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By Ethan Jewett Evaluate May 26, 2016

Assessing the SAP-Apple iOS development partnership

Until specifics are released about the SAP-Apple SDK, native apps and Fiori development, it's best to tread carefully. And the race will not necessarily go to the Swift. Continue Reading


By Stuart Burns Get Started Dec 29, 2015

How to install VMware's Photon OS

Join IT pro Stuart Burns as he takes us through the installation process for the foundation of VMware's Photon Platform, Photon OS. Continue Reading


Evaluate May 02, 2016

How to support Mac OS X and Linux in Windows environments

Many IT shops don't give a second thought to supporting Mac and Linux OSes because they're concerned with standardization. Windows is the go-to, but alternative OSes deserve some love. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel News Apr 27, 2016

US Govt Sites Show OS Use on Web shows how user OSes break out for government websites, with interesting trends for OS use on web, especially Windows 10. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Dec 08, 2015

It's an OS. It's a container. No, it's unikernel!

Unikernels improve application performance and security by getting the OS down to a smaller footprint with no waste. But this new invention in the OS field isn't for every app. Continue Reading


By Matthew David Get Started Apr 11, 2016

Connecting APIs: How to integrate a JSON framework with iOS

Apple now supports two developmental languages. This means integrating JSON with iOS isn't as difficult as it might seem. Expert Matthew David explains further. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore News May 25, 2016

SAP and Apple union expands opportunities for developing iOS mobile apps

As iPhone and iPad growth slows, Apple leverages the power of SAP's HANA and Fiori platforms in hopes that SAP's army of 2.5 million developers will create enterprise apps for iOS. Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead News May 20, 2016

Dell launches new storage OS; and a peep inside the bunker

In the context of the proposed Dell-EMC purchase, Dell has announced an upgrade to its (Compellent-derived) Storage Center operating system (OS), to version 7. Noteworthy in it is the ability for ... Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders May 12, 2016

Barclays develops contactless payments app for Android mobile OS

Barclays bank is developing its own contactless payments service for users of the Android mobile phone operating system (OS) – hoping to launch in June 2016 Continue Reading


By Jim O'Donnell News May 11, 2016

SAP and Apple join to link SAP HANA Cloud Platform with iOS

A new partnership between SAP and Apple for an SDK that enables developers to build iOS apps that link with SAP HANA Cloud Platform underwhelms some observers. Continue Reading