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Evaluate Feb 23, 2009

DB Optimizer

DB Optimizer allows developers and database administrators to maximize database performance by detecting and reconciling SQL coding issues. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Nov 20, 2000

Using Performance Optimizer

Exchange Tip: Using Performance Optimizer Continue Reading


Manage Mar 08, 2012

How WAN optimization must evolve to optimize video

In this video, learn how legacy WAN optimization must evolve to optimize video traffic of all types. Continue Reading


By John Burke Evaluate Oct 16, 2012

Pros and cons of mobile optimization and cloud optimization

IT research analyst John Burke discusses the pros and cons of mobile optimization clients and cloud optimization services. Continue Reading


By Brian Peasland Problem Solve Jan 21, 2008

Using rule-based optimization to optimize a query

A member asks, "Can I have a detailed explanation of how and when the 15 rules of Rule Based Optimization are used when optimizing a query?" Continue Reading


Dec 10, 2008

WAN optimization basics

This introduction to WAN optimization, excerpted from 'The Shortcut Guide to Optimizing WAN Application Delivery,' discusses the importance and basic methods of WAN optimization. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 28, 2002

Optimal size of rollback segments

This script displays the optimal size of rollback segments created in Oracle databases. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 19, 2004

Optimize your undo parameters

This script will help you optimize your UNDO parameters. Continue Reading


By Serdar Yegulalp Problem Solve Mar 02, 2005

Optimizing transactions through stored procedures

Some things to ponder when you are optimizing transactions through stored procedures. Continue Reading


By Scott Noyes Problem Solve Jul 03, 2007

MySQL's query optimizer

A MySQL expert describes the role of the query optimizer and provides an example of how it works. Continue Reading