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By Mike Chapple Get Started Apr 02, 2015

How can organizations prepare for a HIPAA audit?

HIPAA audits are finally on the way, and organizations need to be ready. Expert Mike Chapple reveals the best way to prepare your company for a HIPAA audit. Continue Reading


Sponsored Mar 18, 2015

Why Small Organizations Are Modernizing Infrastructure

Small organizations are realizing they need to modernize their infrastructure—and they're boosting spending accordingly. See the biggest priorities, from mobile to virtualization. Continue Reading


By Ryan Lanigan Manage Apr 23, 2015

Is your organization ready to virtualize SQL Server?

While capacity is what storage is for, virtualized applications will also run better when the right type of storage is in place. Continue Reading


News Apr 10, 2015

Healthcare organizations turn attention to EHR interoperability

Interoperability of healthcare data, long a sticking point in getting EHRs and exchanges working to their full potential, may see some big advances this year. Vendors are discussing how the cloud will help the ... Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith Apr 01, 2015


By Brien Posey Evaluate Mar 19, 2015

Should my organization consider Microsoft RemoteFX?

Microsoft RemoteFX is a feature in Windows Server that can help a virtual desktop behave more like a physical one. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate Mar 19, 2015

How does an organization know if it's a HIPAA business associate?

HIPAA business associates must be HIPAA-compliant, but it's often difficult for organizations to figure out if they fit under that umbrella. Expert Mike Chapple explains how. Continue Reading


By Steve Goodman Manage Feb 27, 2015

Control Exchange Online access for a more secure organization

Exchange Online's conditional access features gives organizations tighter control over how they keep end users' devices and information safe. Continue Reading


By Clive Longbottom Get Started Feb 26, 2015

Find the right data center support for any IT organization

Most of the IT budget goes to maintaining the data center hardware and software. Consider outsourcing for better support. Continue Reading


By Joseph Granneman Manage Feb 06, 2015

How should organizations make a cybersecurity policy a top priority?

Supporting a cybersecurity policy should be a priority for executive boards. Expert Joseph Granneman explains how CISOs can effectively communicate its importance. Continue Reading