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The role of analytics in end-user monitoring tools

14 Nov 2017

The rise of mobility and new application delivery methods have made it necessary for IT departments to take a more proactive approach to monitoring. End-user monitoring tools now take advantage of machine learning ... Read More

End-user monitoring gets a leg up with AI, analytics

By Colin Steele 14 Nov 2017

IT pros have their hands full when it comes to monitoring applications and infrastructure performance. Analytics and AI are beefing up EUC monitoring tools to make it easier. Read More

Use every available tool for cloud application monitoring

By Brian Kirsch 13 Nov 2017

If your organization hosts applications in the cloud, IT ops pros need to see what's going on. A mix of cloud vendor and traditional monitoring tools -- even Twitter -- makes for a comprehensive support and warning... Read More

Remediation engine to improve Nyansa Voyance network monitoring

By Antone Gonsalves 10 Nov 2017

New remediation engine in Nyansa Voyance flags the cause of network troubles and recommends changes to correct it. Other improvements include more syslog data for better analytics. Read More

Rollbar snags $6 million for error monitoring

By Darryl K. Taft 31 Oct 2017

Error monitoring software-as-a-service provider Rollbar has secured $6 million in venture capital funding to advance its software and grow the organization. Read More

Don't be a fool with VDI monitoring tools

By Kelly M. Stewart 22 Aug 2017

Monitoring tools use features such as synthetic user monitoring to help IT prepare for any VDI health issues. Do you know all the monitoring strategies? Read More

ADMCC monitors Abu Dhabi with Cisco technology

16 Oct 2017

Abu Dhabi's surveillance system is using technology from Cisco Read More

Compare types of virtual desktop user experience monitoring

By Gabe Knuth 12 Oct 2017

When it comes to user experience monitoring for VDI, IT has a choice between an agent-based or a virtual user-based approach. Each one has its pros and cons. Read More

Monitor and consolidate VMware snapshots to avoid waste

By Vladan Seget 28 Sep 2017

Snapshots are useful because they restore VMs to a particular state, but snapshot buildup can cause performance issues. Use vSphere Web Client to consolidate VMware snapshots. Read More

Ofcom sets up Openreach Monitoring Unit

By Alex Scroxton 13 Jul 2017

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is setting up a dedicated unit to keep a watchful eye on Openreach Read More