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networking: In information technology, networking is the construction, design, and use of a network.

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News May 26, 2016


By Chris Partsenidis Get Started Jul 13, 2016

Types of network cables: Tips for network professionals, lesson 1

Different types of networking cables are the backbone of a network's infrastructure. Selecting the right type is critical, as enterprise network admins deploy new technologies. Continue Reading


Get Started Apr 11, 2016

Network management and monitoring: The evolution of network control

The degree of network control IT pros possess is expanding with new features in network monitoring systems. Learn how these evolving tools can help you gain control of your network. Continue Reading


By Shon Harris Get Started Jun 29, 2016

CISSP online training: Telecommunications and Networking

Spotlight article: Shon Harris explains the main concepts in the CISSP domain on telecommunications and networking, including network protocols, extension technologies and more. Continue Reading


By Kathleen Richards Manage May 02, 2016

Network security infrastructure isn't only for hackers

Rapidly changing environments, from sprawl to consolidation, increase the challenges of network risk analysis, proper segmentation, and policy and change management. Continue Reading


News Mar 25, 2016

Vectra Networks launches program for network security partners

Security vendor Vectra Networks unveiled a tiered partner program for resellers and systems integrators in the network security market; more IT channel news from the week. Continue Reading


By Mike Matchett Manage Jun 16, 2016

Delving into neural networks and deep learning

Deep learning and neural networks will play a big role in the future of everything from data center management to application development. But are these two technologies actually new? Continue Reading


Apr 18, 2016

How to enhance your network for the future

The world of networking is broad in its scope, and touches on almost every other aspect of enterprise IT. A slow running network is a main concern of businesses, with most believing this means an infrastructure ... Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Jun 08, 2016

EDF Energy upgrades network with Vodafone

EDF Energy signs a 10-year, multi-million pound contract with Vodafone to update its communications and IT infrastructure to support training and compliance Continue Reading


By Eamon McCarthy Earls News Jun 01, 2016

IT professionals consider network uptime

This week, bloggers weigh network uptime, workloads in the public cloud and Dell OS10. Continue Reading