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What's the best image optimization for web and mobile apps?

By George Lawton 08 Dec 2017

When it comes to images and application development, the optimization opportunities are endless. Expert George Lawton outlines the choices and the challenges. Read More

Which companies could use inventory optimization software?

By Dave Turbide 06 Sep 2017

Inventory -- although necessary -- is expensive to keep and needs fine-tuned management. Here's a look at why inventory optimization software can help. Read More

Optimize your virtual machine hardware with these VMware best practices

By Vladan Seget 06 Dec 2017

Which VM hardware version you use and how you configure hardware components can affect performance in your VMware infrastructure. Use these best practices to stay on track. Read More

A four-phased approach to building an optimal data warehouse

By Adrian Bridgwater 15 Sep 2017

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network by Barry Devlin in his capacity as founder and principal of 9sight Consulting. A TechTarget contributor is his own right, Devlin is a ... Read More

Optimize data center processes without hyper-converged

By Alastair Cooke 11 Sep 2017

IT can simplify tasks, including storage provisioning, VM lifecycle, data protection and others, with automation to create better data center efficiency. Read More

Embrace Windows 10 metered connections to optimize bandwidth

By Brien Posey 31 Aug 2017

Windows 10 updates are eating up precious bandwidth. Reconfigure the OS to use a metered connection, and crack down on peer-to-peer update sharing. Read More

Use AWS cost optimization tools to avoid billing surprises

By Ofir Nachmani 22 Nov 2017

Several AWS tools enable organizations to dissect their cloud bills, visualize spending and estimate future costs. Learn when -- and when not -- to use each. Read More

Optimize a public cloud storage service with these performance tips

By Stephen J. Bigelow 17 Aug 2017

Public cloud providers have a limited lineup of storage services, which makes optimization a challenge. Use these tips to boost performance and ensure your workloads run smoothly. Read More

Optimize memory resources in your virtual environment

By Stephen J. Bigelow 28 Jul 2017

Beyond allocating the right amount of memory to each workload, virtualization administrators have the option of using various memory management techniques. Read More