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Evaluate Feb 23, 2009

DB Optimizer

DB Optimizer allows developers and database administrators to maximize database performance by detecting and reconciling SQL coding issues. Continue Reading


Problem solve Nov 20, 2000

Using Performance Optimizer

Exchange Tip: Using Performance Optimizer Continue Reading


Dec 10, 2008

WAN optimization basics

This introduction to WAN optimization, excerpted from 'The Shortcut Guide to Optimizing WAN Application Delivery,' discusses the importance and basic methods of WAN optimization. Continue Reading


Problem solve May 19, 2004

Optimize your undo parameters

This script will help you optimize your UNDO parameters. Continue Reading


Dec 10, 2008

WAN optimization techniques

This excerpt from 'The Shortcut Guide to Optimizing WAN Application Delivery' covers some standard WAN optimization techniques including bandwidth throttling, protocol re-engineering, compression, and redundant ... Continue Reading


News Apr 06, 2007

Lessons Learned: Optimizing SQL

Part of the Lessons Learned series, this week's lesson covers SQL query optimization. Continue Reading


By Kent Milligan Evaluate Sep 26, 2007

Optimizing disk occupation

Iseries database expert Kent Milligan explains how to optimize disk occupation with the Reuse Deleted Records option. Continue Reading


Get started Mar 26, 2003

Is your SQL optimized?

To check that your SQL is using the most optimized path, you should run EXPLAIN PLAN against the SQL. Continue Reading


By Brad O'Neill Apr 21, 2005

Buzz on capacity optimization

Here's yet another term to throw in your IT lexicon: Capacity optimization. And this one is useful, I promise! Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau Apr 02, 2009

WAN optimization product roundup

A look at the wide variety of specialized products available for application acceleration, TCP optimization and IT consolidation with data center storage. Continue Reading