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By Robert Sheldon Get Started Feb 12, 2016

An introduction to mobile application design

Mobile application design isn't always easy. An effective design keeps user experience at the forefront of the design process. Without that, an enterprise mobile app could fail. Continue Reading


By Alyssa Wood News Feb 09, 2016

What's next for mobile biometrics

Biometric authentication will be the future of mobile security. New software can already recognize an individual's face or voice -- and DNA could be next. Continue Reading


By Alyssa Wood News Jan 13, 2016

IT in the gutter with mobile compliance

A lot of organizations don't understand what it takes to maintain compliance on mobile. It starts with keeping track of devices and apps. Continue Reading


By Maribel Lopez Get Started Feb 09, 2016

Three steps to a successful mobile initiative

A successful mobile initiative requires changes to core business process -- an obstacle that's hard, but not impossible, to overcome. Continue Reading


By Steve Damadeo News Feb 09, 2016

IT shouldn't count out mobile Web apps

Web apps are great for mass amounts of users, or employees that don't have a lot of storage space on their personal devices. But you won't get native application capabilities for the most part. Continue Reading


By Matthew David Evaluate Nov 18, 2015

Which comes first: Mobile-optimized website or mobile app?

It's the classic chicken and egg debate: Should a company focus on a mobile-optimized website first or a mobile app? Expert Matthew David walks you through the choices. Continue Reading


By Matthew David Evaluate Jan 29, 2016

Should you consider microservice architecture for mobile?

Microservices can offer flexibility for developers, but should they be using it for mobile development? Matthew David offers his take. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Manage Jan 19, 2016

Apple mobile device management guide

Apple builds mobile device management capabilities into its devices and offers tools such as Profile Manager and Configurator to give IT even more control. Continue Reading


By Bridget Botelho Evaluate Jan 13, 2016

Mobile desktop as a service still isn't viable

Vendors are working to make DaaS a better experience on mobile devices, but users still don't find cloud-hosted desktops workable for complicated tasks on smartphones and tablets. Continue Reading


News Jan 13, 2016

Mobile compliance brings more IT complexity

BYOD and consumerization have changed the way IT needs to approach regulatory compliance. Admins must work with legal and other departments to enforce compliance, which is challenging when employees use their own ... Continue Reading