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Manage Aug 28, 2015

Meet the challenge of optimizing system performance

Finding the right metrics for optimizing system performance is challenging. A software engineer offers tips for removing barriers to top performance. Continue Reading


Manage Aug 27, 2015

Hortonworks optimizes Apache Hadoop performance

Hortonworks has recently introduced new products to help enhance Apache Hadoop performance. Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko ,Ofir Nachmani ,Valerie Silverthorne Manage Jun 09, 2015

Optimizing your AWS costs

Doing business in AWS is easy; understanding what it costs you is not. Just when you think you understand your AWS pricing structure, it changes. So how do you stay current on the latest costs for popular services?... Continue Reading


News Aug 04, 2015

The future of WAN optimization: SD-WAN

Network managers today are less likely to be sweating over how traffic from traditional applications like SharePoint performs over the wide area network (WAN) compared to cloud apps that users access via the ... Continue Reading


By Diana Hwang Get Started Aug 28, 2015

WAN optimization techniques pace IT investment

TechTarget's most recent Networking Purchasing Intentions survey reveals IT's priority to invest in WAN optimization techniques in the next 12 months. Continue Reading


By Paul Kirvan Evaluate Aug 24, 2015

Are WAN optimization techniques in backup products reliable?

Many backup software products now include WAN optimization techniques, but will users be quick to give up hardware-based WAN optimization? Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Aug 18, 2015

Configure disk volumes to optimize your Exchange performance

The wrong disk volumes can foil Exchange optimization practices. Assess your configurations with support and compression in mind. Continue Reading

By Margaret Rouse Get Started Apr 07, 2015

WAN optimization vocabulary quiz

Test your knowledge of essential WAN optimization terms with our 10-question quiz. See also: our WAN acceleration glossary. Continue Reading

Cloud at Your Pace

Sponsored Aug 11, 2015

Optimizing Your Microsoft® Investments Through Managed Services

It's no longer enough just to deploy and manage your Microsoft applications; true ROI now comes from leveraging all the benefits these powerful applications have to offer and optimizing them within your unique ... Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Aug 05, 2015

Cut costs with these four cloud optimization tricks

To save money and boost performance in the cloud, follow these four cloud optimization tricks. Continue Reading