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By Jessica Sirkin News Aug 19, 2015

New Oracle license agreement to join Oracle ULA

Along with the Oracle ULA, Oracle is offering users another contract option, the Perpetual Unlimited License Agreement. Experts discuss the pros and cons. Continue Reading


By Jessica Sirkin News Aug 26, 2015

Maxymiser joins Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle acquired CRM company Maxymiser to be part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Maxymiser specializes in testing, targeting and personalizing marketing. Continue Reading


Evaluate Sep 04, 2015

Oracle MAF: A mobile application development tool

The Oracle MAF allows developers to create cross-platform Android and iOS mobile apps using Eclipse and JDeveloper IDEs. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Manage Sep 04, 2015

How to make sense of Oracle licenses for VMware environments

Oracle licenses are a tricky subject and Oracle licensing for VMware environments doubly so. Find out about the important documents and policies that guide Oracle licensing and VMware. Continue Reading


By Ryan Lanigan Evaluate Jun 30, 2015

Putting Oracle databases on a virtualized infrastructure

As virtualization technology has improved and features have expanded, putting an Oracle database system on vSphere is not as daunting a task as it once was. Continue Reading


By Jessica Sirkin News Aug 26, 2015

Oracle Mobile Cloud will integrate with Xamarin platform

Oracle Mobile Cloud Services will integrate with the Xamarin platform, which lets developers build, test and model mobile applications in C#. Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad Aug 19, 2015

UK government signs new MoU with Oracle

Memorandum of understanding builds on 2012 deal which promised to save the government £75m Continue Reading


By Aditya Gune Evaluate Aug 12, 2015

Oracle FS1-2 storage array system

Oracle FS1-2 SAN arrays can scale to petabytes and ship complete with data storage features, such as replication and auto-tiering. Continue Reading


By Jessica Sirkin News Aug 10, 2015

Oracle to support Docker in next Solaris Zones release

The upcoming release of Oracle Solaris Zones will support Docker's Linux-based, open source application container technology to aid app distribution. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Aug 10, 2015

Why does Oracle Recovery Manager matter for backup?

Oracle RMAN not only handles underlying maintenance tasks, but increases database backup and recovery performance. Continue Reading