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By Anil Desai Get Started Dec 06, 2007

How to organize a virtual environment

Site expert Anil Desai advises users on organizing a virtual environment with documentation. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 06, 2003

Improving ROI for government organizations

This tip outlines the primary considerations for obtaining ROI within the confines of a governmental organization. Continue Reading


News Sep 19, 2006

Telecommunication organizations and innovation

Telecom organizations should not look at change as a threat to the way they have always done business. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 20, 2008

Managing unstructured data in the organization

Learn about the challenges of unstructured textual data in the organization and get expert advice from Bill Inmon, in this free chapter download. Continue Reading


By William McKnight Problem Solve Mar 20, 2002

Changes in the organization, after BI

Learn how a BI implementation can affect an organization and how to handle change management for business intelligence. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Dec 29, 2005

Best organization of files on disks?

I have a server with three disks (all in raid1). What is the best organization of the files (system, data, indexes, log, backup, etc.) on the disks to improve performance? Continue Reading


By Alon Raskin Problem Solve May 22, 2002

How to organize staff for Workflow development

We are in the process of automating the creation of a material using Workflow. Since this is the first attempt at using Workflow, I have been asked to determine how other companies organize their staff as it ... Continue Reading


By Chris McMahon Manage Oct 11, 2010

Self-organizing teams exposed

Software expert Chris McMahon describes how self-organizing teams can work well, even in a distributed environment, by tuning team roles and team workflow. Silos are being broken down so that the team operates with... Continue Reading


By Donna Fluss News Apr 09, 2007

Building a customer-centric organization

A major impediment to building a customer-centric organization is the conflicting goals of the primary customer-facing departments: sales, marketing and service. Somehow, in the drive to achieve goals, each ... Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Jan 21, 2011

Organ donors preferences recorded inaccurately

The preferences of 444,031 organ donors were recorded wrongly on the Organ Donation Register (ODR) because of a software problem. Continue Reading