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By Bob Tarzey News Oct 20, 2016

Red Hat – the open source conglomerate

Red Hat has become a major provider of infrastructure software and tools and faces the same challenges as any technology vendor with a broad product portfolio. However, it remains loyal to the open ... Continue Reading


Sep 28, 2016

Open source storage hits the mainstream

Open source storage has gained mainstream acceptance in high performance computing, analytics, object storage, cloud (OpenStack) and NAS use, but can it crack the enterprise? Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Sep 23, 2016

BBC opens up about holographic TV trials

Broadcaster reveals how it is attempting to pre-empt the potential change in viewing habits the rise of augmented reality could bring Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Sep 07, 2016

Dell EMC now 'open for business'

Dell's $60 billion-plus acquisition creates a new storage behemoth, called Dell EMC, but it will take a while to address all lingering concerns about the new company. Continue Reading


Jul 04, 2016

ACEs voting opens

Voting for the 2016 MicroScope Awards for Channel Excellence (ACEs) has opened Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Oct 18, 2016

VMware-AWS hybrid cloud challenges OpenStack

The VMware-AWS hybrid cloud partnership pressures OpenStack supporters to simplify deployment of the open source cloud platform in the enterprise. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater Feb 10, 2016


By Beth Pariseau News Oct 13, 2016

Open Container Initiative offshoot pushes standardization envelope

Does a set of container standards being nurtured by Google and Red Hat represent a threat to Docker? IT industry observers weigh in. Continue Reading


By Walker Rowe Evaluate Oct 13, 2016

Expert's insight on overcoming OpenStack challenges

In this interview, Walker Rowe discusses cloud management, networking and OpenStack challenges with Edgar Magana, board member of the OpenStack Foundation. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Aug 09, 2016

Retail banks ordered to open up APIs

The Competitions and Markets Authority opens up the banking apps market following an investigation into how to create greater competition in banking Continue Reading