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Sponsored Mar 18, 2015

Driving Innovation Through an Open Management Platform

New approaches to converged infrastructure have made the setup even more powerful. See how flexible offerings give you centralized management and an open, extensible architecture. Continue Reading


Sponsored Mar 17, 2015

OpenFlow and Enterprise Networks Explained

Converged infrastructure solutions must support open standards and heterogenous environments. Find out how to get the flexibility to allow simple scaling while keeping costs down. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Aug 04, 2014


By Kayleigh Bateman Mar 27, 2015

JLAB tech startup accelerator opens for 2015 entries

John Lewis 12-week startup programme launched for second year Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Mar 23, 2015

CIF opens up membership to users in cloud skills push

The Cloud Industry Forum opens doors to IT professionals to help them acquire industry recognition of their off-premise knowledge and skills Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Mar 20, 2015

Reading Council releases open transport data

Reading Council has opened up transport data to support real time traffic and bus information Continue Reading


By Sarah Wilson News Mar 17, 2015

Open source technology paves the way for future storage

The Vault Linux storage conference in Boston concluded with a keynote including speakers from Facebook, HGST, NetApp and Red Hat. Continue Reading


Mar 13, 2015

Verifying the integrity of open source Android apps

This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security Thesis Series looks at how researchers can determine whether an app was built from its published source code. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Evaluate Mar 12, 2015

Are OpenStack and NFV MANO interchangeable?

Network functions virtualization and cloud management systems appear to overlap, but whether or not the latter can manage and orchestrate a virtual network is open to debate. Continue Reading


Nov 03, 2014

Enterprises push for open standards

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we find out about a new push led by Shell and BP to get IT vendors to agree interoperability standards for the digital age. We learn how one company is using agile development to ... Continue Reading