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By Lynn Haber News Aug 22, 2014

More channel leadership woes at Symantec: NA channel chief Eldh is out

Today, Symantec acknowledged that John Eldh, vice president for channel sales for the Americas and North American channel chief is leaving the company as of Aug. 29, after a seven-year tenure with ... Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Problem Solve Nov 07, 2012

How Android users can overcome LeNa malware, slow carrier updates

Android users can't rely on slowly deployed carrier updates to protect them from the LeNa malware. Expert Nick Lewis explains. Continue Reading


Mar 29, 2000

Supplier's strength is PFI's fatal flaw

Suppliers hold whip hand over intellectual property Continue Reading


Mar 22, 2000

Eco-warriors can leave their dreadlocks at home

If you've had a yen to protest against the evil doings of corporate giants and nasty governments, but find that baggy rainbow jumpers just aren't you, then... Continue Reading


Mar 22, 2000

Will Oracle make it easy?

Software supplier Oracle has recognised the problems that many companies face in integrating their back office systems using the... Continue Reading


Oct 24, 1999

White Paper: POP goes the email

Modern email server protocols such as IMAP offer more features than established ones such as POP. But IMAP extensions can make... Continue Reading


Oct 21, 1999

White Paper: Software solutions for effective network power management

Uncertain power conditions can wreak havoc on small businesses, however, there are ways to limit the risk of computer data loss Continue Reading


Sep 19, 1999

White Paper: Colour, light and vision

An insight into the use of colour in personal computing, the processes involved and the limitations they have Continue Reading


Sep 08, 1999

Case Study: Using Java technology to develop a customer-oriented Internet banking solution

The Co-operative Bank used Java technology to develop a customer-oriented Internet banking solution that integrates the... Continue Reading


Jul 21, 1999

White Paper: Lies, damned spies and computer crime statistics

Attempts to pin point the extent of computer crime is hampered by firms’ inability to reveal all Continue Reading