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A security requirements checklist for everything mobile

By Craig Mathias 08 Nov 2017

This mobile security requirements checklist outlines the vital steps for information security professionals to follow to improve mobile security in their companies. Read More

What does the future of mobility look like?

By Josh Garrett 03 Nov 2017

Josh Garrett of MOBI gives a sneak peek into some of the results from the company's latest research on the future of enterprise mobility and IoT. Read More

Australia's holistic approach to enterprise mobility

By Beverley Head 03 Nov 2017

As one of the most progressive markets in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia is taking a more proactive approach towards enterprise mobility Read More

Get personal with mobile biometric authentication

By Kelly M. Stewart 20 Oct 2017

Mobile biometric authentication sounds like a mouthful, but in reality, it's easy to break down. Don't be afraid to get up close with this essential mobile security software. Read More

Focus: Mobility, virtualisation and desktop

21 Aug 2017

CIOs are now accustomed to letting employees access company information on their mobile phones and tablets, and using these devices to carry out business-critical tasks on the go. But that wasn’t always the case. ... Read More

Mobile Security and Privacy

25 Jul 2017

In this excerpt from chapter 11 of Mobile Security and Privacy, authors Raymond Choo and Man Ho Au discuss privacy and anonymity in terms of mathematics. Read More

CEO of BlackBerry downplays enterprise mobility management

By Colin Steele 15 Nov 2017

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, says he wants to focus on overall enterprise security, not enterprise mobility management. Read more from the BlackBerry Security Summit. Read More

How IoT is affecting mobile app development

By Ritesh Mehta 15 Nov 2017

The internet of things is having a big impact on mobile application development. To succeed, mobile app developers need to keep IoT top of mind. Read More

Track mobile costs with telecom expense management software

By Jack Madden 14 Nov 2017

TEM software can help IT administrators gain insight into mobile users and uncover cost savings. It's often part of larger mobility services these days. Read More

Four mobile app KPIs to measure success

By Eric Klein 14 Nov 2017

Businesses use KPIs to measure performance and operational efficiency. When it comes to developing and delivering mobile apps to users, several metrics can help. Read More