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By Mike Matchett Evaluate Oct 18, 2016

What options exist for IT infrastructure management services?

What kinds of as-a-service IT management options are available? Are IT management services only coming from startups, or do established management software vendors have options? Continue Reading


By John Burke Evaluate Oct 18, 2016

WAN access options multiply when buying network services

A new menu of WAN access options means companies have a wide variety of means to reach cloud and network services. But more choice also means more potential pitfalls. Continue Reading


By John Burke Evaluate Oct 18, 2016

Advanced network technology expands enterprise options

Buying network services may have been easier in the past when there were fewer --and more expensive -- types of connections. But now, advanced network technology gives enterprises many more options. When it comes ... Continue Reading


By Ofir Nachmani Get Started Oct 17, 2016

Tailor AWS storage options to enterprise data needs

How IT teams store data in the cloud can affect performance, costs and security. Identify your needs to choose the right AWS storage service. Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones News Oct 04, 2016

AWS users get more options for buying and sizing instances

The latest AWS updates hit on some common themes to  provide customers with more options around compute power and discounted purchasing. Amazon's new P2 instance type offers up to 16 graphic ... Continue Reading


By Ofir Nachmani Manage Sep 30, 2016

AWS backup options restore cloud when disaster strikes

Enterprises operating with insufficient or out-of-date disaster recovery plans may be whistling past the graveyard. These services provide the structure for developers to achieve redundancy. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Evaluate Sep 23, 2016

Explore OpenStack management options for private cloud

IT pros face a variety of options when it comes to managing OpenStack -- and those options vary, depending on whether they take a DIY or vendor-supported approach. Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko Evaluate Sep 21, 2016

AWS gives database users multiple RDS options

Amazon RDS gives developers several choices for database engines. While each enterprise has its own needs, they must consider licensing, pricing and open source capabilities. Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Evaluate Sep 19, 2016

Is satellite connectivity a realistic option for WANs?

What you should know about satellite connectivity, satellite internet, and the costs and benefits of universally available links. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Manage Sep 13, 2016

Improve application rollout planning with advanced options

Enterprise IT teams have several advanced options for deploying application updates. The right one depends on what makes the most sense for the business, available IT infrastructure and your confidence in the ... Continue Reading