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By Mike O. Villegas Evaluate May 25, 2016

Are cybersecurity lawyers necessary for organizations?

Cybersecurity lawyers can help handle a variety of enterprise security issues, but are they necessary? Expert Mike O. Villegas discusses the potential benefits. Continue Reading


By Todd Knapp Evaluate Apr 20, 2016

Which organizations don't need to deliver virtual workspaces?

Virtual workspace products make employees' desktops, applications and data available to them in the office or remotely. But not every company is well-suited to reap benefits from workspace products. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 26, 2016

How to buy NAS systems for any organization

With so many NAS options currently available, knowing where the technology works best and examining vendor offerings will ease any user's NAS buying process. Continue Reading


By Chris Riley Manage May 10, 2016

Make predictive monitoring effective for your organization

The ability to anticipate an issue with predictive monitoring outweighs the value of performance monitoring. Chris Riley discusses further. Continue Reading


Dec 29, 2015

Data-driven organization design

This extract from 'Data-driven organization design' by Rupert Morrison provides a practical introduction, for HR and organisation design practitioners, to using analytics to transform their organisations. Continue Reading


By Dave Turbide Manage May 05, 2016

What organizations can help guide sustainability reporting?

While investing in sustainability is key to your triple bottom line, evaluating -- so you can promote -- those efforts is critical too. These four groups offer direction. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Manage May 02, 2016

The merger and acquisition process: How can organizations stay secure?

Organizations dealing with the complicated merger and acquisition process can't forget about security. Unfortunately, security presents a whole new set of obstacles. Continue Reading


By Nick Martin Evaluate Feb 23, 2016

How should organizations approach the DevOps movement?

Is DevOps just a buzzword or will it have long-term consequences for IT operations? Continue Reading


By Scott Wallask ,Reda Chouffani Manage Apr 25, 2016

Virtualization in healthcare organizations streamlines IT management

Scott Wallask, editorial director for SearchHealthIT, leads off this handbook by interviewing a former healthcare CIO, who lends support to the idea that an enterprise-wide virtual desktop infrastructure ... Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche Manage Apr 20, 2016

Falling back on bad habits in a DevOps organization

In a DevOps organization, can you still set boundaries? How do you pick the right tools? Learn from these experiences before you make the switch. Continue Reading