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By Mary E. Shacklett Evaluate Aug 17, 2015

What's the best ERP software for your organization?

ERP vendors' offerings come in many different flavors. Match them with these typical use cases. Continue Reading


Aug 11, 2015

Asean organizations braced for cyber attack

As an emerging economic power bloc, Asean is bracing itself for an influx of cyber crimes as hackers look for lucrative targets Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Evaluate Jul 24, 2015

Do organizations need ALM software?

When you find your company experiencing application development and deployment predicaments, ALM software may be the fix. Continue Reading


By Dave Shackleford Evaluate Aug 18, 2015

Why financial organizations need a strong cloud security strategy

A cloud security strategy is critical for financial organizations, but many in the industry are dragging their feet. Expert Dave Shackleford explains why. Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell News Aug 03, 2015

Organizations slow to upgrade legacy communication platforms

Organizations are holding out on updating their legacy communication platforms and endpoints until they can justify the cost of a new rollout. Continue Reading


By Sharon Zaharoff News Jul 28, 2015

Big data projects give organizations a competitive edge

Learn how organizations make big data decisions, and if their loyalty lies with the same vendor. Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell News Jul 20, 2015

Organizations opting for single-vendor UC architecture

Struggles with interoperability, cost and user experience have led organizations to move away from a multivendor UC architecture. Continue Reading


By Adam Hughes News Jul 15, 2015

Squeezing the most out of your organizations' SaaS apps

Despite the popularity of SaaS, questions around the technology remain. To get some answers, Modern Infrastructure spoke with Cloud Sherpas' CTO. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Problem Solve Jul 09, 2015

Can thinking like cyberattackers improve organizations' security?

Getting in the minds of cyberattackers can help organizations mount better defenses against attacks. Here are some ways to accomplish this. Continue Reading


By Corlyn Voorhees Get Started Jul 09, 2015

Advanced analytics techniques fuel data-driven organization

Consultant Claudia Imhoff says descriptive and diagnostic analytics aren't enough to build a data-driven culture -- companies need to step up to predictive and prescriptive analytics, too. Continue Reading