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Sponsored Jul 11, 2016

Why organizations are choosing flash

User demand of flash storage is growing fast, as design innovation, efficiency, low cost, and storage virtualization drive adoption. Learn why users are choosing flash storage. Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau Get Started Oct 19, 2016


By Jon Arnold Manage Oct 12, 2016

What collaboration features are essential for my organization?

When evaluating team collaboration apps, organizations must determine which features are required for their users. Expert Jon Arnold offers advice on evaluating collaboration features. Continue Reading


By Michael Brandenburg Manage Sep 27, 2016

How can organizations improve VoIP quality of service?

While VoIP services are growing in popularity, issues with reliability and quality of calls remain. Learn what organizations can do to maintain and improve VoIP quality of service. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Evaluate Sep 21, 2016

How can security automation keep organizations protected?

Sometimes security teams fall into 'set and forget' habits with security automation. Expert Mike O. Villegas explains how to take advantage of automation while staying secure. Continue Reading


By Carrie Higbie Goetz Manage Sep 20, 2016

How do I buy bandwidth for my organization?

Learn about the various bandwidth services organizations can purchase to support their business apps and how they can effectively manage their bandwidth. Continue Reading


By Dave Shackleford Evaluate Aug 24, 2016

Cloud data classification services: How they benefit organizations

Data classification services from CSPs are important for organizations strengthening their cloud security posture. Expert Dave Shackleford explains the perks of these services. Continue Reading


Manage Aug 24, 2016

What's the best way to organize the CISO reporting structure?

The importance of the CISO reporting structure continues to grow as the importance of the CISO grows. Expert Mike O. Villegas discusses who the CISO should report to. Continue Reading


By Joseph Flahiff Manage Aug 22, 2016

Agile organizations still need project status reports

A worrisome trend is emerging as more organizations adopt agile practices -- disavowal of project status reports. Continue Reading


Get Started Aug 18, 2016

Compose an enduring DevOps organization structure

The right makeup of a DevOps organizational structure depends on matched skill sets with shared goals, whether it takes a revolution or evolution of the status quo. Continue Reading