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Manage Mar 29, 2010

Netbook guide

Netbooks are becoming increasingly popular with corporate workers and in the enterprise. Check out this guide for netbook trends, news and reviews. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jan 25, 2011

Notebooks fend off netbook challenge

Notebooks ended the year with strong sales demonstrating there is more to portable technology than tablets and netbooks. According to the latest Q4 figures from GfK retail notebook sales grew by 12% in value and ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Aug 26, 2011

Netbook and tablet growth forecast by Asustek

Strong sales of netbooks and tablets are expected to flow through the next three months if the forecasts of Asustek Computer are correct indicating the interest in the small PC form factor has not waned. Although ... Continue Reading


Sep 06, 2010

Death of netbook platform imminent

Lenovo believes the end of the netbook is in sight and claims the platformwill quickly be subsumed by the slate tablet space as competition in the sector heats up. By its own admission the mini-notebookis not a ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jan 06, 2012

Tablets grow but netbooks wane over festive period

This winter was seen by many as a success for tablets and the latest numbers of sales coming through distribution show that sales of the popular products swelled PC unit sales by 6% in the run up to Christmas. ... Continue Reading


Manage Mar 18, 2010

Netbook comparison: Matching netbook features to business needs

Netbooks may prove handy for enterprise road warriors and virtual desktop users. In this quick corporate netbook comparison, learn how to sort through features and options. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Problem Solve Dec 15, 2011

Addressing HP netbook security with webOS discontinued

A company contemplates the security implications of continuing an HP netbook rollout with webOS discontinued Continue Reading


By Faisal Alani Sep 21, 2009


By Faisal Alani Sep 21, 2009


Nov 09, 2010

Netbook platform down but not out, claims IDC

Reports of the netbook platforms' death have been greatly exaggerated according to IDC but the boom in sales that fuelled PC market growth has waned. The weight of expectation has now been placed firmly at the ... Continue Reading