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By Joel Shore News Apr 07, 2016

Multicloud complicates application performance optimization

As cloud-based services and providers proliferate, application performance optimization grows increasingly complicated. What to do? Continue Reading


By Joseph Flahiff Manage May 26, 2016

How to optimize the performance of remote teams: Three variations

Remote teams may not be the ideal, but they are a fact of the modern workplace. Here are three types of remote teams and tips on how to help them work better. Continue Reading


By Joseph Flahiff Manage May 26, 2016

Eight best practices for optimizing a distributed team

Having all your team members under one roof is the exception today rather than the rule. How can you ensure your distributed teams are successful? Continue Reading


By John Webster Manage May 18, 2016

Hadoop Distributed File System optimizes performance

HDFS architecture and its associated processes allow the technology to make better use of storage resources than many enterprise storage arrays on the market today. Continue Reading


By Eamon McCarthy Earls News Apr 26, 2016

NetScout launches optimization platform for test labs

This week, NetScout launches a new optimization platform for test labs, Fortinet beefs up security, Cisco Talos weighs ransomware and Aqua Comms tests secure submarine cabling. Continue Reading


By Chuck Moozakis News Apr 26, 2016

Riverbed SD-WAN design goes beyond optimization

The Riverbed SD-WAN strategy blends optimization, orchestration, management and other services in a single platform, called SteelConnect. Continue Reading


By Craig S. Mullins Evaluate Mar 11, 2016

Pivotal Greenplum streamlines big data query optimization

The Pivotal Greenplum open source shared-nothing data warehouse delivers high query performance and throughput, and provides rapid analytics on big data. Continue Reading

How To Simplify IT

Sponsored Nov 20, 2015

Optimize Your Journey to Azure AD

For IT managers under pressure to improve security while streamlining costs and resources, the decision to adopt cloud-based applications such as Office 365 is easy. Unfortunately, the transition from on-premises ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Nov 12, 2015

Channel ending the year full of optimism

Channel organisation CompTIA has found that UK resellers are feeling good about their prospects as they get ready to wrap up this year and enter into 2016 Continue Reading


By Lee Badman Manage Jan 14, 2016

Using a WAN optimizer sounds great, until it doesn't work

When a new WAN optimizer feature was added to the network, it appeared it would improve performance -- but it didn't. Continue Reading