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By Maribel Lopez Evaluate May 10, 2016

Mobile employees are customers, too

Self-service customer care features can also help mobile employees get their jobs done better and more efficiently. Continue Reading


By Colin Steele Get Started Apr 08, 2016

Mobile app development basics

Developers build apps and IT manages them. That's that, right? Not in the mobile world. IT administrators must be involved in mobile app development so they can properly manage and secure apps when they make it to ... Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Manage May 17, 2016

Mobile identity management best practices

IT admins need identity management tools to ensure network users are who they say they are. This applies to mobile users on an enterprise WLAN and the wired network itself. Continue Reading


By Dave Turbide Get Started Feb 23, 2016

Should you use standard mobile devices for mobile logistics?

Some companies are outfitting their vehicles with consumer-grade devices to keep in touch with drivers while they're on the road. Here's a look at that strategy's benefits and risks. Continue Reading


By Ramin Edmond News May 11, 2016

Mobile identity management gets a makeover

Okta and Box expand their partnership to include mobile identity management and single sign-on capabilities. EMM vendors, such as MobileIron and VMware AirWatch, also get in on the game. Continue Reading


By Jack Madden Get Started May 10, 2016

What's new with mobile application management software?

Mobile application management software has come a long way since the days when operating systems barely had any app-level controls. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Evaluate May 02, 2016

Do I need mobile backend as a service to develop mobile apps?

The MBaaS approach can spare mobile app developers a few headaches on the back end, so they can focus on the front end and user experience -- but that depends on the app. Continue Reading


By Matthew David Get Started May 02, 2016

Mobile enterprise solutions: A mobile strategy that'll work

Mobile technology changes rapidly. It's a challenge for any company to keep up to date. But some techniques can be applied to ensure successful mobile innovation for a business. Continue Reading


By Luke O'Neill Evaluate Apr 22, 2016


By Jack Madden Apr 12, 2016

MobileIron is joining the EMM+identity trend with MobileIron Access

Identity Management is becoming more important, and vendors like MobileIron are noticing. Continue Reading