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Thor's OS Xodus

28 Nov 2017

In this excerpt from chapter one of Thor's OS Xodus, author Timothy "Thor" Mullen discusses OS X, privacy, and online safety. Read More

What are the best iOS 11 enterprise features?

By Matt Schulz 30 Nov 2017

Changes to how IT can enroll Apple devices in mobile device management and how users can multitask will provide a boost to iOS 11 in the enterprise. Read More

Geospatial Commission announced in Budget to open up OS data

By Brian McKenna 23 Nov 2017

Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond announced in his November 2017 budget a £40m Geospatial Commission to open up Ordnance Survey data to stoke new business for small companies Read More

Container OS options abound: Make the right choice

By Tom Nolle 23 Oct 2017

There is an assortment of OSes that support containerized applications, so go into the decision with a set of wants, needs and must-avoids. Read More

The OS reigns over container hosting decisions

By Kurt Marko 17 Jul 2017

Before you get too excited about the benefits of containers, get a handle on limitations: a lack of interoperability across OS platforms, networking constraints and security woes. Read More

Mac OS passwords at risk of theft, researcher warns

By Warwick Ashford 26 Sep 2017

Some Apple Mac users are at risk of password theft due to a zero-day vulnerability discovered in some versions of the operating system Read More

Apple High Sierra patch undone by macOS update

By Michael Heller 05 Dec 2017

Apple released a High Sierra patch to fix a serious macOS authentication vulnerability discovered last week, but users could accidentally undo the patch with a routine OS update. Read More

iOS updates: Why are some Apple products behind on updates?

By Matthew Pascucci 05 Dec 2017

A study by Zimperium found that more than 23% of iOS devices aren't running the latest software. Matt Pascucci explains how this is possible, even though Apple controls iOS updates. Read More

How OS components affect Windows and Hyper-V containers

By Stephen J. Bigelow 20 Sep 2017

Serious issues can occur during updates in a production environment if the four levels of the version system don't match up between Windows or Hyper-V containers and the Windows Server host. Read More