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Upgrading from R/3 3.0F to R/3 Enterprise

By Bert Vanstechelman 05 Jan 2006

Find information on upgrading from R/3 3.0F to R/3 Enterprise from OS/DB migrations expert Bert Vanstechelman. Read More

Dell EMC claims launch of first designed-for-all-flash SC arrays

By Antony Adshead 07 Nov 2017

All-flash arrays SC5020F and SC7020F boost performance by several times over existing former Compellent products in Dell EMC range that could be configured as all-flash Read More

NVMe-oF and storage class memory set to disrupt storage

By Jeff Kato 05 Dec 2017

NVM Express over Fabrics and storage class memory may disrupt traditional storage over the next half decade in much the same way NAND flash did over the last five years. Read More

Dell EMC all-flash SC Series prepped for launch

By Garry Kranz 08 Nov 2017

Dell EMC all-flash inclusive added to the mix for SC Series and Unity arrays. The vendor said each of the midrange storage products has a large customer base. Read More

How to write application code for an OpenStack SDK

By Walker Rowe 14 Mar 2017

Though there is no official OpenStack SDK, there are plenty of SDKs that support OpenStack. Learn about SDKs as well as the requirements for using an SDK for OpenStack in this tip. Read More

Optimize your virtual machine hardware with these VMware best practices

By Vladan Seget 06 Dec 2017

Which VM hardware version you use and how you configure hardware components can affect performance in your VMware infrastructure. Use these best practices to stay on track. Read More

Infuse more flexibility into OpenStack Heat templates

By Sander van Vugt 28 Jul 2017

OpenStack admins use Heat templates to streamline cloud resource deployment. What are the templates' main components, and how can we use them in more flexible ways? Read More

How the leading all-flash array vendors meet storage demands

By Logan G. Harbaugh 08 Aug 2017

This in-depth overview of the features and capabilities of the leading AFA storage products can help you determine which configurations may best meet your needs. Read More

Ed Bott Issues Win10 Report Card

By Ed Tittel 15 Aug 2017

As Ed Bott issues Win10 report card at ZDnet, he hands out a mix of high and low marks. While there's plenty to like, there are also some things to decry. Read More

Software-defined memory trends yield speed, high performance

By Erica Mixon 20 Oct 2017

A new class of memory technologies is coming to the data center landscape. Educate yourself on the emerging tech, including tools you'll want to consider. Read More