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By Eric Klein News May 08, 2015

Why you need mobile infrastructure

IT shops need to invest in modern infrastructure to meet the growing demands of mobility in the enterprise. Continue Reading


By Rajith Enchiparambil Get Started May 04, 2015

Meet compliance needs with an inactive mailbox

Organizations that want to preserve mailboxes in Office 365 without incurring additional costs should evaluate inactive mailboxes. Continue Reading


By Billy MacInnes Apr 28, 2015

Managers need to get home working

There are several theories why home working has not yet taken off more widely but Billy MacInnes thinks some of the answer might be to do with the management Continue Reading


By Rob Bastiaansen Evaluate Apr 27, 2015

Need directions for the VMware certification roadmap?

What do you need to do if you are already certified and want to update your qualifications in light of the recent changes by VMware? Continue Reading


By Clive Longbottom Feb 27, 2015

Cloud and the need for microservices

Cloud holds the promise to change the way IT supports the business by using hybrid private/public cloud services Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Get Started Apr 02, 2015

Why healthcare executives need cooperative vendors

Healthcare executives purchasing a new product or service would be wise to work with vendors that are flexible in meeting specific business needs. Continue Reading


By Robert Sturt Get Started Mar 30, 2015

What you need to know about the hybrid WAN

The ballooning amount of data generated by users and applications is fueling the development of hybrid WANs. Here's what you need to know. Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman ,Jack Vaughan Get Started May 29, 2015

Planning, skills needed to navigate Hadoop data lakes

In the business intelligence and analytics world, data lakes are their own region -- one in which today's multifarious forms of information can be stored in their native forms until used -- and cheaply at that. But... Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Manage May 28, 2015

Strong BYOD strategy balances IT, user needs

The BYOD movement marked a major transition in the enterprise. Instead of managing a fixed number of in-office desktops, IT now has to control an unending stream of endpoints while delivering the performance its ... Continue Reading


By Mike Jude Manage May 28, 2015

When planning IT, orgs need analytics and big data

Networking expert Mike Jude says big data analytics isn't complete without cognitive computing. But a cognitive computing framework should not be taken lightly. Continue Reading