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Health IT outsourcing helps organizations manage costs

By Reda Chouffani 30 Oct 2017

Healthcare organizations that want to work toward high-visibility initiatives may want to consider outsourcing IT support as a way to free up internal resources. Read More

What lessons can GDPR requirements teach organizations?

By Brien Posey 24 Oct 2017

Organizations not directly affected by GDPR can still make improvements based on the regulations. How long has it been since your organization updated its data protection policy? Read More

Four mistakes organizations make when adopting DevOps

By Twain Taylor 12 Oct 2017

Making the transition to DevOps can be a bumpy ride. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that can make the road to DevOps difficult. Read More

Preparing your organization for VR and AR technology

By Katherine Finnell 06 Oct 2017

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are slowly making their way into the enterprise as new use cases emerge. Organizations looking to deploy virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) ... Read More

Early adopters of technology belong in every organization

By Meredith Courtemanche 21 Sep 2017

In today's rapidly changing tech environment, avoiding new opportunities means falling behind. Thorough research into newly available tools leads organizations to success. Read More

Choose the best ERP software for your organization

By Mary E. Shacklett 12 Sep 2017

Whether you're a business looking to consolidate processes or looking to reduce overhead, getting the right ERP system is crucial. Find the best ERP software for you. Read More

Why Small Organizations Are Modernizing Infrastructure

13 Jun 2017

Small organizations are realizing they need to modernize their infrastructure—and they're boosting spending accordingly. See the biggest priorities, from mobile to virtualization. Read More

Cisco Spark app gets features for regulated organizations

By Antone Gonsalves 22 Aug 2017

The Cisco Spark app now includes better content protection and control. Enterprises also have the option of having an on-premises version of the Spark encryption key server. Read More

It's time for the DevOps organization to stop ignoring security

By Nicole Laskowski 18 Aug 2017

How do you make developers, who sometimes operate at breakneck speeds, care about security? Why not gamify it, Lev Lesokhin of CAST said in this SearchCIO video interview. Read More

Buying the right network security tool for your organization

By Andrew Froehlich 16 Aug 2017

The key to selecting the network security product that will work best for your organization is choosing tools that will work together as a unified security strategy. Read More