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By Todd Knapp Evaluate Apr 20, 2016

Which organizations don't need to deliver virtual workspaces?

Virtual workspace products make employees' desktops, applications and data available to them in the office or remotely. But not every company is well-suited to reap benefits from workspace products. Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 20, 2016

Container trends fuel storage needs

In life as in technology, there is no free lunch. We've seen this time and again. Every time a technology seems to be too good to be true, we do a little digging, and it turns out we were right.

Containers are ... Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner Get Started Apr 19, 2016

Population health analytics needs interoperability

Sharing population health analytics data through interoperability is critical to coordinating care and producing better health outcomes, McKesson Corp. expert says. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Get Started Apr 18, 2016

Why you need VM monitoring tools

Smaller environments may be able to make do with native hypervisor features, but for true scalability, you'll need dedicated virtualization management tools. Continue Reading


By Rick Sherman Evaluate May 25, 2016

Selecting the right data integration tool for your needs

The analysis and comparisons provided here will help you select the right data integration tool from the 10 leading commercial and open source products on the market. Continue Reading


Mar 15, 2016

Growing need for IT training in the Middle East needs careful planning

IT training is becoming increasingly important in the Middle East – but organisations must look beyond suppliers' accreditation schemes Continue Reading


By Patrick Hubbard Problem Solve May 19, 2016

Troubleshooting SDN routing highlights need for new tools

Troubleshooting SDN routing issues when the routes change quickly in real-time requires a new kind of network monitoring tool that can virtually roll back routing changes. Continue Reading


By Geneva Stephens Manage May 16, 2016

When you need custom Salesforce code -- and when you don't

As the Salesforce saying goes: clicks, not code. But is that always the case? An expert offers insights into which issues will require custom code to address. Continue Reading


By Rick Sherman Evaluate May 13, 2016

Match enterprise data integration needs to software features

In a highly competitive marketplace, companies are placing increased demands on gathering and analyzing data that will help them make critical business decisions. Enterprise data integration tools are essential in ... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford May 13, 2016

10 key facts businesses need to note about the GDPR

With less than two years before the new EU data protection rules come into force, there are key areas businesses need to focus on to ensure they will be compliant Continue Reading