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By John Moore News Dec 07, 2016

Microsoft offers free Azure training

Microsoft is offering free Azure training as it seeks to ready more partners to work in the cloud. Continue Reading


By Carlos Casanova Get Started Aug 25, 2016

Service Management conferences offer more

No one single focused approach will work for every organization or even across an entire organization. We must be open to different styles, approaches, frameworks and models. Continue Reading


By Matthew Pascucci Evaluate Dec 07, 2016

Public cloud storage services offer scalability and performance

Public cloud storage providers help organizations offload their physical hardware and associated costs, including power, cooling and server maintenance. Continue Reading


By Tsahi Levent-Levi Manage Dec 07, 2016

How do you evaluate vendor API offerings?

Evaluating the offerings of API vendors goes beyond the technology. Tsahi Levent-Levi offers some tips on taking a holistic approach toward vendor APIs. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Nov 30, 2016

Marriott Hotels offers virtual site tours

Hotel chain has enlisted London mobility startup GoInStore to offer visitors to its website virtual facility tours Continue Reading


By David Maldow Evaluate Nov 29, 2016

Lifesize Cloud offers alternative to traditional video conferencing

Cloud-based video conferencing, such as Lifesize Cloud, helps businesses implement scalable video systems while also curbing costs and IT resources. Continue Reading


By Geoffrey Bock Evaluate Nov 29, 2016

Examining the top offerings in the WCM platform marketplace

Once you've decided that a WCM platform is right for your business, it's time to decide which to choose. Expert Geoffrey Bock discusses the leaders in today's crowded marketplace. Continue Reading


By Esther Shein Get Started Sep 08, 2016

Cloud verticalization: How to tailor offerings to an industry

Experts share insight into cloud verticalization, a process for adapting cloud offerings to an industry's unique IT requirements and business problems. Continue Reading


Nov 07, 2016

Industrial Internet of Things: Redefining MSP service offerings

Ian van Reenen, vice president of engineering, endpoint products at Autotask, looks at the opportunities IoT in the commercial sector offers MSPs Continue Reading


By Neil Hobson Manage Oct 20, 2016

Office 365 reporting tool offers insights, analytics

Microsoft's Office 365 reporting tool gives administrators flexibility with how reports are generated and ways to monitor the consumption of the cloud platform. Continue Reading