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Oracle is one of the largest vendors in the enterprise IT market and the shorthand name of its flagship ...Read More

Oracle touts advanced machine learning, Oracle 18c automation

By Jack Vaughan 03 Oct 2017

Advanced machine learning is set to drive Oracle Database to success in the cloud, founder Larry Ellison claims. But the upcoming Oracle 18c isn't a threat to DBA job security, he says. Read More

How to install Oracle VM Server for x86 and Oracle VM Manager

By Sander van Vugt 28 Sep 2017

With Oracle VM Manager, not only can you easily manage VMs, you can also set up server pools, define your own networking and connect to different types of storage. Read More

Oracle Cloud VP on the future of cloud computing technology

By Joel Shore 01 Dec 2017

Which cloud app development and migration path is best for your company – lift and shift, SaaS or PaaS? They are all viable choices that may be impacted by your legacy code load. Read More

Councils continue to spend on Oracle despite budget constraints

By Cliff Saran 29 Nov 2017

Local authorities face a challenges balancing their meagre budgets with services they can afford to provide, but spending on Oracle seems to be increasing Read More

Taking stock of Oracle AI application and database moves

By David Essex 27 Nov 2017

Holger Mueller of Constellation Research gives his take on Oracle AI developments, including the Autonomous Database, and explains why the new recruiting module in Oracle HCM Cloud is a big deal. Read More

Exploring Oracle Advanced Analytics

By Abie Reifer 23 Jun 2017

Oracle Advanced Analytics and other data analytics tools, including Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Miner, enable business users to explore large volumes of data. Read More

Oracle opens Java EE, any takers?

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Aug 2017

Oracle bought Sun, for various reasons. Popular commentary on the subject puts the purchase down to Oracle's desire to have a more credible level of what might be called 'operational software' ... Read More

Machine learning in Oracle's autonomous database not so magical

By Jack Vaughan 25 Oct 2017

Oracle is employing a new autonomous database as part of its drive to the cloud. The technology relies on machine learning, but the actual effect is more evolutionary than revolutionary. Read More

Oracle Cloud apps updated as Oracle extends EBS support

By Adam Hughes 03 Aug 2017

While Oracle Cloud apps are getting a new update, the company says it isn't leaving its on-premises EBS customers behind. Read More

Migrating to Oracle ERP Cloud pays off for Caesars

By Tony Kontzer 05 Oct 2017

No role of the dice: Caesars Entertainment's move from decades-old green screens to Oracle ERP Cloud could only succeed after meticulous project planning and change management. Read More