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Top technology trends will put CIOs, companies in warp-speed mode

By Mekhala Roy 27 Oct 2017

Don't get too attached to those predictive models you've been churning out. In a few years, software will be calling the shots. Also: CIO salaries surging; first robot citizen. Read More

Kubernetes adoption sends Rancher users back to eval mode

By Meredith Courtemanche 11 Oct 2017

What happens when your container management tool switches to a new technology behind the scenes? Ops teams say Rancher's Kubernetes move adds features -- and trepidation. Read More

Configure NIC teaming with different modes in Hyper-V

By Stephen J. Bigelow 29 Jun 2017

The switch independent mode uses different switches and can support both active/active and active/standby operation, while the dependent mode only uses one switch. Read More

How does the boot mode vulnerability in Android work?

By Judith Myerson 26 Apr 2017

A boot mode vulnerability allowed attackers to eavesdrop on calls made on certain Android devices. Expert Judith Myerson explains how the complex exploit works. Read More

Avaya bankruptcy leaves customers in backup planning mode

By Katherine Finnell 28 Mar 2017

Avaya UC customers are in limbo with the vendor in bankruptcy. Consultants at Enterprise Connect offer Avaya bankruptcy contingency plan steps to prepare for the worst. Read More

Discover what Windows 10 Shared PC mode is all about

By Robert Sheldon 20 Mar 2017

There are many new features to keep track of with Windows 10. In the latest version, Microsoft introduced shared PC mode to give multiple users desktop access. Read More

How can near-real-time communication modes offer context?

By Jon Arnold 25 May 2017

While text-based communication is growing in popularity, it lacks the context of voice or video communication. UC expert Jon Arnold explains how contextual communications can fill the gap. Read More

DevOps lab: How to use Docker swarm mode to run containers in VMs

By Alastair Cooke 27 Apr 2017

This article is part of a series to help IT ops professionals learn DevOps by building a home lab. In this final step, IT pros new to containers learn how to use Docker swarm mode. Read More

What makes VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode tick?

By Alastair Cooke 06 Oct 2016

With VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode, you get the control of on-premises virtual desktops with the simplified management of desktop as a service. Read More