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By Maribel Lopez Manage Jul 12, 2016

Why IT needs mobile data analytics

Mobile users have a need for speed, which gives IT some data processing headaches. But new mobile data analytics tools help IT process data in real time and improve user experience. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns Manage Aug 24, 2016

Public sector needs efficient data analytics infrastructure

The public sector has been a big IT spender in recent years, but a lot of that investment went to on-premises big data infrastructure. It's time for an update, says one expert. Continue Reading


By Joseph Flahiff Manage Aug 22, 2016

Agile organizations still need project status reports

A worrisome trend is emerging as more organizations adopt agile practices -- disavowal of project status reports. Continue Reading


By Mark Betz Get Started Aug 18, 2016

Everything you need to know about creating a virtual container

It's tempting think of containers as just another type of VM, but that's not accurate. Expert Mark Betz offers a look at what's easy and tricky about containers in the cloud. Continue Reading


By Chris Tozzi Manage Aug 17, 2016

Everything you need to know about securing microservices

Microservices can make software development faster and easier. But they're also inherently insecure. Expert Christopher Tozzi offers step-by-step advice on how to safely use them. Continue Reading


By Clive Longbottom Evaluate Aug 11, 2016

Why you need and how to use IT configuration management

All organizations can benefit from configuration management. Expert Clive Longbottom explains just how these tools can help your organization keep up and stay ahead. Continue Reading


By George Crump Evaluate Aug 09, 2016

Flash cloud storage needed if performance is paramount

Most providers today can offer you cloud flash storage if your organization has a need for that kind of increase in speed of access to data -- and can afford the increased cost. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Aug 09, 2016

DevOps needs a security antitoxins injection

Texan virtualisation and cloud trends analyst operation outfit TVP Strategy thinks that DevOps is failing to mitigate security flaws in code quality. The firm comes to this ‘finding’ as a result of ... Continue Reading


Aug 08, 2016

Digital transformation needs mainframe DevOps

As organisations become more digital, CIOs must consider how best to tap into data held in mainframes Continue Reading


By Matthew Pascucci Get Started Aug 01, 2016

Cloud incident response and forensics: What enterprises need to know

Performing cloud incident response and forensics requires a different approach. Expert Matt Pascucci outlines the steps enterprises should take with cloud service providers. Continue Reading