands rushes to mobile payments

Following the wave of e-commerce that has swept the Netherlands, there is a surge to use mobile payment systems Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani Get Started Jul 22, 2016

Why traditional tools won't protect mobile devices

Tools that protect traditional devices won't protect mobile devices, said analyst Dionisio Zumerle. That's because they just don't fit mobile. Continue Reading


By Maribel Lopez Manage Jul 12, 2016

Why IT needs mobile data analytics

Mobile users have a need for speed, which gives IT some data processing headaches. But new mobile data analytics tools help IT process data in real time and improve user experience. Continue Reading


By Maribel Lopez Evaluate May 10, 2016

Mobile employees are customers, too

Self-service customer care features can also help mobile employees get their jobs done better and more efficiently. Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 14, 2016

Comprehensive mobile app development guide

Sort through the clutter with this guide on the basics of developing mobile applications, plus what tools are out there in terms of mobile app development platforms and mobile backend as a service. Continue Reading


By Jodie Ng News Jun 09, 2016

The first steps of understanding mobile security

We live in a very mobile heavy society and many enterprises have mobility at the center of their IT strategy. As such, it can't help to understand mobile security better and equipping your ... Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jun 08, 2016

Londoners go mobile shopping on the Tube

Commuters on the London Underground are spending their time in the tunnels shopping on their mobile devices, says payments provider Pay by Bank Continue Reading


By Colin Steele Get Started Apr 08, 2016

Mobile app development basics

Developers build apps and IT manages them. That's that, right? Not in the mobile world. IT administrators must be involved in mobile app development so they can properly manage and secure apps when they make it to ... Continue Reading


By Michael Heller Manage Jun 01, 2016

Mobile security strategy matures with BYOD

The basic level of mobile security is to protect data and access to a network, but understanding the needs of mobile users and their devices is the key to maturing that strategy. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 01, 2016

Enterprise mobile strategy: Step up security

CISOs are tasked with developing an effective enterprise mobile strategy that offers different levels of mobile security, from device management to application-layer controls. Some companies are moving beyond ... Continue Reading