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By Matthew David Manage Sep 03, 2015

What should iOS app developers look out for with iOS 9?

What does the release of iOS 9 mean for mobile development? Contributor Matthew David explains what iOS app developers can expect upon its release. Continue Reading


By Billy MacInnes Oct 02, 2015

iOS on a Mac? Not happening anytime soon

Microsoft is going for a one OS to rule them all strategy but as Billy MacInnes discovers Apple seems quite happy having a desktop and mobile OS Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Problem Solve Sep 28, 2015

Android OS fragmentation curbs enterprise adoption

Google trails Apple in the enterprise mobility market. But despite fragmentation and security concerns, Android remains the only real competition to iOS. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon News Sep 28, 2015

Why enterprise iOS support continues to rise

Apple has unseated BlackBerry at the top of the enterprise mobility market and made Windows an afterthought. Android is making efforts to gain ground. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Sep 22, 2015

Microsoft network OS could attract large enterprises

Microsoft's Azure network OS could eventually have an impact on how enterprises build cloud data centers. Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Sep 04, 2015

Apple and Cisco partner to bolster iOS in the enterprise

Apple is looking to Cisco for a bigger bite of the enterprise market. What can CIOs take away from the Apple-Cisco deal? Also in Searchlight: Samsung takes on the Apple Watch; Google unveils a new logo. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Sep 01, 2015

Cisco and Apple collaborate on iOS for enterprise networks

Cisco and Apple say they will create a ‘fast lane’ for iOS devices running on enterprise networks Continue Reading


By Matthew David Evaluate Aug 07, 2015

What are the best iOS app development tools?

There are pros and cons to embarking on iOS app development. Find out if developing natively in iOS is right for your company. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Aug 07, 2015

Researcher finds holes in switch OS security

A security researcher has developed malware that could compromise a white box switch OS and take down a corporate network. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Evaluate Oct 01, 2015

Windows 10 improvements help the OS meet enterprise needs

Windows 10 mashes up some of the best features of Windows 7 and 8, and delivers them to users and IT shops in a way that could make it the de facto OS for the enterprise. Continue Reading