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Sponsored Mar 18, 2015

Why Small Organizations Are Modernizing Infrastructure

Small organizations are realizing they need to modernize their infrastructure—and they're boosting spending accordingly. See the biggest priorities, from mobile to virtualization. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Mar 19, 2015

Should my organization consider Microsoft RemoteFX?

Microsoft RemoteFX is a feature in Windows Server that can help a virtual desktop behave more like a physical one. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate Mar 19, 2015

How does an organization know if it's a HIPAA business associate?

HIPAA business associates must be HIPAA-compliant, but it's often difficult for organizations to figure out if they fit under that umbrella. Expert Mike Chapple explains how. Continue Reading


By Steve Goodman Manage Feb 27, 2015

Control Exchange Online access for a more secure organization

Exchange Online's conditional access features gives organizations tighter control over how they keep end users' devices and information safe. Continue Reading


By Clive Longbottom Get Started Feb 26, 2015

Find the right data center support for any IT organization

Most of the IT budget goes to maintaining the data center hardware and software. Consider outsourcing for better support. Continue Reading


By Joseph Granneman Manage Feb 06, 2015

How should organizations make a cybersecurity policy a top priority?

Supporting a cybersecurity policy should be a priority for executive boards. Expert Joseph Granneman explains how CISOs can effectively communicate its importance. Continue Reading


News Mar 23, 2015

Stage 3 meaningful use draws near: Are organizations ready?

Six years after the HITECH Act set out $30 billion in incentives for healthcare providers to adopt electronic health records, it's clear the federal government's meaningful use program has dramatically shaped ... Continue Reading


News Mar 06, 2015

ONF: SDN portal will organize, unite solo open source projects

The newly formed Software Leadership Council hopes that will spur the development of tools and apps engineered to fuel widespread SDN adoption. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate Feb 19, 2015

What the Community Health Systems breach can teach your organization

The Community Health Systems breach in 2014 provided a learning opportunity for organizations handling PHI. Expert Mike Chapple reviews the key takeaways from the breach. Continue Reading


By Jacob Gsoedl ,Phil Goodwin Evaluate Jan 23, 2015

Maximize hybrid cloud benefits, avoid pitfalls for your organization

There are several ways to implement hybrid cloud strategy in your organization, and this technical handbook is a practical guide for combining an on-premise, internal cloud and partnering with a public cloud ... Continue Reading