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Microsoft to offer Cray supercomputing on Azure

By Cliff Saran 23 Oct 2017

Both Microsoft and Amazon are building up their HPC capabilities. The partnership with Cray could help to bolster Azure’s footprint Read More

Machine learning in cybersecurity: How to evaluate offerings

By Ellen Muraskin 26 Sep 2017

Vendors are pitching machine learning for cybersecurity applications to replace traditional signature-based threat detection. But how can enterprises evaluate this new tech? Read More

China cracks down on initial coin offerings

By Karl Flinders 05 Sep 2017

Financial services regulators in China have cracked down on the use of Initial Coin Offerings to raise funds Read More

The Equation Group malware mystery: Kaspersky offers an explanation

By Rob Wright 31 Oct 2017

Kaspersky Lab finally explained how it came to possess Equation Group malware, but does the company's latest statement answer enough questions about the ongoing drama? Read More

Hybrid storage arrays offer the best of all storage worlds

By Logan G. Harbaugh 30 Oct 2017

Hybrid flash arrays provide performance benefits over all-flash and all-hard disk storage systems and can address the varying workload demands of today's organizations. Read More

VMware cloud services offer security, integration and more

By Nick Moore 18 Oct 2017

VMware has numerous tools to improve cloud management. Be sure to thoroughly review the pros and cons of these VMware cloud services before using them. Read More

Maintel expands offering with Intrinsic acquisition

By Simon Quicke 02 Aug 2017

Maintel hit the headlines last year for the Azzurri deal and has been busy again picking up Intrinsic Read More

A CTO offers advice on managing acquisition risks

By Niel Nickolaisen 29 Sep 2017

An ambitious project to modernize legacy software has added IT prowess and is driving innovation. One unforeseen consequence? Acquisitions are up, and so are acquisition risks. Read More

What are the best database services for PaaS offerings?

By Kenneth Milberg 26 Sep 2017

When you move to PaaS for your web-based apps, remember to think about database services. Consider the benefits of moving your database to a fully supported cloud infrastructure. Read More

Cloud services offerings expand via acquisition activity

By John Moore 22 Sep 2017

The growing need for multicloud deployment has inspired cloud solution providers to expand their service portfolios through acquisitions and partnerships. Read More