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Explore the options in the EFSS market

By Kelly M. Stewart 06 Dec 2017

Organizations looking to boost productivity and maintain corporate data security should consider EFSS. Get to know the software and the features each vendor provides. Read More

What are some SAP HANA backup options and best practices?

By Brien Posey 06 Dec 2017

Having a strategy to back up SAP HANA is a must. It's important to decide exactly what you'll be backing up, along with which method best suits your organization. Read More

Evaluate public IaaS options for your organization

05 Dec 2017

Despite a steady increase in IaaS adoption, it's crucial to carefully evaluate potential providers and their feature sets before you move to public cloud. Read More

What are the options for OpenStack-supported hypervisors?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 Dec 2017

OpenStack supports many hypervisors -- Microsoft and VMware being the most popular -- but organizations should do compatibility tests to ensure their needs are fully met. Read More

Healthcare data storage options

28 Jul 2017

The volume of healthcare data is growing exponentially, and organizations have to figure out how to store it all. This guide looks at possible healthcare data storage options. Read More

Upgrade your IT admin career options with these tips

By Adam Fowler 21 Nov 2017

Don't get stuck with habits from a time when Microsoft released updates every few years. Admins need to build their proficiency in PowerShell and cloud products to remain relevant. Read More

Container training options to bulk up a cloud resume

By Paul Korzeniowski 17 Nov 2017

Container skills are in high demand in the enterprise, as Docker and Kubernetes adoption grows. Bulk up your cloud resume with these training and certification options. Read More

Navigate your options for public cloud database services

By Jim O'Reilly 16 Nov 2017

Your choice of a cloud database, data warehouse or data lake depends on the structure of your data and your analysis needs. Follow these guidelines to know which to choose. Read More

Data skills could improve employment options as AI accelerates

By Cliff Saran 15 Nov 2017

House of Lords artificial intelligence select committee hears evidence on societal risks of AI, data, life-long learning and the changing role of white-collar workers Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure appliances vs. DIY options

By Erin Sullivan 30 Oct 2017

If you're ready to invest in a hyper-converged infrastructure, it's worth it to explore all your possibilities. Take our quiz and decide if a prebuilt or DIY system is right for you. Read More