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By Mike Chapple Get Started Jul 02, 2015

What do organizations need to know about privacy in a HIPAA audit?

A HIPAA audit covers privacy compliance, and organizations need to be prepared. Expert Mike Chapple discusses privacy in the audits. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Apr 29, 2015

Which container platform should my organization deploy?

Despite the buzz around Docker, it's not the only container platform. So how do I know which container technology is right for my organization? Continue Reading


By Steve Goodman Get Started Jun 22, 2015

Prep for Office 365 services in your organization

After your IT shop has prepped its environment for an Office 365 migration, choose a remediation plan based on your migration approach. Continue Reading


By Randall Gamby Get Started Jun 11, 2015

What do organizations need to know about the final FFIEC guidance?

The final FFIEC guidance covers a wide range of security subjects, but there are specific takeaways regarding authentication that enterprises should pay attention to. Continue Reading


By Randall Gamby Manage Jun 11, 2015

How can organizations get control over privileged identity management?

Doling out too many admin privileges can lead enterprises astray when it comes to privileged identity management, but there are ways they can take back control. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Get Started Apr 02, 2015

How can organizations prepare for a HIPAA audit?

HIPAA audits are finally on the way, and organizations need to be ready. Expert Mike Chapple reveals the best way to prepare your company for a HIPAA audit. Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell Manage Jun 04, 2015

Do organizations need a BYOD reimbursement policy?

UC expert Michael Finneran explains why organizations should consider a BYOD reimbursement policy for employee use of mobile devices. Continue Reading


Sponsored Mar 18, 2015

Why Small Organizations Are Modernizing Infrastructure

Small organizations are realizing they need to modernize their infrastructure—and they're boosting spending accordingly. See the biggest priorities, from mobile to virtualization. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Get Started May 22, 2015

How can health organizations prepare for HIPAA audits?

The long-awaited HIPAA audits conducted randomly by HHS are finally supposed to happen in 2015, but with stricter requirements. Here's how organizations can get ready. Continue Reading

Sponsored May 18, 2015

To Transform the Organization, Consider Transforming Your Applications

Application transformation is about more than just retiring legacy applications and implementing new ones. Find out the business requirements that power true app transformation. Continue Reading