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Jul 04, 2016

ACEs voting opens

Voting for the 2016 MicroScope Awards for Channel Excellence (ACEs) has opened Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Aug 09, 2016

Retail banks ordered to open up APIs

The Competitions and Markets Authority opens up the banking apps market following an investigation into how to create greater competition in banking Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater Feb 10, 2016


By Walker Rowe Manage Jul 18, 2016

Simplify your OpenStack installation with open source tools

Struggling to install OpenStack? While there are no quick fixes, there are a number of open source tools on the market that can help reduce the complexity of installation. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke May 12, 2016

Nimans opens up internal training

Nimans has given resellers the chance to go through the same training it provides in-house to its own staff Continue Reading


Get Started Jul 01, 2016

Modern open source systems management

The open source sector abounds with configuration management, monitoring and analytics, CI/CD tools and more to arm IT teams against failure in complex apps and infrastructure. Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Aug 18, 2016

HoloLens is officially 'open for business'

Microsoft launches HoloLens Enterprise Suite. It's like the Developer Edition, only more enterprisey Continue Reading


By Jessica Sirkin News Mar 16, 2016

Microsoft opens up to open source with SQL Server on Linux

Microsoft put aside its rocky relationship with open source and will release SQL Server on Linux in mid-2017. This won't be a simple process, but it could net Microsoft new customers. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jun 16, 2016

Trace OpenStack releases through the years

OpenStack is the leading open source cloud platform and has evolved significantly over the years. Use this timeline to track critical releases and see how the technology has changed. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jun 16, 2016

OpenStack infrastructure turns to containers

OpenStack is far from perfect. In fact, there are a number of hurdles it needs to clear before widespread adoption in the enterprise becomes a reality. However, a recent technology trend might just be what the ... Continue Reading