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By Nick Huber Jan 29, 2003

EDS: IT revamps needed

Companies need to be prepared to restructure their organisation and improve staff training, to get a significant return on IT... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Apr 15, 2013

More SAM education needed

With many users either under or over licensing their software the need for more education around SAM is greater than ever according to FAST Continue Reading


By Brian Peasland Problem solve Apr 11, 2007

"Need media recovery" error

I have my datafiles in drive C: and I want to shift them to drive S:. When I bring them online I am getting the error "need media recovery." Continue Reading


Mar 14, 2006

Gartner addresses midsize needs

The IT director's role in using scarce IT resources to solve both immediate and long-term business needs will be the theme of the Gartner Midsize Enterprise Summit Europe, at Disneyland Paris from 20 to 22 June. Continue Reading


Aug 29, 2001

Fraud cops need cyber training

Fraud squad detectives require substantial training in the specialist techniques needed to uncover and investigate cybercrime,... Continue Reading


By Kayleigh Bateman Dec 15, 2014

Teens stress need for more females in Stem

More females are needed in science, technology, engineering and maths, according to students at TeenTech event Continue Reading


Manage Feb 06, 2008

Software requirements: Wish vs. need

Analysts have to clearly define the distinction between the wishes and needs of the system when gathering requirements. Continue Reading


Nov 05, 2003

Microsoft settlement needs stiffer remedies

The antitrust settlement between Microsoft and the US Department of Justice needs to be amended because it does not ensure... Continue Reading


By Greg Schulz Aug 10, 2006

Storage offerings meet SMB needs

Storage offerings are finally meeting the needs of SMBs, with features such as easy acquisition, installation, management and scalability. Continue Reading


By Johanna Ambrosio News Aug 18, 2004

SMBs need solid networks, too

Smaller businesses often have the same networking needs as larger ones -- with a couple of caveats. Their networks have to be simple to manage and relatively inexpensive. Continue Reading